Monday, October 31, 2011

Updates with Friends

When I met some of my college friends few months ago we were so excited about learning the updates of our lives that the food we ordered were only half-finished when we parted ways. It’s more important to chat, laugh and talk about current happenings than eat our favorite foods. We were inseparable that night and that’s not a surprise as we haven’t seen each other for years considering that we’re together for 5 years in college. After some hours of talking about families, kids and personal things we asked about our current jobs or if some had resigned already and started their own businesses. 

As expected most of us are into System Support & Documentation Jobs but some have been employed on totally different field like brokerage, administration, finance and other jobs that do not match with our college degree. Well life is like that we really don’t know what’s going to be our real course in life. As for me I’m happy enough with my administration and logistics job in office and my online writing job.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting Healthier as You Grow Older

I feel great about my health now that it’s almost a month since I started taking care of my diet again. I feel so different with my set of meals intended to lower my cholesterol and in time lose some excess pounds. It’s not only meant to make me slimmer but to make me healthy and fit as well. With the help of my exercise and workout regimen I think I would not be able to use weight loss pills for now.

I know that it would take me several months to achieve my goal but I’m happy that I have started it and made it my habit already. I’m not getting any younger but I can get myself healthier by thinking of ways on how to practice eating the right food, getting enough exercise and completing needed rest and sleep. I know that if I will do all these things I will not age faster and I will enjoy my kids more.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Planning Ahead of Time

Now that we’re finalizing our plans for the source of our renovation expenses I’m hoping that it will be sooner than we expected. I’m really excited to the point that I personally drafted the floor plan of our duplex-type home and consulted my sister about it. We’re both fond of designing houses and planning the interiors especially now that it’s for our own house. I just can’t wait for our intended renovation on summer vacation because my kids keep asking me about it. 

Well now I’m starting to canvass prices for construction materials, kitchen accessories, bathroom furniture and fixtures like clawfoot tubs by bathsofdistinction, shower packages, sink faucets and a lot more. I have limited budget only so I really need to plan and estimate everything before we start it. It’s always good to plan ahead of time.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Personalized Company Gifts

In business you should take everything in consideration for you to balance the management if you’re the owner. Each department should do their specified responsibilities and should be able to help others when extra manpower is needed. The success of the company relies on the group’s unity and how they manage to share their ideas and contribute their skills and knowledge. Cooperation is needed to make each project successful. Aside the mentioned unity and support from all staff concerned they should be able to think of various marketing strategies on how their business and products be known to prospective clients. 

The good name of the business and the quality of work and services should be advertised in every way possible. As they say what’s the use of having good products if people will not know of the brand. Then when the product has been known and tested the company should be capable of maintaining the trust given to them by their clients. They should think of various customer retention strategies to make sure that their clients would be loyal to them whatever happens. 

Well it’s not that easy but there are many ways that can be done to maintain their contracts like making them feel important and valued. Like when holidays or special occasions are coming companies should think and plan for unique holiday gifts for clients. And what a better way of having them feel special than having personalized gifts for the people who trusted you on giving them products and services. It’s good to see sites like Customer Rave who thinks of providing unique customized gifts like calendars, photo gifts, greeting cards, corporate gift baskets, custom chocolate bars and other personalized items that make the clients feel important and cared for. 

When the gift is personalized it somehow conveys a message that the person receiving the gift is special. It’s also a good advertisement and marketing strategy for the company as every time they see your gift your company will be remembered especially when you’ve wrapped in a very special christmas wrapping paper with personalized designs of your company name and logo. What’s also good about Customer Rave is the ease of having customized gifts because they will do everything from conceptualizing the design of your choice to producing and shipping your gift packages directly to your clients. Well that’s easy, fast and convenient better than traditional way of giving gifts.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clean Environment Inside and Out

Last few weeks there’s a call from our community workers to help them clean the span of our barangay to prevent common diseases from occurring in our places. We’re located in the national road thus the workers always maintain the clean environment in our place because as they say we’re at the road leading to our municipality. Anyone who goes to municipality would have to pass our barangay first before they reach their destination. We didn’t encounter any problem in garbage disposal because they’re collected daily at dawn. As such we’re reminded that we should not only clean the exterior part of the house but the interior as well to make sure that we’re free from elements and germs that can cause us to get sick. 

