Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quality Time with Our Family

We’re having some physical sickness these past few days and DH visited their company’s doctor for some checkup and Xray. He was feeling really bad then with his cough and some chest pain. We’ve prayed him over at the church for the Xray and physical examination results and we were so happy that everything is clear and fine with his body. In thanksgiving we decided to give ourselves a one-day rest and relaxation day at Tagaytay City but it didn’t pursue as our companions are not available this day. The previous plan was for Friday so they really didn’t have ideas that it would be earlier.

Anyway even if the original plan of a family vacation in Picnic Grove didn’t pushed true we spent the day happily bonded together. It’s important for the whole family to have some relaxing moments sometimes to have more quality time together. Actually if you have the money and time to spare it’s best to have your vacation in beautiful places near the beach like Karisma Resorts and enjoy a beach vacation with fine dining, luxurious accommodation and some water sports. I’m sure the kids will love it also.


Hubby's Birthday!

It's Ed's birthday tomorrow and since he filed a leave of absence today we celebrated his birthday in advance to take advantage of his presence today. We planned to go to Tagaytay City to relax and have some picnic in Picnic Grove but something came up that the plan was shelved. Since DH is with us today and will be working on his birthday tomorrow it's just perfect to cook and have some bonding today. The kids were happy to see me cooking their favorites when they came home from school. As always we have pasta, cake, chicken and dessert just enough for us and our relatives within our compound. My wish for him is physical and spiritual health. I always thank God for giving him to me - a loving and caring husband. It's his 15th birthday since we're together. I still remember the first birthday he had when we're just over a month as bf and gf.


Early Preparations

I’m busy preparing foods for DH’s birthday though he told me not to cook anymore as we have enough food to eat. I’ve cooked one of his favorite viand early in the morning so when we returned from buying electrical items for Ruth’s project our food is ready and still hot. We went to Robinsons and tried to find the liquid wire that DH is searching for on any DIY shop or electrical shops. The project is due today and DH will bring the materials to Ruth. It’s good that DH is here and I was able to cook pasta and chicken (my kids’ favorite) and made some fruit salad. We’ll celebrate DH’s birthday today to use his leave of absence. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can drop by his place of work so we can have dinner.


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