Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pre Schools for Our Dear Little Ones

From the time that we know that we are carrying our precious babies in our wombs we are very cautious on what we eat and how our actions can affect them. Taking care of our kids began at the time of our pregnancy up to when they’ve grown up to matured individuals. As they’re God’s precious gift to us we give them special care, love and rear them in the best possible ways and means. We want them to have the best things in life we can afford but not exceeding the point that they will abuse the attention given to them. They’re like precious jewels that we don’t want anyone to harm them so when they reach the age when they have to study we choose the best center to teach, train and harness their toddler skills.

It’s quite hard to choose the best school but when you asked the opinion of others or browse online for ideas on learning schools you would certainly find one that will cater to all your preferences and goals for your kids. Learning starts at home and continues on good learning centers like the Pre Schools Cherrywood where they are given quality education and the best of care. They can play, study and interact with some other kids their age. They offer part-time and full-time places to adapt to parents’ working schedule and employ well-trained professional to educate and nurture the children in their care building a lifetime of good education foundation.


Emergency Cash Loan

We were surprised by the pain felt by our eldest daughter on her left abdomen which started Tuesday afternoon. Early morning the next day when we were leaving for the hospital she’s complaining that the pain is severe that she was not able to walk straight. DH carried her to the car and started our way to the hospital. We were transferred to a hospital in the city because they don’t have OR there and she was diagnosed as candidate for appendicitis but thank God that after series of laboratory tests the doctor told me that she only got infection and after the transfusion of antibacterial Ruth was able to walk again straight.

This happened a day before the payday and I’m glad that I have some savings that I used to buy expensive medicines for the infection. If not for the savings I would have borrowed some money from friends or applied for a payday advance online because it will take me only 1-2 days before the loan will be deposited to my account. Anyway I learned this from a friend and she told me that she learned about it online when she was looking for ways on how to raise funds for her emergency needs. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and they require no faxing of documents, lesser time of processing and fast approval. Security of documents is assured and you can loan from $100 up to $2,500. Since this is a short-term loan only payments should be made on short term mode of payment also.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Promotional Items

I’ve been in administrative work position for several years now and part of my job includes arranging things for the company’s gift lists. I’m always assigned in the tasks of checking our gift lists for associate companies, clients and providers. It’s quite a delicate part as you have to remember everyone especially those that’s been our loyal clients for years and my employers’ close associates. Anyway the family of my boss was in charge of buying gift items and I just have to put cards, names and take care of delivering it to the recipient’s office address. Our gift differs depending on the recipient status and positions. We gave them wines, food groceries, special items and sometimes our promotional products if we have new at the time that we are giving gifts.

When it’s time for our company’s parties we also give some keepsake for the employees which mainly consists of special products with company logo on it like customized pens, bags, umbrella and a lot more. We ordered them in bulk to avail of wholesale price and it’s ordered at a much earlier date to ensure that it’s ready when we want to give it. I love items with our company logo because I love keepsake and I never actually used them as I only collect them just like any other office friends I know. 

It’s not that easy to avail these things so I’m grateful that there are sites like that sells and supplies promotional items like customized mugs, bags, caps, pens, food items, apparel and all other giveaways that you could think of. They’re the leading online provider which has the widest variety of goods. One good thing about the site is that you can compare, search and buy these things in the comfort of your office and friends and has everything you need for the best giveaways and gifts. Now I can add their site to my searches when I look for gift ideas too just like when I found a handmade blown glass tea pot paperweight as a good gift for my Mom’s senior friend. She loves collecting beautiful items in glass and I know she will add it up to her existing collections.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Investing on Gold

Seeing the kids growing up past as the years go by we really have a need to plan for their college education as the eldest will enter university in three years time. Now we’re saving some of our earnings from online writing because my new office job takes care of the bulk of our daily expenses. I’m happy that we can afford to have some savings now after the major school expenses have finished. When I browse through some news about investing I learned that analysts urge people to invest on gold as I’ve read how WSJ says Buy Gold to secure your investment returns. 

