Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is…
1. finishing all things for school openings
2. healthy body
3. semi-cleansing diet plan works effectively
4. tons of tasks and payments from opps
5. new gadgets
6. loving hubby
7. seeing my kids happy and healthy
8. Mom's birthday this weekend

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I’ve seen some old movies in the 50’s I think which my father used to watch when he’s still alive. I noticed that actresses seem to have trim figures but they also look similar with their figures because they’re all wearing corsets to trim their waistline and to look more beautiful. I’ve also seen those beautiful gowns with corsets inside and I keep thinking that it must be so fit that they look like they have waist like that of a child. Well now there are women still using it for some purposes but for me it looks a bit uncomfortable.


Too Pre-Occupied To Think

I’ve got some free time now so I dropped by the house of my brother to get my niece’ old books for my daughter. I also discussed the plans for Mom’s birthday including food, transportation which he’ll provide and some details of our ocular inspection. He’s asking about the Mercury insurance reviews he browsed upon the net and I told him I’ll study the details when I reached home. He’s too busy with the construction of attic in his house so it’s fine with me to research for insurance. Anyway his mind is too pre-occupied now to think clearly lol!


Seeing Yourself on a Bigger Picture

Do you find yourself aiming high for your dream job? It’s a positive attitude as you really need confidence in all things that you do to achieve you dream. Sometimes you feel inferior to others because of lesser education and average status in life. Well all is fair in love and in war as they say but it only means that everyone is entitled to what he wants in life. Dreaming is free and anyone can do without restrictions. If you’re really up to it you have to see yourself in a bigger picture and maybe you’ll have better confidence after that. Dream high!


Family Music Room Plans

It’s only more than two weeks away and school classes will begin soon. I thought that I can work more during summer vacation but it turned out to be a super busy summer vacation. I actually work just a few hours a day only when my offline tasks and responsibilities were through and finished. I even forgot to watch television sometimes but I’m also hoping to have a home theater to be able to relax more while entertaining myself to excellent picture quality and sounds. We’ll be renovating our room and will turn it into a family music room so that’s where I’m going to put it.


Comments – Collette Vacation

Traveling to different countries has always been my dream and if time and money won’t be in the way I would love to go on Europe tours and possibly stay for a week in my SIL’s place. This is a very convincing review and anyone who reads this would have love to pack their luggage and go as soon as possible especially now that we’re experiencing a very hot and humid weather. A tour and vacation to a much cooler place is a very lovely thought.


Comments - NST

When people find themselves afflicted with dreaded diseases that result from engaging in prohibited activities outside marriage they have a certain fear that it would embarrass their family. Little did they know that their cases should be attended immediately to prevent further transmission? Now there’s a site that promotes good health and helps in std testing. This is to encourage awareness of different diseases and how they can be cured.


What's Your Creative Power?

Your Creative Power is Your Logic

You're the type of person who is great at execution. You don't just dream about ideas - you make them happen!
You are idealistic and determined, but you are also a realist. You only undertake projects you're pretty sure you can finish.

You are a natural problem solver, and you actually think better when you're being challenged.
You do best when you work by yourself or when you're in charge. You ideas are big, dramatic, and the best.


I Love Freebies!

My friend told me that I was able to get the best deals when I bought my laptop and I was happy about that just like the Cyber Monday Specials I saw online. I really love discounts, coupons and promotional packages but with modern gadgets it’s not always possible so when I was able to coax the store to upgrade the laptop memory for free I immediately bought my laptop. Now I’m comfortably using it on my blogging.


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