Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Rented Pickup Car

We were using my brother’s car whenever we need service car for our Sunday service, school occasions and some other functions that we used to bring car. Our car is still in our garage waiting for the mechanic to come to its rescue. Actually I have some buyers who wanted to buy the car but we never agreed on the price. When we used bro’s car last Monday on Josh graduation we were asked by SIL to bring it for emission testing because it’s due for yearly registration. They’re also looking for cheaper insurance quotes for their pickup. Anyway we really find bro’s pickup car very nice to use because it’s big and good even without air conditioning.

I want to share to you that two of my kids are having bad times when we ride on taxi cab. They don’t want the scent of the taxi and they complained it’s a mixture of different people’s scents, oh my! It’s really a problem to me as they prefer to ride in jeepney which I don’t like doing this summer season when I’m with the whole family because it’s hard to commute with many baggage. It’s really a blessing that big brother has two cars.


Coffee or Coke?

I’m a bit sleepy and I feel the super hot atmosphere outside. Since I can’t sleep due to some tasks to finish I must grab a Coke Float now to quench my thirst and control my eyes from drooping down. I like this drink from McDo because of the ice cream floating at the top. I’m not a fan of cola but I certainly love ice cream so it's yummy enough for me!

Did you know that colas are better than coffee when you want to stay awake? We had an experiment when we were doing technical proposals several years ago. When our proposals are nearing its deadline we were requested to work 3 days without going home or if we went home we’ll only take a one-hour nap, take a bath and change our clothes so on super critical days we opt to stay in the office for 72 hours and go home when the bidding documents were finished. It’s better that way than consume few hours of traveling back and forth.

Back to controlling our sleep we learned and tested that we stayed awake longer if we drink ice cold cola than hot coffee. The two both contains caffeine but cola has a longer effect on us and we’re able to stay up to 5am with clear vision and mind. It’s not advisable to work without sleep and rest but on those days that we needed to finish bidding documents we have no choice but to survive. I’m glad that those days are gone and now I’m working here in the comfort of my home without boss to declare my working hours.


Summer Classes

If there’s one thing that I’m thankful about having an internet is the opportunity to earn while you’re at home. It’s a big help for Moms who can’t stay from kids and responsibilities but are capable of working online on their free time. I’m really very thankful that even if I’ve resigned from my job I can still help my husband in supporting our kids’ education and some other needs. This summer I was thinking of studying again and I’m thinking of enrolling in baking courses to have a basic knowledge on baking. I can bake some simple recipes but I want more. I was inspired by my friend who also want a further studies in the field of allied health and was planning to take medical coding training courses online because she’s as busy as me and regular schooling will not be good on her busy schedule.

It’s great having online studies made available nowadays as education should be open for all and in this age of high technology education online schools have their best knowledge in giving quality education online. Who would ever think that online schooling can be a success? It’s not only good for Mothers like me and my friend but also to students who live far from regular schools that offer courses like this.


Following My Brother’s Footsteps

I saw my nephew’s picture in Facebook wearing tuxedo and I was a little surprised at how fast he has grown to be a young man. The picture was taken in their Junior Senior Prom and he was chosen as one of the Prom Kings. He’s the eldest child of my big brother and the first grandchild of our family thus he got the most attention in the family. I took care of him when he was just barely two years old before I got married and he’s very close to me.

Even until now he will call me just to make him his favorite leche fan and gelatin. He love eating my special recipes and years that transformed him from a child into a teenager didn’t erase the fondness we have for him. He’s still our little charming nephew and now that he’s entering college we’re so concern on his preferred school and the course that he’ll enrolled in. He’s following my brother’s footsteps and will be taking Civil Engineering so he can help his Daddy with their family construction business. I’ll pray for his success.


Entrance Exam Schedule

I’m having a very hectic schedule today and I can’t find the time to download Josh graduation pictures. Well anyway I’ve finally managed to schedule Josh for his entrance examination in a Christian school next town. I did mention in one of my other blogs that I’m done with my eldest Ruth entrance examination. She has passed the entrance early last month and I’ve reserved a slot for her so I will have to wait for next month’s announcement of enrollment period.

Ruth’s school has limited number of students and I think a hundred is good enough for them for freshman students. I heard from my niece whose currently studying there that there are only 3 sections per year level. Oh well I would love to enroll Ruth in a Christian school where she can also be with her cousin May.


Space Saving Entertainment Center

The little boy has accidentally dropped our DVD player and the TV tuner was loosened also. I have with me two appliances for repair though the TV can still do with cable channels to my kids’ delight. Well the little boy is sad because he’s the one who is using the DVD often so we just let him watch movies on the other desktop computer. He’s happy enough now that he can have the other desktop all day before his siblings came home. It’s my sister’s PC and she only uses it at night. Now I’m searching for new cabinet style entertainment centers so I can place our TV, DVD and components in one place with enough protection and free from accident. I can also add up storage for my compact disc.

It’s very important to me to have a safe place for all the video and audio appliances in the house and it’s a space saver too if I can have the cabinet type. I just wish that my little boy wouldn’t be so hyperactive in playing so I will not have headaches in appliance repairs.


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