Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Importance of Thermal Insulation for Nuclear Plants

Nearly 100 nuclear power plants in the United States produce 20 percent of the energy that’s used in various cities. In the future, the number of plants will grow; according to industry experts, over 30 new nuclear facilities will be built throughout the next few decades. Since power plants generate tons of thermal energy, there will be a huge demand for a ceramic fiber board because it can withstand 1000-degree temperatures.

Key Areas Where Insulation is Needed

In a nuclear power plant, water is boiled in various locations to generate steam. The energy that’s produced during the process spins a turbine engine. Although there are multiple components in a power plant, thermal insulation is usually placed in and around the containment area.

Within a containment area, workers must maintain electrical devices, structural elements, and hydraulic components. Proper insulation is typically installed near the systems and materials in this zone. The containment environment is fairly large, so the nuclear steam that seeps out of the supply system is always contained. A typical containment zone has:

Pipes Valves Pumps

A reactor is also found inside of a containment area. As a result, a lot of heat generates in the busiest locations. This is why workers usually put insulation on various pipes and different components throughout a containment zone.

The containment cooling equipment lowers the temperature as well. At most plants, the cooling components are connected to a water source, such as an ocean, bay, or river. When the equipment is used, it generates vapors, which decrease the temperature in a containment area.

Outside of the containment area, calcium silicate is typically placed on pipes because its strong and durable. It’s a great insulation option for stainless steel pipes since extreme heat doesn’t cause cracking and corrosion. Although calcium silicate is used on nearly 90 percent of pipes, fiberglass products and ceramic materials are gaining popularity.

Nuclear power plants need insulated products because the heat in certain areas can rise to uncomfortable levels. Thanks to ceramic fiber, the process of tackling important tasks in a nuclear facility is never a hassle.


Selling In The Mall

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When you operate a kiosk, it's best to stick with offering a limited variety of items unless you're willing to create a website for customers to visit so that they can order more items that you want to sell. This is an idea if you want to make more money, but you need to have somewhere to put the items that customers want until they can be picked up each day. Think about the various colors and designs that customers would want to buy instead of just the ones that you want to see in the kiosk. If you offer something that is a hit with customers, then selling a limited variety would be an advantage compared to the larger varieties that can be overwhelming in bigger stores.

Sometimes, the items that you sell appeal to a target group. It could be decorations for the kitchen or items that are needed for an aquarium at home. Find out what people are looking for, and begin offering those items so that you are the go-to business that they shop at instead of them going to the competition. Talk to the mall manager to see what other kiosk owners are selling so that you don't have a copied business. Keep your prices down. When people walk by a kiosk, they will often see the price of the item as a factor of whether they want to shop from your or not. Make sure customers can see you as well by designing the kiosk with brighter colors and letters that customers can see.


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