Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Exposure and Promotions for Your Products

Last month I had a chance to go to mall with my daughters to buy some last minute requirements for their school art activities. Since it’s a weekend I also did some shopping for some house accessories. While we’re in the mall we observed that there are new booths and they have varied kind of promotions for their products. Some uses standee banner graphics and placed it in their table tops to attract attention from mall shoppers. Some who really want to make a blast invested on having banner stands which caught my attention because it’s the same size and style of our retractable banner stand in our office. I must say that those with attractive banner stand seem to caught customer’s eyes and they’re the ones with more people on their booths.

If you’re into promoting products and services you should make an effort to think of ways of attracting customers. The theme, size and style should interest the shoppers in order for them to gather customers in their booths. Not all that drops by the booth will buy but they promise possible sales and future business opportunities. Advertising your products and investing on good company to do your ads is very commendable as it’s the heart of business. In business you should make sure that you have quality products to offer, good customer service and best advertising to promote your products. 

This is where you’ll need the help of because they provide customized displays that would best promote your company’s products and services. They offer modular and custom display, pop-up and panel displays, outdoor display, tension fabric display, truss display, banner stands and sustainable exhibits. You can click here and choose among their products including accessories for their customized displays like workstations, kiosks and pop, trade show graphics and more. Getting one of those customized display will ensure that you’ll get the proper exposure for your business.


Emotional Intelligence

I've done some emotional intelligence test and that opened my mind to my beliefs:
I believe in using your heart and not only mind and eyes in deciding things because like what I read in the Little Prince book - It is in the heart that one can see rightly, what's important is invisible to the eye.  Meaning  our heart can read also.  When I decided to marry Ed I remembered using my heart and until now my heart falls for him.  

Sometimes it necessitates me to balance my mind and heart when deciding things especially on the financial aspects because using your heart alone might lead your finances to bankruptcy.  This is so true when you're running a business.  You can't be so strict but you can't be so open also as openness sometimes lessens respect.  There should be a balance in order to maintain respect, trust and harmony in work.

I find it easy to sympathize with others because oftentimes I put myself in their position.  I think it's not 100% positive attitude as doing so will sometimes lead to abusive tendency by people who takes advantage of soft-hearted people.


The Cutting Edge

When you want kitchen knife sets that really work you need to do a little bit of legwork, even if that means browsing and shopping online. There is so much cutlery and knife set information available at the click of the mouse you really don’t even need to leave the comfort of home to do your research. 
Take a look at the websites of the major knife manufacturer’s like JA Henckels and W├╝sthof® – they have both been around since the 1800s so they have had over a century to perfect the art of knife making and you can enjoy the results. Learn about the construction of knives and why a full tang is important, what materials mean and how design is a factor.

Armed with that knowledge you can then dig deeper to find the cutlery set or even a specific knife that is exactly right for your needs. How the knife feels in your hand is also quite important – you must be able to grasp it comfortably and be able to use it on a regular basis for extended periods of time without fatigue. The handle should not only fit your hand, you want it to stay in place and not slip when wet or greasy.

The overall knife construction should be such that it appears seamless with no sunken rivets or loose blades; where the blade connects to the handle it be a snug fit. Any irregularities in the knife or rough spots on the blade have the potential to harbor germs and breed bacteria.

Knives should never be placed in the dishwasher as the heat of the washing and drying cycle compromises knife construction. Professional chefs generally use a damp cloth to clean their knives and then towel them dry before storing.


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