Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Superior Alloy for Your Electronic Components

DH is into his second year in Electronics and mostly he devotes his time on his on-the-job training. He was assigned as Laboratory Technician in his own university and mainly involved in the repair and maintenance of personal computers, laptops and other gadgets in electronics department. He’s enjoying his time as his professor is very keen on training him on the repair of computers which is a very good skill nowadays. I told him that after his training he’ll be like the skilled computer technician we hire when our computer is down.

I learned that his professor also taught him to use quality products in joining components together just like SN100C, a lead-free alloy which is best used to electronic components and appliances because it produce high productivity, lower maintenance cost of electronic parts and reliable features like high fluidity, low drossing, superior wetting and shrinkage-free qualities. Using quality alloy in joining components ensures high quality computer, appliances and other gadgets.


Managing Office Solutions through Online Faxing

As common office procedure it’s normal for me to receive messages through email and fax as these two are the most convenient and easiest channels of communication in the corporate world. There are audio and video conferencing but I’m referring to regular office communication only. Since I start working I really appreciate having fax machine in the office because it minimize the time spent when you have to send the letter and wait for comments on the letter whereby if you fax it you can just wait until they have comments and they can send it back to you in no time at all.

When internet is not yet popular, the time when I just graduated in college it was facsimile that really solved the problem of slow transmission of messages. Now it still has the efficiency to transmit and receive copies of important documents but with the emergence and popularity on internet there’s an innovation to common fax messaging. Offices can now enjoy a much better way of online transmission of data through Online faxing where you can send and receive fax messages anywhere with choices of medium like through Web, email and through mobile phone. 

Metrofax Internet faxing provides the convenience of fast and secured fax transmission depending on your office requirements whether it’s for small business or for corporate. It will be sent to you as a PDF file where you have a choice if you want to save it for future use, print it or use it both ways. It’s perfect for small businesses who have limited number of staff because it doesn’t require another IT staff to manage MetroFax. You can manage it yourself without too much of an effort and it’s not only 99.9% uptime reliable but affordable too. For the corporate it’s just the right solution for your inbound and outbound requirements and minimizes cost for hardware and supplies. You can get their services at US$7.95/month or a better annual plan which is more affordable.


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