Friday, December 30, 2011

Sending Flowers

For women it’s always nice to receive flowers regardless of age whether you’re a teen, a single woman, a married woman or even the seniors. Flowers are symbol of affection and care so if you received a single rose, a dozen or a bunch of flowers you’ll always have a nice feeling of being thought of and cared about. I’ve received flowers in variety of kinds but it’s always the white roses from my husband which makes me feel loved and special. Maybe it’s the giver that’s making it special but whoever is the giver it’s always the thought that counts.

I know many women out there will agree to me that without flowers it wouldn’t be so sweet and special especially if it comes from your special someone. Now in this modern times it can also be ordered online here so those busy fellow who wants to send flowers but don’t have time to go to flower shops can send their love through flowers anytime. With this there can be no excuses for those who forgot to send flowers because you can have it hand delivered, delivered by flower shops or delivered through online orders. Such convenience!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Put Interns to Work for Your Company

If the idea of having college interns working for your company makes you roll your eyes, perhaps you haven't yet developed an effective program to capitalize on their skills and expertise. College students bring energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and a fresh perspective to their internships. Consider the ways you can maximize the use of interns in your organization.
• Turn them loose on a video project. Let your interns create a lighthearted video promoting your company. Feel free to set out whatever ground rules are appropriate for your company and industry. You can also talk to them about the "story" you want the video to tell about your company. Perhaps you want a video that shows a different side of your company or a segment that gives a behind-the-scenes look at your staff. Then, step back and let them get creative with this fun project. 

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• Let them whittle away at your wish list. Almost every manager has a wish list of important but not urgent projects and tasks that regularly get pushed off. Why not select projects from that list and let an intern handle them? Some of the tasks may be simple enough that, with a little training, an intern could get them done in a matter of days.
• Ask for their ideas on improving your company's social media presence. Set aside time for your interns to brainstorm new ways to engage existing and potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media venues. They might have ideas for promoting your company to new demographics that your marketing team hasn't yet considered.
• Use them as an informal focus group. Your sales and marketing staff can learn a great deal about how college students handle their money and make purchasing decisions by talking to your interns. During the focus group, you can learn whether they think saving money is important, whether they handle financial emergencies with installment loans or by asking family members for money, and how they spend their discretionary funds. Improving your staff's understanding of this demographic, its buying power, and how it views money will help them develop strategies for reaching this age group.

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• Capitalize on their talents. If you have interns who are talented graphic designers, let them compete to create a new slogan, logo, or ad campaign. You could even post their designs on your Facebook page and ask people to vote for their favorites. Interns who are adept at web design may suggest useful widgets or features for your website—and then design them!

For managers who are willing to expand the opportunities available to interns, there are many benefits. Some are tangible, such as having a viral video featuring your company, while others are intangible, such as the energy and vitality they will bring to the office each day. Share some interesting projects you let your interns do.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ensuring Yourself and Loved Ones

I received a call from my credit card company offering me life insurance on my card. They’re proposing a very good presentation of ensuring that whatever happens your family will get a sizeable amount. The agent refers to emergency cases like fatal accident, death and other circumstances that may lead to the time that you’ll meet an accident or be incapable of working. People always seem to worry about what their loved ones would be when they’re gone already. I was thinking if they know about the advantage of having immediate annuity where they could be paid in series by their insurance company. Of course it all depends on how much you want for your pension as I would agree ensuring that you’ll have something when you reach you golden age.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Preparations

We've started packing up clothes and things for our fellowship vacation in Baguio. I've arranged the little boy's things in his own traveling bag and he excitedly watched me while I choose which clothes he will bring. For my big girls I told them how many they should bring including extras should we decide to stay longer then they showed me and told me that they will arrange it themselves.

