Monday, April 12, 2010

:BM/RT: Gen's Recognition Day

I'm posting here my dear daughter's recognition ceremony. Gen has been so focused and devoted on her goals of returning to the top five of her class having lost it last year and been included only in the top ten of the class. She's a consistent honor since her preparatory school and last year's failure to be at the top five didn't put her down but instead gave her inspiration to study and persevere more.

On the last week of March all her efforts has been rewarded because she got the 4th place in her grade 5 section 1 class of more than 50 students. I'm proud of her not being on the top five but of her dedication and positive attitude that she can make it again to come back in her former place. I'm very happy and proud of her. God helped her achieve her goals.

Sharing her photos here:


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