Monday, February 28, 2011

:Today's Flowers#133 - Orchids

These are my MIL's orchids in Montalban which are just among their blooms in the beautiful garden they have.  My BIL takes care of the garden; he planted all the plants and flowers and had some landscaping too.  He has a green thumb in planting and every time we visit them we always takes some of their blooms to our home because my Mom loves gardening too. I even joked and asked them if we could  just bring plenty of pots there so they can include the pots when they do some gardening and we can just take them home lol! The latest we brought home last week was sunflower and a couple of fern-like plants.

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Getting Away from Unhealthy Habits

I’ve heard it many times but now I guess I believe the saying that old habits are hard to break. I’m talking about some vices that people seems to ignore because they got used to it. Getting used to some things doesn’t mean you’re licensed to continue doing it. I’m talking about getting used to smoking cigars like camacho triple maduro
because at some point in your life you’ll suffer from the consequences of using things that would harm your body. If health is at risk people should sacrifice their usage of things that would drive them to harmful diseases. I’m glad that I would never have to worry about this in our own home as we all want a healthy lifestyle.


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