When they grew older I began to feel lighter whenever when we're expecting long journey because they can fix their own things. They just need me to approve what they want to bring and assure them that they've packed enough clothes and they're fine already. I even had an easy time with DH as he has packed earlier than us. He's a light traveler and I always envy how he manage to pack just the necessary things and he did it very fast this time.  Well we're 5 days ahead of our travel day and it feels good that I'll not be rushing next week. Really excited!


Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Potty Train Your Child

Part of parenting is making sure that they are ready in every step of the way. Babies and toddlers are a very challenging group. You might find yourself confused and with a number of questions especially when it comes to potty training. Is there really a desired age for potty training? Moms are very much particular with details and they tend to follow the instructions especially in such aspects. There is no official age as to when you should start training your child. However, there may be physical and emotional indications that could tell that your child is ready.

Most parents would start the training their toddlers at the age of 2 or 3. It is because kids could already talk and understand making it easier to communicate with them. Once you can see that your child is ready the next step is to make sure that the entire process will be a nice experience for your kid. Go out and shop for some tools that can help you potty train your child in a fun way. Of course don’t forget to buy his first potty; choose one with attractive colors and pleasing design.

Take it one at a time. Keep in mind that potty training will not happen overnight. It will definitely require patience and a lot of effort. Don’t forget to give your child some positive reinforcements and small rewards when they are making progress. Learn tips on potty training by reading some parenting websites or magazines.

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Overcoming Anxieties Over CT Daycare Centers

The reasons why some parents may hesitate to bring their kids to CT daycare centers.

Not all parents immediately welcome the idea of sending their kids to daycare centers. Some dads and moms hesitate bringing their kids to daycare for the following reasons.

· Separation anxiety. Some parents think that sending their kids to daycare causes a lot of separation anxiety for their children. The truth is, most of the time, the parents are the ones that instinctively suffer from it. The mere thought of being away from the kids conjures up ideas of helplessness and sometimes even uselessness.

In many CT daycare centers, however, this is not the case. Children in some centers are slowly trained to become independent and to enjoy the company of other kids of the same age. At the same time, parents are well informed and regularly updated about their kids’ conditions and accomplishments so they remain a part of their children’s development.

· Fear of getting burnt out. Although a few Connecticut day care centers already introduce some learning in everyday meetings, learning is not that formal. Lessons are integrated in games and activities so children never feel the pressure nor do they even become aware that they are already studying. It is fun learning so there’s no danger of burn out. On the contrary, children develop a more positive look on schooling so that they are prepared when it is time for them to move on to a CT preschool.

· Accidents and bullying. A lot of parents become paranoid when it comes to how their children are treated when they’re not looking. Who wouldn’t be? With no familiar adults beside them, and with other kids they don’t even know, it’s not very difficult to imagine how our children can easily play the part of victim in class. But, that’s usually not the case.

In many centers, teachers are specifically trained to be vigilant, to always look out for the welfare of each child, to effectively control the class so each kid becomes engaged in safe and well-planned activities throughout the whole day. Teachers in the center believe it is the most effective way of keeping them away from accidents and bullying.

These fears are all reasonable and practical but they should not stop the children from learning or enjoying learning outside of their homes.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sleep in Comfort

I had a full sound sleep last night and it made my day light and nice. I just realized how important a good sleep is. I was always sleeping late the past few weeks and when I was stricken by colds and cough it didn’t helped me that I abused my body with few sleeping hours. I’m disciplined with my meal plans and workout but I only sleep for 4-5 hours a day which makes my head ache so much most of the times. Now I’m determined to control the urge to work on my tasks late at night as I can sleep early and wake up at dawn to do my work before I prepare things for the kids.

I promised myself that I would buy a very comfortable pillow that will enhance my sleeping like body pillow which can surely give me comfort in sleeping and ease my back pain as well. It also promotes healthier circulation. I also have problem with stiff neck the past few days and it’s so hard to have it when you’re working. I’ve learned that it can be aligned when I’m resting so when I wake up I will not feel any pain on that area. Anyway this comfort pillow is not only for improving your sleep but reduces head, neck and back pains as well.


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