Saturday, August 6, 2011

Part Time Job Opportunities

I’ve worked as human resource officer for several years and I know most of the things that employer look and expect in an applicant to land the job that they’re applying for. I usually give analytical and psychological tests before some other examinations because I need to know if they’re capable of handling the job with analytical and stable mind. Some are intellectually capable but lack the stability of mind to handle pressure at certain points. There are actually several tests that I can think of to gauge their skills and capabilities but I opt to give them the two examinations first because I know that IQ and mental capacity are two most important things in work environment.

Anyway it’s different when it’s not a full time job as working on part-time schedule need not be so strict. I know that same capabilities should be measured but there are some points that may not be applicable for those working on flexible hours. Besides they’re not considered as regular employees so different measures and regulations will be implemented. Speaking of part-time jobs I’ve also experienced such schedule last summer when I was just starting to work with my present job. I have a busy online work that I only committed myself to a part-time office work. Later on I’ve decided to work as full time as I have adjusted to the time and the nature of work.

There are advantages and disadvantages or working part-time but I can say that it’s better for a Mom like me. If only there are available jobs here like Part Time Jobs NJ I would consider just as long as I get the benefits and compensation that would suit the position I want. Employment opportunities in New Jersey is made available by UNITEMP which has staffing professionals who knows everything about finding the right personnel for specific job opportunities for full time and part-time applicants. Job seekers can apply online and they will look for the right job position suited to your education, knowledge, skills and experience. Be ready for the career that you’ve been dreaming of with their help on giving you the right job for your qualifications.


Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

I learned a long time ago that managing your finances wisely can do a great job in living free of debt. Well it’s not easy to be at your best when it comes to budgeting but trying to learn it can do a lot for your family’s expenses. Some things that we love having sometimes are the things that we have to let go like credit cards which can make us buy things that we don’t need. Using the so-called plastic cards extends our liberty in buying things we can’t afford to buy in cash.

Most of the times we’re tempted to shop beyond our means because it’s on credit and we thought that by the time it will be billed on us we’ll have money to pay for it. But sometimes things will not go the way we expect it and we’ll be burdened by the debts that we have to pay. Shopping with cash money limits us into buying the essential things only and purchases our whims and wants when we have extra money. Mom told me to remember few phrases when I was just starting to work so I will not have debt in the future - ‘Do not buy what you don’t need and do not need what you can’t buy’. This is quite true because if we will go beyond our earnings the rest will only be a burden to our budget and we’ll find ourselves caught in the web of financial crisis.


Preference for Jewelries

My cousin has collection of fine jewelries and it dated back when she was working abroad. She would buy some for us and her family then would keep few for her collection. She never had dozens but enough to keep her satisfied. She preferred gold chains among other favorites even now that fashion jewelry has conquered the world of fashion accessories. Anyway she’s old to appreciate the new trends of silver and no-value fashion that’s why she sticks on wearing her real gold rings, necklace and bracelets. I guess people have different preference on their clothes, shoes, bags and even fashion jewelries depending upon the community they live in, work, group of friends and self satisfaction. I don’t mind the new trends now in wearing fashion jewelries because it’s safer to walk and travel with that but I still prefer the old good gold jewelries.


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