Thursday, March 18, 2010

:TC - Round 'Space Shuttle'

for fun and learning

"ROUND" (Circle, Sphere, Curves, Moon, Clock, Coins,...)

This is the rounded and curved space shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom, one of thrilling rides in the amusement park where Josh and I had a glimpse only. during their educational tour/field trip. I'll never ride in such things as thrilling and exciting though it may seems I'm afraid of too much height.

Forget the excitement and experience because I don't want to blow and be embarrassed hahaha!
Glad Josh didn't asked me to ride with him or I'll have a problem then. Anyway for thrill seekers and those that enjoy pure riding pleasures I can recommend this. Enjoy the air!

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Extra Energy to Beat the Sun’s Heat

The sun’s heat starting at 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon is not conducive to healthy well-being. If you’re out in the sun within these hours you’ll feel the heat on your face that will drain most of your energy. I think only those who are taking energy drinks and hgh releasers will survive the sun’s harmful effects. It was known to increase energy and revitalizes as well.

Had I known that our morning errands would do harm we wouldn’t give in to our food cravings. My little boy accompanied me when I went out past ten in the morning the other day. We walked to meat store, rice cake store, bakery and fruit stand for our regular supply of fibrous fruits. Josh complained of his stomach and immediately I surmised that the heat affected him. It was yesterday when he felt the stomach pain that resulted from over exposure to sun. Yes the heat can make your stomach cringe, can make your blood pressure rise up and it can make you suffer from the usual skin diseases prevalent every summer. I promised myself to find time to do my errands earlier as I’m beginning to develop headache when I go out at lunch time.


It's My Back Pain Again!

I thought the morning would bring a misty day as it showered a little at dawn, I know because I wake up everyday at 4am but now I woke up at 5am because I stayed longer yesterday night prolonging my blogging up to dawn. I can’t resist some good offers so I stayed until 4 in the morning. I stopped and realized that it’s already early morning. I only had a one-hour sleep but I feel good and fine except for an excruciating pain in my left shoulder, the one which hit the road when I fell last year. It still hurts once in awhile but my Mom helped me with her wonderful massage so I was able to survive the pain. That massage helped me finish my tasks in due time.


Read Reviews and Ask Other Opinions

Sometimes in our desire to look trim and fit in the fastest way possible we easily get enticed by sweet talk and promises of good results from the products they’re endorsing. Oftentimes we try new products without reading reviews or asking opinions about the products. Guess what’s confusing me here? A quick trim reviews opposing the claims that they can really burn your fat fast. With the wide range of sites offering diet products you’ll have to be careful which product is right for you. For me the best way to know if it’s right for you is to consult your doctor and if you’re convinced enough you could try one or two but not the whole package. This way you can see if it’ll work out the way it should be.


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