Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Josh' 7th Birthday!

It’s my little boy’s 7th birthday and he was so excited ever since he woke up and heard our greetings to him while playing birthday song. As soon as our service ended we arranged the rented venue beside our church. It’s wide enough to arrange few tables and chairs and a spacious area for playing games. The kids’ excitement was infectious and later the Mommies joined their kids and assisted them. The youth helped in arranging and cleaning because we wanted it to be spotless clean so the kids can do everything they want on the floor.
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The games was great and when all the prizes are all in the hands of the children we started the greetings and the birthday song. Pastor prayed for Josh’ birthday and we made him blow his candle with a wish. Then we started eating together. I was happy that I chose the bigger cake because there’s cake for all of us. The kids happily ate together and talked about their winnings and waited in line for their loot bags.

                                            Longest Line
                                           Group Yourselves


Wearing Comfort

Some things are made to cure something depending on its usage. Clothes are also used to protect us from some elements that could harm us but I was amazed that there are varieties of line products now that can help those with lymphedema sickness. There are several common things and items that can give wearing comfort to them like compression garments, compression alternatives, skin care, compression stockings online and many other things for footwear, treatment kits and educational materials. It’s bad that you can be sick these days and even worst if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing especially those who need optimum support and protection.


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