Monday, January 18, 2010

:Today's Flowers #75 and MYM#1

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These two shots were taken on different places and with different digicams but I find them both beautiful. The first one with only a single yellow bloom was taken in Villa Dominga Forest Resort in Cavite and the next picture of clusters of the same yellow bloom was just taken near our house on one of our neighbor's small garden. I was just passing by when I noticed the flowers and because I had my cam with me then I had some good pretty shots!

Happy Monday!


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I’ve read some good posts from visiting favorite sites and I guess I was really satisfied that I learn lots of things everyday. I’ve been very busy and little sick lately that I wasn’t able to post some inspirational entries for my inspirational blog but promised myself to do so once I feel much better. It’s good to write entries that can give inspirations and spiritual well-being to readers but sometimes I feel sad that some readers preferred some other topics and I got more comments for my not so good posts. Well maybe I didn’t have much visitors or traffic on that blog that’s why I’m thinking of getting some free seo tools to improve traffic on my sites. I’ve been told that it really helps and anyway it’s free so I can try it anytime I want!


The Book Test

You Are a Thinker

You tend to have your feet on the ground. You think about what's actual, and you love facts.

You are a rational person. You like to think through ideas, and you like the thoughts that books spark.

You are a person with a few deep interests. If you're drawn to something, you learn everything about it.

You are a person who values your possessions. You tend to have fewer things but of higher quality.


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