Well some would consider the advice while some would not; it will also depend on their personal opinion. But when I think of the implication of the statement of analysts it makes sense that investing on the gold coins and bullions from United States Gold Bureau can really make your capital yield a higher profitability ratio. Gold has been known to withstand depreciation values brought about by wars, inflation and calamities. It remained high in value even in the occurrence of the said causes thus investing on gold would seem a very good and feasible idea.


A Blessing from God

Rainy season is here again and I will never forget the time that I gave birth to my eldest daughter. It was raining hard that day at the time when I was admitted in the hospital. Due to heavy rain fall all morning shift nurses was forced to stay and extend their duty hours to fill up night shift post vacated by other nurses. I already filed my maternity leave as early as one month before the birth and prepared all things needed from baby dress to milk and the money I have to pay to the hospital.

Due to some circumstances that day the doctor advised me that I must undergo caesarean operation to save the life of my baby. Deep within my heart I know that the money I prepared was not enough to pay for the said operation. DH was there together with my Mom and my brother to give me all the assistance needed including their moral support. The thing that almost stopped my heart was when we received the amount of my billing. DH was forced to seek some financial help coming from our parents and kinsman.

If we failed to get some help from my family I was ready to seek financial assistance from other institutions just like payday loans no credit check where you can get online quick and easy without fuss. No need to fax documents or submit personal information just to be approved. Just fill up some info and wait for your loan within 24 hours after approval, that easy! 

We left that hospital with a happy heart a week after the birth. We were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl whom we considered as a great blessing from God. We will never worry again about emergency cash needs as when that time comes again we believe that we can always get our needed loan from fast cash online.


Tea Pot Paperweight

I'm looking for a nice gift idea for a senior friend of Mom who loves decors for homes and who has a likings for anything that's made of glass. She has plenty of collections in her living room cabinets and I've always admire them. Anyway I've found this one at Etsy and thought of giving this kind to her.

This is signed original hand made glass paperweight in cobalt and emerald green color and 3.5" inch diameter perfect for home collections and decors from Route4Glass. When purchased gift box and small bio card are included.

Price: USD60.00


Right Approach on Financial Planning

Smart money planning is essential to secure the family’s finances. The couple should be able to plan and decide carefully on how they should save and invest their money and not just work and spend all money without thinking of the future. Your decision today will greatly affect what your future will be and when you spend your money wisely you’ll be able to enjoy good things in life like having your own house and sometimes a good business. 

If at first you seem to find your way in financial planning you can seek advice from your friends, family or experts like Missoula, MT wealth management group who can help you make better decisions in life especially when it comes to managing your finances well. They’ll be able to give professional advice on the right approach on wealth management planning and possibly investing on the right field.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Further Studies Online

My eldest nephew dropped by yesterday night and he told me about how his net book was infected by virus and he spent a big amount of money to have it repaired. It has returned to normal good operational condition but I told him to buy a high capacity laptop next time he visit the gadgets store in VMall. He love his net book even though it has only limited capacity because he can carry it anytime anywhere because it’s very handy. He’s using it for presentation and defense for his subjects in Civil Engineering so he really needs a lightweight computer.

He’s going to bring his net book to his friend who knows a lot about computer maintenance for some software he need and I learned that his friend want to study for further knowledge of IT. Since his friend is studying on a regular university he wants to pursue his other dream and get a degree online so it will not interfere with his other degree studies in university.

Well my nephew is also keen on mastering some concepts on computer and IT but his schedule in his engineering class is quite strict so he can’t find the time to study about IT. He’s thinking about getting a degree online on his planned IT course so he’ll be able to combine his engineering course with IT skills and knowledge. Hope he’ll be able to decide soon.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy with New Gadgets

My cousin, my sister and I went on gadget shopping last Saturday. My cousin asked us to accompany her to Virra Mall so she’ll have someone to advise what to buy. We’re the same group who bought my laptop and my sister’s net book last year and now it’s her turn to buy her own. She’s not familiar to computers and let alone laptops, net books and some other gadgets so she really needs our company to choose the best for her.

