Thursday, May 27, 2010

Starting Up a Business

It’s a good step towards success to venture into a good profitable business if you’ve earned enough money and ready to face the challenges of setting up your own business. My friend worked abroad for few years to save money to build his own business. When he has saved what he thought was good enough he returned and started making feasibility study and plans. He has been so busy these days finishing the startup process and looking for asset based lenders just in case he run out funds for his business though for now he’s stable enough to open his business and run it smoothly. I just wish that he’ll never be tired with facing the regular business’ stress and problems. I know he can make it to succeed in his chosen field.


New Head of the Town

I had a chat with my cousin and she talked about how disappointed they were for losing their candidate in their town. They were also afraid because the spouse of the newly elected head of the town is an Asian foreigner and really wanted to have the leadership in the town through his wife. They also noticed that they’ve carried personal micro security cameras in the polling precints just to be sure that everything is under control and monitored.

I just wish that inspite of it all they will try to do good things in my cousin’s town place. I’m praying that despite racial differences they will adhere to all rules and regulations on having the leadership of the town and prove that they can also be like Filipinos.


Josh Joined FB

Little boy asked us to open an FB account for him 'coz he's the only one aside from Granny who don't have an account. He's just using his sister's account previously so we opened him an account and I made DH choose from 5 pictures I cropped for his FB image. DH chooses his picture on cousin Matt’s 7th birthday where he’s wearing a party hat. Now he’s a happier kid with his own FB account and when I checked last night he asked my friend Tere to be his friend also lol! He told me her Ate Gen requested it for him! Thanks sis for adding my little boy on your list!


Tired and Sleepy

I’m a bit sleepy after a tiring morning schedule. With my busy schedule this month of May I don’t need best weight loss products to shed pounds as I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor in cleansing diet. It’s really working for me and I’m so glad about it.

After picking up DD from her school we went to Novo to shop for gifts to Princess. All my planned gifts didn’t materialize, I picked a very beautiful doll and cute pink whiteboard for her. The store has variety of things for school, house, electronics, toys, clothes, electrical, furniture and many more. It’s a complete one-stop shop except for food. We’ve finished shopping at 12noon and hurried home for lunch. I checked my washed clothes outside if its dry already and after lunch I started working only to find myself giving up to my tiredness. Now my problem is to stay awake to be able to write logically.


Thinking of Ways to Conserve Energy

We had an increase in electric bill by about 65% last month but actually the kilowatt hour consumed was almost the same as the previous months. I’m trying to figure out some steps in order to lessen our consumption as the rates is really so high now. If only I knew someone who took up weatherization training then he’ll surely help me weatherize our house energy costs. We really need some plans on how we can save electricity because the provider is always increasing its rates.

It’s really hard on the pocket of the consumers as all losses in their company was charged and divided to all their customers. Losses come from those who have illegal connections but our electric provider doesn’t shoulder that and leave all things to consumers’ expenses. I was thinking that it should not be divided to consumers because illegal connections should be monitored and taken care of the staff. They should be vigilant enough to catch anyone who does illegal connections. That’s not our job, it’s theirs.


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