Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Advice and Approval

When my daughters were still kids they would run to me and ask me what they would wear on this and that occasion. Whatever I choose they would wear because they know that I know what looks best on them although early in her childhood my younger daughter have preferences already. Now that they’ve entered high school they know what they want and just asked me for advice and comments if their likes are also nice for me. Some of their classmates don’t ask for their parent’s approval when they buy their things like shirts, skirts, jeans, hip hop clothes and others because they don’t want to be disapproved.

When I want to shop for their clothes I see to it that they’re with me so they can choose for their own and I can just approve it. They still want me to approve their choices because they know that they could also be wrong sometimes. Still I respect their decision if they will still want to buy even if I don’t approve. Age differences sometimes made my decision different from their point of view so I also try to balance things. I want to understand them better and be a good adviser when they want someone to ask for things that they’re not sure about. I wouldn’t want them to look for other advice because I wasn’t able to give it. I hope that through the coming years they will continue asking my opinion on the things they want to buy, on matters they need to decide and on all other things that they need assurance and approval.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Online Exposure & More By Zugo LTD

Most people especially bloggers like me search for ways on how we can maximize our write ups in terms of good visitors statistics and audience reach because no matter how good your article is if no one will read it will never serve its purpose. I write to share my experiences, inspirational thoughts and my articles. Be it for personal or for other purposes I want people to read what I posted in my sites. Sometimes I used face book and twitter to link my written posts to reach visitors and have been finding ways on how to really hit the search engines. I know that there are ways on how to do it all but I learned also that Zugo LTD can do a lot in terms of audience reach.

They provide one-stop solutions to their clients and can customize it according to their requirements and preferred style. I’m happy to note that their modern solutions can provide a lot of help to people like me who has a lot of requirements for my sites. With their search based products like branded start pages, branded toolbars and startnow toolbar they can accommodate the functional needs of their clients including access to the best search results in the web, news, well known sites, sports and a lot more. They’re also in twitter now and if ever I would really need a good online exposure for my blog and posts I know where to find solutions.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Powerful Reception

Watching TV is a nice relaxation especially if you’re tired from working all day in your office. It’s also a way on how you can be closer and bonded to your family particularly on weekends when all of you are free from work and school activities. But you can only watching movies or shows on TV if you have good signals or pictures because if not you’ll be stressed with your TV trouble.

I’m glad to find out that there’s solution for this because if our cable passed out when there’s heavy rain and wind we can get one of those antennas for digital tv for a more powerful reception of channels. You can choose from indoor or outdoor antennas for your specific needs of reception. With this kind of antenna you’ll never be worried for heavy rain or snow


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Personalized Photo Frames

I have a new office now and since I have everything new including my room I want to give a little definition on the bare table. I will look for a nice table organizer and search for nice family picture so I will have both in my table. I have plenty of pictures but I’m looking for the one with the happiest smile on our faces so when I look on the picture I’ll certainly smile too.

Well I browsed some customizable photo frames online which made me think that I can also have personalized picture frame on my office. I love anything that’s personalized especially when it involves our treasured pictures that always bring back memories of old and good times. I’m sure it would look good on my room.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best Provided Place for Us

As our Pastor’s house is very far from our church we’re now looking for houses for rent for their family to move from the province to the city where they can live in the upper floor and maintain the ground floor for our church premises. It has always been our plan to look for a big house or probably a unit in the building that can be used as our church and house for our Pastor. We actually found one just half an hour away from our present church but the price is too high for our budget.

Anyway our rented building unit is good for us for now and we can stay there for another few months so we decided not to hurry and look for the best location and area for our plan. We should decide on this carefully and with balance of things in our thoughts always. We should weigh things like accessibility, rental price, accommodation, kind of community and the ambiance of the place. In God’s time I believe that we will find the best provided place for us soon.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Heavy School Bags are not Ideal for Kids

During school time, you’ll hear kids often complaining about back pains and as an adult you might think that they are only making up an excuse in order to miss school. Studies have shown that there is a link between these discomfort and the heavy school bags that kids are required to carry going to class.

As your children reach a higher grade level more educational requirements and subjects are included in the curriculum which means an increase in their number of books and notebooks. Now there are some schools that require kids to bring all these stuff to class everyday, hence carrying a heavy load which might put a strain on one’s back.

One thing that can contribute to a back pain is that if there’s an uneven weight distribution between the shoulders. Encourage kids to wear their bags correctly and not just use one of the straps as the weight tends to be concentrated on that area alone. For the younger students, bags with wheels are a better option. This will not put any strain on the child’s body and will prevent any pain or injuries.

In case your child is in a situation like this, you can seek a medical help to be sure that there are no major problems or it won’t have a permanent effect on the child’s bone structure. Of course there’s a need to comply with the school’s policies and regulations but there’s also a room for compromise in most cases.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Call All Wireless Landline Phone

My new call all wireless phone has been such a great help to us. Aside from having a landline number in the house I can also carry it anywhere I go and I can call to any place in metropolis when I’m in the province. It’s actually an extension of my brother’s privileges in his current landline phone provider who gave him two wireless numbers to use aside from their regular wired landline. I just learned that I can buy a specific phone unit to attach my SIM but I’ll have to wait until I’m free from work before I can go to the office. Anyway I thought I can attach the SIM to the phone we have in the house with aaa rechargeable batteries but found out that it’s not for wireless phone numbers. Oh well for now it’s attached in one of our mobile phones and will be there until I purchased the specific phone for it. That is when I’m free from my very busy schedule.


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