After 3 round ups with the store we finally settled for the one whom we bought our laptops last year. They have the best deals and we love how they deal with the clients giving us freebies on software and accessories. Cousin was so happy with her new net book and we decided to look for new mobile phones. Of course my eyes always lingers on HTC incredible s phone but I already have my own Windows Phone three weeks ago. I was actually looking for wifi phone for my hubby, for my father’s day gift to him which is actually my anniversary gift also last month, kind of bundled up in one gift lol! 

The phone we bought was the best selling one these days that’s why we had a hard time with some shops because they run out of stock and we didn’t want to buy separately. We’re happy to finally found some good stocks in one big phone store and went home happy with our new gadgets.


Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Find a Flat to Rent on Gumtree

Moving from one place to another is quite a task. Finding the right place to live in requires a lot of careful planning to ensure that you will be able to find the right one. There are many factors to consider in finding a flat to rent. One has to look into the budget- how much one has to pay for the rent, weigh out if the amount is worth enough for the space value. Take note also of the environment, ensure that there is an ample supply of water, electricity and phone connection. Check on the neighboring house as well, is the place strategic or near schools, hospital, malls, banks, church, police station, market? The convenience to being near those places will save you a lot from traveling time, traffic and smooth business transactions. 

Make a list of your plans to ensure that you will not forget anything. Find all types of resources that will help you lighten up the load in finding a flat. Check on local newspaper on home and property for rent section and do calls and follow ups, schedule for an area or site visit if necessary to personally see the place to get a hang of it. 

You can even check on websites, just click here to find flats to rent in Cape Town and you will be led to a different house flats for rent, it will let you see detailed information of the place, description, rent pricing, measurement of the area, photos and features of the different parts of the house and also the amenities, tools and materials used for a clear and detailed specifications for you. Just make necessary study and don’t hesitate to ask for further question if you need clarification with some matters involving your search for flat and this page also features other types of property either for rent or for sale. 

You can even seek help from an agent, but you have to spare additional cost as you will have to pay for their services. They will be the one to take charge in doing the necessary research and will just coordinate with you the outcome of their search and do some necessary advice will just have to seek for your approval. Take also into consideration the safety of the place, you have to feel confident enough for your security and safety so you won’t have any fear and will be able to live a convenient, peaceful and comfortable way of living.


Renters Checklist When Choosing a House to Rent

We always thought that those who are satisfied house renters are the one who made a broad preparation before they decide to move in one place. We call those individuals or group of people as wise renters. They always think many times and look for possible houses to rent available within the community or nearby cities before they finally choose their best dwelling place for temporary or for long term stay. Wise renters examine carefully the surroundings of the house and make some inquiries from other people who know the place.

Accessibility of the house is another aspect to consider. Most people look for houses with easy access to public transportation especially on places near light railway transit or train so they can still be early for work even on heavy traffic days and rush hours. Having a house in a place where there are available bus transportation is a plus also as it can carry more passengers than the small public vehicles. Our neighbor works in a place with no public vehicles but his employer provides shuttle buses so their employees will be able to comply with the work schedule time.

Once the renters decided to move in Pretoria they become aware of household things especially their monthly consumption of electricity and water because those are very important items of the renter’s checklist. Renters should study and maintain helpful ways to apply all energy saving tips given by the authorities. Using some energy saving devices like compact fluorescent bulbs or CFL can help to ease the monthly electric bill. Make it a regular habit to clean all light bulbs and remove all dust in it so that it can emit the right brightness. Renters must avoid using defective and old appliances with high wattage. Renters always check if there are defective pipes in their toilet and shower room because broken pipelines surely will contribute much in the water bill. 

