Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sturdy Gears for Little Ones

My niece’ daughter Iya celebrated her 2nd birthday in Jollibee and it was a very happy celebration for all of us. It’s a stormy day she had on her first birthday leading us to miss coming to their house. They’re living in another town and we only get to see her on weekends or if they’re busy we’ll be able to see her every other weekend. We’re very fond of Iya that when was just a half-year old baby I used to take care of her when her Mom would have to arrange for her teaching job application. 

Now she’s growing up fast that she’s free from her stroller. Her baby stroller is not as sturdy as Bob stroller but it’s also of high quality made that protected and kept Iya safe from all harm when she’s using it last year. Anyway even though your baby gears are good enough you still have to check from time to time how much it can hold or protect your child from meeting accidents.


DIY Repair

DH worked on our car this morning and since he’s not familiar with repairing car horns he sought the help of DIY tutorial online. After some moments in learning how to do it he followed instructions and successfully revived the sounds of the horn. We always check whatever needs to be done on car because we use it every Sunday when we go to church and we don’t want to be late when something goes wrong. 

We’re glad that our car is not of the latest model because repair of such kinds would bring us large amount of financial expenses. I came to a thought of having my dream car RV which needs rv repair when something goes wrong. Well as RV has a lot of components and usage it needs more detailed checkup and repair. It should be repaired just like it’s new again.


Waiting for Big Discounts

Sales are coming up on weekends nowadays and it’s a sign that holidays are really coming so fast. I’m waiting for our 13th month pay next month so I can also start buying things and clothes for my kids and the whole family. We also have to prepare for our vacation fellowship in Baguio on December where we’ll spend four days and three nights. Before the much-awaited getaway we should be waiting for great discount deals online where we can buy our favorite appliances like samsung tvs lcd at discounted and affordable prices. I’d rather wait for discounted rates than buying it a regular price. We have many expenses waiting for us and I can’t afford to buy it without discount rates.


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