Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fairy Hobmother Granted My Wish

I was pretty tired after a night travel from our bible study yesterday but when I opened my email upon reaching home I feel revived seeing that Fairy Hobmother has finally visited me. I was actually thinking before why he’s not paying me a visit while my other friends told me that he’s been hopping from one blog to another to cast his pixie dust on them. Well I have practically followed his tracks visiting every blog that he has cast his spell on giving remarks and now he’s finally showered me some blessings. 

If you’re wondering who is this Fairy Hobmother well first he’s a guy and a very generous one who loves looking out for the best blogs in the blogosphere and giving them gifts. He’s the most generous I’ve ever seen and the most modern fairy throwing some pixie dust while giving out Amazon gift cards as he drops by your blog. Now with the gift he gave me I can start saving for the fridge freezer  I’ve seen online. 

Who says that fairies are just dreams and things of the past? Now that I’ve finally met him and granted my wish I will continue on dreaming for fairies to drop by my blogs every now and then. Who knows I might be able to complete my wish list before Christmas. Now he’s searching for more blogs to visit and would look in for comments coming from those who wish to be visited. Have your comments here and experience his spell.


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