Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lazy Mode Week

I’m always sleeping late at night until dawn this week. I had difficulty in getting my blogging mojo that it’s always taking me until evening before I’m inspired to write. I really had lazy mode on blogging and I was glad that it did return yesterday because of shower of opportunities that came my way. I feel so blessed that even if my work is not that stable as my office work way back then I still manage to earn more than what I’ve been earning in my previous work. 

I’m just thinking if those late night sleep will necessitate me to need natural acne products if ever I incur acne. I was told by my friends that late nights can cause acne or pimples to break out but as of this moment I still haven’t anything to worry. Anyway my skin is really not the type to develop such acne in the past so now I don’t have problems with it.


Vacation Plans Next Year

Many of my friends are busily booking now for their vacation at the first quarter of the coming year. They’re taking advantage of great travel promos online which will give them some relaxing vacation from busy online works. How I would like to book for a vacation also but it’s difficult when you have three schooling kids as their school vacations are the only available dates if we want them to go with us. I was looking at Outer Banks vacation rental and dreaming that one day I’ll have the luxury of time and finances to go to a real vacation like that. 

For now I have to content myself to a domestic vacation only. Anyway our country has beautiful beach resorts and some highlands vacation resorts. For a workaholic Mom like me that would be such a great vacation for me and for my family also. I want them to be with me on my vacation because I will surely miss them.


Looking for our Car’s Auto Parts

I was disappointed yesterday when the car electrician didn’t showed up for his appointment with hubby regarding the general electrical check-up of our pickup car. I’ve cancelled my two appointments and errands because we were expecting him. We should have called the mechanic first so hubby’s free day time was not wasted on waiting. 

We still have to wait for the mechanic decision if we’re going to replace the alternator or not. Lately I’ve been searching the net for some auto parts and found out a site that caters to various parts for different cars like Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Ferrari parts and many others. We don’t own a Ferrari but I’m just fond of looking up beautiful cars and their accessories. Who knows we might own one in the future!


Back to Daily Routine

My two-week lapse from diet and exercise gave me a heavy body again and I just returned to my healthy habit this week. I was afraid that I’m going to need Lipofuze if I will not return to my daily workout and no-rice dinner. I admit I’ve been taking rice for two weeks but I managed to take a half full cup only so my conscience is only half guilty lol! 

Anyway vacation really makes us break rules and now that school classes are regular again I’m back with my daily routine which is a 1-hour workout exercise concentrated on cardio and aerobics. I’m going to add more focus on the limbs next week and will gradually add more on some parts of my body. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have discipline and time so I can keep up with my plan. Wishing too!


Relaxing Day for My Auntie

I’ve been searching through entertainment tickets for my Auntie because she wanted to relax and had a break from her work. She’s managing a Care Home for the Elderly and lately she’s not taking even a single day off. She asked me to search for a sports ticket or even lady gaga tickets for her and friends who might get some time off also from their work. I was glad that she’ll be relaxing now and want to have some fun after months of continuous working without day off. Anyway she’s the manager and she deserves it.


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