Saturday, May 29, 2010

Early Birthday Celebration

We had an early celebration of my Mom’s birthday at Lake Villa Resort. It was made more enjoyable as it was attended by family and our relatives in our hometown in Laguna. I’m so happy that we decided to make it a swimming birthday celebration as it’s so relaxing to do it that way. Well even if I’m tired from all the cooking in the house and in the resort it’s worth it all. Anyway after lunchtime we had all the time in the world to swim, chat, take pictures or just rest and view the pretty scenery by the lake.

After so many years I saw DH relax and had a good time without thinking of the hardship in his work. I and the kids were so glad he was able to come with us now. We enjoyed the kids’ pool that much that we stayed there for more than an hour sitting there and relaxing with the splash of fountain on our faces. Just too tired to post pictures now, maybe I’ll just post when I have a time.


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The Pasture Test

Just thought of taking this test just for knowing some of my inner me that sometimes only a test like this would know lol! My daughter is so fond of taking personality test, she got it from me because I'm really fond of test like this. I even took some personality and psychological test in my work previously. Then I used the tests on our applicants. Why? Because I don't just test the skills and knowledge of the applicants as I also want to know if their mental and emotional capabilities are in normal condition. I know that tests like this one somehow reflects a part of us. So here's the result of my test:
You Are Poetic

You see beauty, colors, and inspiration where other people see nothing.

You are a gentle and sensitive soul that craves love and understanding.

You take pride in your interesting ideas, and you feel wounded if others challenge you too fiercely.

You feel most comfortable in places where you know everyone. It's likely you are still in touch with your childhood friends.


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