When the renters choose the finest and safe houses in Johannesburg they will benefit from the spacious carport or garage because some of those houses had a big terrain. Some also have beautiful landscapes and Bermuda grasses safe and ideal for their children. Renters preferred a house with unique style inside and outside and Johannesburg has plenty of that kind. All furniture in fully furnished houses is in good condition and fitted with the right color and designs. Johannesburg is very near the government and private offices, shopping malls and public market for their usual daily needs.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pursuing Another Career

My former office mate resigned from her job and joined her family in America. She’s very happy when her papers were finally settled because her parents and siblings are all residing in that country. They’ve waited for her for so long because she had to arrange the papers of her son also. She didn’t want to leave him and her husband so the waiting became years. Anyway all the waiting is worth as she’s now happily settled with all of her family now. 

She’s not working now but planning to pursue another career completely different from her degree here in the Philippines. She’s thinking of studying in Arlington beauty school so she can put up a new business in that field as well. I hope all her dreams will come to reality so she’ll feel fulfilled also. She’s not used to staying in the house and doing no work at all so she’ll be starting on her plans this coming school opening.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 1118 West Arbrook, Arlington, TX 76015


Storage for His Projects

Big brother is looking for sturdy storage for water and some other liquids he’ll use in one of his construction projects. He has some plastic drums but he’s looking for quality storage that will last for long period of time. I suggested to him to think about buying one of those stainless steel barrels I saw in my friend’s warehouse because these barrels can be counted upon for quality as long as you use it in a careful manner. The durability is reliable because it is made of recyclable safe materials. You can use it as a water tank for your extra water for washing your car. It can also use as storage barrel for your food and also for the safekeeping of things that are not in regular use. It’s very functional and I think I have to buy one for our house too.


Friday, June 10, 2011

School Dropping By

It’s the last day of having my kids’ full time at home because they’ll be studying again for 10 months straight now with the opening of classes on Monday. Anyway we’ll all be outside our base home whole day as I’m also back in the office works again full time since last month. I’ll be missing the times that I will be going to my little boy’s school to check if he’s eating all his food at lunch. He likes me dropping by his school at lunch breaks but he loves it more when I’m there at the waiting area when it’s time for him to go home. Well he’s on his second grade and I know parents are allowed lesser visits in school at that grade so it’s fine for both of us but on Monday I’ll be with him to look for his section and room.


Medicines for Pregnant Women

There are many things to consider when a woman is in pregnancy stage, first she should be careful of foods and medicines that she takes. Most of the women experience severe headache during this stage but it doesn’t mean that you have to take medicines immediately after feeling sick. You should take prescribed medicine from your doctor and always remember that there is another life growing in your womb and whatever reaction coming from the medicine will affect the baby.  The strength of the mother is different from the baby; we know that it is weak and not capable to fight against strong medicine components.

Topamax is one of the strong medicines that we have in the market today. Pregnant women should seek and consult their doctors about their headache and the medicine that’s safe for mother and baby as well. Any side effect after the birth of your baby should be consulted to your doctor like when you have taken Topamax and you have given birth to a baby with cleft lip defect. In case like this you can file a Topamax lawsuit with the legal help from Austin lawyers at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. They can help you seek fair trial and compensation claims from the case. You can use the claims to treat your child from birth disorder.


Recommended by Her Doctor

I’m amazed with the television personalities which we always see in the morning news show. Many of them are not as wrinkle free as before but through the modern technologies we have now they’re flawlessly smooth and no wrinkles at all. Though not all anti-wrinkle cream is recommended by the experts my friend is happy to tell me that her dermatologist suggested her to use prevage because it suits her skin. She’s very careful in using creams and only follows the advice of her doctor because she had some not-so nice experience in using wrong prescribed creams in the past which irritated her skin.


Online Work Schedule

I woke up very early to do my online tasks this morning as I will not have time to do it elsewhere in the whole course of the day. If I want to continue earning online I should be able to sacrifice either staying late at night or waking up very early at dawn. I’m just glad that my girls will resume classes on Monday because if not I will be cooking for them very early too so I will be able to submit my work on time. 

