Monday, January 11, 2010

:Today's Flowers #74 and RT #1

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This is one of the flowers I took a shot upon during our stay in Villa Dominga Forest Resort. Just had some fun taking a shot at the buds then the flowers. Had some rest from Today's Flowers meme for two weeks covering the holidays because I was too busy to post pictures (pictures took some time to upload). Now I'm also having this petite red flowers for my ruby tuesday entry. Hope you find it pretty!


Some Foreclosures

I was having my lunch when I was asked by a friend who regularly reads my blogs if I know a place that she can go to for a vacation. Of course I know many because I’ve been writing them here and in my other sites. For my friend I should search for the best and most affordable also as she don’t want to spend a lot of money on this vacation. I was browsing the net when I chanced upon this Outer banks foreclosures which caught my attention for minutes and I read the whole page. Well it’s not that I want to buy any foreclosed property I’m just interested with the news in case one of my investor friends would want to throw some money into it. Just a thought really!


My Friend’s Business Travel and Vacation

I just talked to my former officemates through online messaging and was glad to know that she’s having a good time with her vacation in the land of the Big Apple. She has a sister there and it saves her money because she has a place to stay with. But when she has business meetings on other place she stays in hotels because it would be too far to travel and she wouldn’t want to be late in any of her meeting with foreign business associates.

Lately she stays in one of las vegas hotel when her business partner requested their meeting to be near her place and she’s living in Las Vegas. They offer her a room in their house but she opted to stay in the hotel because she wants the good accommodation there. She asked me to have some chit chat lunch together when she goes home. Well all my friends abroad always tell me that and I’ll certainly wait for them.


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