Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stylish and Safe Driving

I just watched an action movie with my kids and Ed and the movie had my whole attention because of the fast movements. I really love action movies with lots of suspense and thrills as long as it’s not that violent. Well I’ve seen how the movie was directed with precise timing especially when the scene focused on some competitive racing.

The leading artist is impressive with his impeccable gears and accessories like leather jacket, stylish boots, helmets and the likes of Alpinestars SMX 2 Air Carbon Gloves which complete the whole attire. It’s rather expensive to dress up stylishly when you’re racing or driving but some people takes satisfaction in being fashionable even while racing. Well I noticed that he’s not just choosing items for the looks only but for safety and security reasons.


Sakbay and Pinning Ceremonies

Ed had his recognition,sakbay and pinning ceremonies last week March 27 at URS Morong prior to his graduation day. His Mom was there to accompany him on stage on the pinning ceremony. She came all the way from Montalban to be with his youngest son. I was there also with Ed’s cousin and we were just lucky to enter the theater arts center because some of the students don’t have their parents with them and we were paired with them. I was glad that I was able to go inside because I was able to witness the whole ceremony and had some pictures also.

I’ve experienced several ceremonies with our kids but watching Ed and his Mom on stage gave me unexplainable feeling. I observed that Ed and MIL were equally happy too. We’re all proud that after two years Ed has finished the course. Wait it’s not his graduation day, it’s only the sakbay and pinning ceremonies. I will have another post for his graduation day which is 2 days after these ceremonies. 

will post some pics later :)


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