Now I’m thinking of the best schedule to do my blogging in the next couple of weeks because all classes will be regular by then. I’m more productive at night but can think plenty of ideas at dawn, which is which?


Healthy Advices for Child Bearing Mom

Women in their proper time have given the privilege to bear a child in their womb. The very purpose of their lives is to take care of their child especially during pregnancy. The life forming in their womb must be nourished with right nutrients and vitamins coming from their mother’s intake of foods and vitamins. The growing baby will be protected through the right care and love of their mother. Mothers are obliged to be careful because there are some harmful medicines that can affect to the health of their babies. They should give interest in reading health articles and be open to advices coming from the health-conscious relatives or their respective ob-gyne.

There are some risky medicines in the market today that causes side effects to babies after birth. The usage of Topamax when pregnant Moms have severe headache can cause cleft lip or palate to their babies. Mothers with cases like this who have been affected can get legal counsel and file Topamax lawsuit against the manufacturer of the said drug. Professional lawyers from O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 will be happy to help anyone who will ask for assistance and legal advice.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Self Storage Solutions

Do we sometimes feel that storage is not enough to cover our important things in the house? Our house is an old stone big house which was built three decades ago, the reason why we have old things that we can’t let go. The house is large enough to house two families but still we want to let go of some of the unused, old appliances and furniture to renovate the house. We’re thinking of converting it to a duplex-type house so we can have our own place. Mom is sharing the house to us and she thinks that it’s best to divide it rather than getting or buying a new house. She can’t imagine us living in a far place and not seeing her grandchildren daily. She loves them dearly and has cared for them since they were born.

We have set our plans for the house and we’re just saving money for the big house expenses. We’re just worried that we’ll have to store our excess things somewhere if we’re to renovate the house. It would be risky not to store it to another place while the renovation is going on. My brother’s place will not be able to handle our things and we don’t have any remote warehouse somewhere to handle it. Now we’re now looking for temporary storage for our things just like Self Storage in Chicago where they handle storage with total 24/7 fulltime security and CCTV and with complete access where their customers can get or drop off their things when they need it.

They have over 20 self storage units to handle lockers, personal attics or even customizable units storage to meet specific requirements of their clients. They provide these storage units with convenience for the customers and at affordable prices. You can book online and have the chance to receive the first month free of charge in any of their storage facilities. They also have self storage New York to serve the tri-sates area. Clients are assured that they’re getting quality service from experienced and skilled relocation consultants to handle storage solutions to them. This will definitely solve any problem most people have in storing their precious belongings that won’t fit in their homes.


Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day in High School

It’s first day of school for my little girls who suddenly grew big now or I was just seeing them always as my little young girls. They’re in high school now and together with their cousin, my brother’s daughter Rachel it seems like I got three tall young ladies in my recent collection of their photos. I suddenly missed them being my little grade schoolers who would always want me to stay with them on their first day of school. Now they would have to be on their own on the opening of classes and will manage to cope up with all things associated with their secondary schooling. 

Since Gen is the youngest of these three girls and the freshman in their school (Ruth is sophomore and Rachel is junior) she’s the most apprehensive among them. She didn’t know anyone in her new school and she has mixed emotions of being excited and anxious. She joked about asking me to stay beside the windows of her classroom just like when she’s in primary grades lol!

Will post their pics later!


Friday, June 3, 2011

High Returns Investment

Finances are really hard these days with the opening of classes this coming week. My two girls will start this Monday while the youngest on the next week after that. In three years time I’ll have a kid who will enter college and I hope when that time comes we’ll be ready to give her the best education for her desired career in life. Now we’re thinking of investing on some small business or putting up a small shop. We really need to invest on something so we’ll have fall back when crisis comes. 

Anyway there are many kinds of investments that we may find for ourselves like real estate, jewelleries or precious metals like silver and gold. In fact some really buy gold bullion to ensure that their money will have higher return of profit in the coming years. Gold is known to appreciate values despite crisis and disasters so it’s a good idea to invest on it through bullions and other forms.


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