Monday, May 31, 2010

Excited for the School Opening

My kids are but not me lol! Back to school in the next few days and back to waking up at 4am to cook and prepare the kids’ stuff. They’re all excited for this coming school year since we’ve shopped for their bags and other school things middle of May. I don’t like rushing and buying all this necessities in June as I know there are plenty of late shoppers as well. When we bought all our kids’ school things we have the time to shop conveniently and with all the kids’ preferred items in full stock.

The little boy is entering the big school this year as Grade 1 and my eldest will soon be a high school freshman. She had the feel of her school and liked it when she had her summer advance class for more than 3 weeks. My youngest girl will be in her last grade in primary and hoping to achieve her goal to climb the stage on her graduation. This little girl really has a lot of perseverance and wants to be on the top always.

Anyway they’re all the best of their potentials last year and I told them to mix their hard work with lots of prayers to God to give them guidance and wisdom on their studies. I believe that studying and learning can be done and honors achieved through hard work which some says ‘burning of eyebrows’ (pagsusunog ng kilay). With the help of God and us I know my kids will achieve their goals and dreams up to when they will eventually choose their own field of studies and career.


My Cousins’ Secret

My Mom’s birthday was like a reunion for me as I long to see my dear first cousins in Laguna and I was surprised that even though they’re a lot older than me their skin is still supple and wrinkle-free. I was thinking if they’re using a cream like prevera but they said aloud the answer to my thoughts. They were not using any cream and they were just eating plenty of fruits and vegetables because their doctor advised them not to eat pork as much as possible. So that’s their secret. Now I’ll continue with my cleansing meal plan so when I reached their age my skin will not look old and possibly wrinkle-free.


Early Preparations for the Rainy Season

DH told the girls to arrange their things and tidy up their room because in two weeks time they will so busy with the school opening. It’s their personal things so we want them to arrange it their way. I can help them with cleaning up but because it’s their school vacation it’s best to let them do it to train them.
We’re also scheduled to have a general cleaning on the master’s bedroom before it can be renovated. We need another storage for hubby’s tools like DuraMax DuraMate 8x8 Vinyl Storage Shed Kit 00314 to arrange everything up before the rainy and flood season. Next week we’re having the roofing’s and gutter system check to complete our early preparations. Well we need to work hard as all these preparations need a lot of money to finance. I’m thankful that these past few days gave us plenty of blessings too.


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