Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Benefits of Moving

There are lots of things you can look forward to when moving to another place. For one thing you have the advantage of better work opportunities where you can find jobs near your place and of your interest. Sometimes the old place we lived keeps us stuck up with the jobs we don’t love anymore and when we have demenagement unto new environment we suddenly found new hope and new beginnings for our career. 

Then with the new environment you’re moving into you’ll get to meet new friends and be involved in new community which may help you see things in good perspective. Sometimes we need something new in our life to fuel the fire in our heart and get that fire burning to help you achieve your goals in life. Of course moving is not all good sometimes but I’m pretty sure that when you move there’s a greater percentage of moving on to better life. 

With all these things in our mind moving itself is a lot tasking and most often the excitement is overshadowed by the hardship of sorting, packing and unpacking of all your personal thing, appliances and other accessories. Well it wouldn;t be so hard with the help of  déménagement montréal who will make transferring more convenient and secured for your things and valuables. 

They have several years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial relocation that they know what it takes to make their customer feel that their things are secured and safe. Moving may really be hard sometimes but if you get professional services like ADT you’re on your way to stress-free relocation that will open up new doors for you.


Searching for Quality Shirt Printing Supplier

Together with our church brethren we decided to have a uniform shirt this coming December for our Baguio City fellowship. Our family plotted the designs for the said shirt and canvassed the cost of expenses for bulk order. Since we have plenty of shops here who specialize in manual and shirt printing we prepared the design and searched for the best quality rubberized print with affordable pricing. 

Some printing shops offer highly technical computer printing while others have simple means only and on one of those shops we noticed inexperience operator that nearly damage the shirt while he’s printing our design. We really have to be careful in choosing because our order could reach more than 4 dozens and we can’t afford back job. 

Anyway I was thinking if I could find a shop that uses web to print software from because my friend also need a supplier that will deliver quality printing requirements for their office use and his order is more than half of what we need for our church. Printing shops should really be investing on powerful and innovative tools to help them in delivering high quality products and services because it also means better opportunities in expanding their horizons.


Summer Camp Fellowship Choir

We had so many choir offerings in our recent summer camp meeting fellowship in the Prayer Garden in the hills of Tikling.  Of course the most awaited one was the kids' choir performance where they include toddlers as young as 2-year old children.  Josh seemed taller than before especially that he's behind the younger ones.

 The youth followed after the kids' performance where my two daughters Ruth and Gen were included.  As they entered high school they were baptized and were also promoted to youth.  It's nice seeing my two girls who transformed into teenage ladies now.  I still remember their younger performances in our previous fellowship and they really grow up fast.  They're more serious now and soon they will be playing musical instruments too.

Even without too much practice we - the elder sisters - had our choir songs too, yes not just one but two song offerings. It's our thanksgiving to God for always blessing and taking care of our family.  The last but not the least are the ministers who happily rendered their offered song and finished the testimony to begin the message hour.

With all our best efforts and thankful heart we offered all our songs to God who always guide and protect us all.


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