This is true because even in the safety of our homes we cannot prevent our bodies from contacting diseases caused by dust, germs and other elements that contaminate fresh air. Maintaining the purity of the air we breathe should be controlled by air purifiers such as Rabbit Air which purifies the air inside our house by removing the common elements that pollutes the air. They offer purifier with HEPA filter which guarantees good filter capacity of airborne particles such as dust, allergens and remove bad odors from mildew and mold, cigars and some other chemicals. Having this kind of air purifier in our house would reduce the occurrence of getting air-borne diseases in the future.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Helpful Tool for Easy Health Care Communications

Everywhere I go now I always hear someone getting sick or not feeling well. Maybe this is due to the country’s changing weather. The past weeks and months gave us bad weather condition which brought about respiratory and skin diseases but now I’m noticing a fair weather with slight cooler temperature. This sudden temperature changes made some kids prone to coughs, colds and asthma but we just have to be very careful of what we eat and what we do to combat prevailing sicknesses. In view of this we should also be equipped with contact numbers of our doctors so we should be able to reach and communicate with them whenever the need for their service arises.

Now that there’s a Doximity which allows physicians to communicate faster within their network it’s now easier to locate our needed specialists for certain sickness and diseases like Alan Howell MD who specializes in Infectious Diseases. Well there are plenty of them who are experts in medical field and we’re lucky if our family doctors are members of the network because they would be able to refer us to our needed doctor specialist if their expertise is beyond our sickness. Doximity helps their members to search through their secured directory and the app can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, android devices and PC.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Documenting our Kids’ Milestones

I often hear my friends say that time flies so fast with their kids. They were just reminiscing the time when their kids were born and now they are off to college or are starting their own family already.

That is why it is really important to document and preserve those special moments and milestones of your kids. So how can you do that?

1. Start a blog. You can easily start a blog as there are a lot of blogging platform where you can sign up for free like Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress to name just a few. This will serve as your online journal as you create post to document the different milestones of your kids. You can create a separate blog for each of your children or create one blog to document the special moment of all your kids. This is also a nice way to keep your friends and relatives updated with what’s going on with your children.
2. Upload pictures in Image Hosting sites. Thanks to digital camera, we have soft copies of our pictures that we can easily upload to image hosting sites like Flickr, Webshots, Multiply, etc. Not only it will serve as a backup of our photos, but also these sites provide an easy way to share pictures to our friends and families so they can get updated with our life through the photos.

3. Turn your pictures in photo books. Instead of having hundreds of pictures printed, why not turn them into photo books. There are a lot of sites, which offer photo book printing services like Artscow where you just need to upload the pictures to their site and just drag and drop them to the available layouts. This makes for a great keepsake of those special events in your kids’ life. These sites even offer coupon codes and discount vouchers often so it even comes out cheaper than having those pictures printed.

We can never really stop our kids from growing but at least with these keepsakes, we can treasure those special milestones forever.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Deal for My Cam

I’m doing my list now for the coming holidays and it includes things for me, my family and gifts for loved ones and friends. For my own gadgets which I promised to buy before my birthday I did a lot of study, review reading and had to compare products so it will be worth my hard-earned money. Best of all I’ve done a lot of searching for online stores that will give me the most competitive rates for my chosen brand. Luckily I was referred by my online friend to her favorite gadget store for three years now. When I asked the price of my chosen digital camera I was happy to learn that their price is very affordable, it’s way too low compared to other stores. Now I only have to complete my funds for my camera and I’ll order it from the online store I’ve found. Can’t wait for my new cam!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting the Help of a Creative Agency for the Success of your Business

Anyone can put up a business just as long as you have the capital and creative idea, you'll be able to establish one. It may seem easy but how about the process of publicizing it? Have you ever thought of that while doing your marketing plan? It can be a lot crucial in any type of business. You will need to have the best strategy in order for your business to be placed in the number one spot or at least be one step ahead of your leading competitors. It's not easy to maintain a good spot because day by day, our technology advances and so as the minds and capabilities of other professionals that’s why you always have to follow the trend and keep an open mind for up to date ideas. But none of these are difficult for any creative agency that we have today.

