Friday, March 26, 2010

:Mommy Moments - Summer Days Are Here!

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As school classes is just about to end we still haven't been to any resort. Next week we'll go to Villa Dominga Forest Resort where we'll have our regular summer camp meeting and possibly a splashing afternoon in the resort before we go home. We sleep in the tent which makes it more exciting.

Some shots I have here was our swimming in Brgy. Pansol's Villa Ruby Rosa in Calamba, Laguna where we regularly spend our summer swimming for the whole church. We rent the whole resvilla to our group only and cook our meals here good for around 14 families. We started going there at dawn and go home before it's dark. There are only two pools here, one for the kids and for the adults but it's good enough for us. Kids just go out of the pool when they're hungry lol!

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Earthquake in Metropolis

My sister called me yesterday that they experienced an earthquake in their office and since we’re not that far from San Juan EDSA where their office is located she asked about us. She was surprised that I didn’t know the earthquake that passed Metro Manila. She told me that it’s around Intensity 4 but I learned that in some areas it has reached Intensity 6 so I was thinking why I hadn’t felt or known it. As I remember the hour it took place it was the same time as Josh and I were preparing to go for his entrance examination and I was preparing some documents for his entrance requirements. I was also busy with the OR of our Nissan Sentra for the buyer and checking some Ferrari parts for my friend’s favorite car. Well none of my neighbors felt the jolt so I guess it’s not that as strong here in our place as in the other places in Metro Manila.

Actually it’s the second time that my sister called to inform us of the earthquake only to know that we didn’t knew it happened. Funny but it’s true. According to my niece’ husband my sister’s workplace location is really prone to earthquake and they will really feel the shake even if the intensity is not that high. The same goes to my former office because I learned that the fault line is lying around the area. Maybe that’s the reason also that whenever a heavy truck passes our building it felt as if our glasses will break because you can feel them shaking. I’m a very observant person and during my 6-year stay in Libis I think that it’s also part of the fault line.


:Friday Fill-Ins #169

And…here we go!

1. The right word should be coming from the heart and not from the mind when you're trying to advise a friend in her most troubled moments.
2. Open and shut the door quietly, please so I can work without noise disturbances. I can do some more tasks if I can have silent environment.
3. Up , UP and away.
4. At my little office corner in the living room is where you’ll find me. If not look for me in the kitchen I may be cooking some foodie for my hungry kids
5. Ooh! What is that foreign recipe menu doing at my kitchen table, do you think I should try cooking it? Well let me see!
6. Your thought of making some giveaways for graduation of the kids is a good idea but it will be too late now to prepare it, don't you think so?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to working til the wee hours at night because I slept early yesterday and my tasks will expire soon, tomorrow my plans include checking out all things to buy for our camp meeting on Holy Week and Sunday, I want to collect some payments for our summer camp food so I don't have to collect on the camp site!


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