This may sound pretty much of a hard work but as long as you have a clear objective, there seems to be no problem. One of the best ways for you to market your company is to have a brand strategy. This is similar to advertising but here, there are certain people who are willing to do the work alongside with you and think out of the box to provide the finest marketing procedure that will help your company do the business, make it known worldwide and continue to attract potential clients. The key to an impeccable promotion is to provide the agency with consistent and accurate study of your company so that they can probe and fathom every detail that will surely help them in making a unique idea that will increase the highlight of your biz. In this way, you'll be able to gather potential clients and make them understand your company's purpose and capture their interest in dealing with your variety of products and available services.

As we all know, every business needs to invest on something that will help increase the profit and indeed, seeking help from a creative agency should be considered nowadays. Changing your logo or perhaps your color scheme will not totally affect your target audience as you have to think big and start thinking about the technologies that we have today.

One of the main advantages of creative agencies is that, they always work as a team and that will surely be a great assistance since you have a number of creative minds that will support your business in achieving the goal of getting back what you deserve. Mostly, they tend to make people communicate with the business and what they do, is to promote your company by creating websites, internet advertising and other on and offline campaigns that will surely make you land on the first page of an editorial piece and even on the search engine optimization, which we all know is the leading source of many prospective clients presently.

Furthermore, creative agencies don’t just focus on the products and services itself but they also extend their ideas with your target audience. In this case, you will have a better knowledge on how you are going to deal with the right clients, resulting to a high standard exposure and of course, income.

Keep in mind that the way clients recognize and remember you are very important. Without creating a strong, attractive and unique brand identity will lead you to the bottom of the industry. This must be your principal objective because this can be the key for the future success of your business. Remember that anything is possible and with the great service of creative agency such as StruckAxiom, pretty sure that by the end of each day, you’re making one step closer to the top.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sturdy Gears for Little Ones

My niece’ daughter Iya celebrated her 2nd birthday in Jollibee and it was a very happy celebration for all of us. It’s a stormy day she had on her first birthday leading us to miss coming to their house. They’re living in another town and we only get to see her on weekends or if they’re busy we’ll be able to see her every other weekend. We’re very fond of Iya that when was just a half-year old baby I used to take care of her when her Mom would have to arrange for her teaching job application. 

Now she’s growing up fast that she’s free from her stroller. Her baby stroller is not as sturdy as Bob stroller but it’s also of high quality made that protected and kept Iya safe from all harm when she’s using it last year. Anyway even though your baby gears are good enough you still have to check from time to time how much it can hold or protect your child from meeting accidents.


DIY Repair

DH worked on our car this morning and since he’s not familiar with repairing car horns he sought the help of DIY tutorial online. After some moments in learning how to do it he followed instructions and successfully revived the sounds of the horn. We always check whatever needs to be done on car because we use it every Sunday when we go to church and we don’t want to be late when something goes wrong. 

We’re glad that our car is not of the latest model because repair of such kinds would bring us large amount of financial expenses. I came to a thought of having my dream car RV which needs rv repair when something goes wrong. Well as RV has a lot of components and usage it needs more detailed checkup and repair. It should be repaired just like it’s new again.


Waiting for Big Discounts

Sales are coming up on weekends nowadays and it’s a sign that holidays are really coming so fast. I’m waiting for our 13th month pay next month so I can also start buying things and clothes for my kids and the whole family. We also have to prepare for our vacation fellowship in Baguio on December where we’ll spend four days and three nights. Before the much-awaited getaway we should be waiting for great discount deals online where we can buy our favorite appliances like samsung tvs lcd at discounted and affordable prices. I’d rather wait for discounted rates than buying it a regular price. We have many expenses waiting for us and I can’t afford to buy it without discount rates.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Missing the Old Furniture in Our Province

With the rush of high technology gadgets and ultra modern furniture I have a sudden longing for our rural home in the province. It’s nice to see the wide variety of elegant and stylish furniture all over the mall on my way home because it encourages me to redecorate our house. It also inspires me to think of unique interior decor for the house but sometimes they all seem the same. When I go home to take some rest I just want to rest my back and sit on my Mom’s wooden rocking chair which has the magic of relaxing my senses.

The rocking chair reminds me of our log furniture in my Mom’s hometown province and somehow I missed our home back there. With the modern office furniture I see everyday it’s a respite to see some furniture that would remind me of the nature’s beauty and rural’s charming appeal. Maybe I should plan to visit our relatives there some other free weekends. The kids would surely enjoy seeing and using some natural log furniture.


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