Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Together

Life is hard when you’re not living with the people you love best that’s why I pity those people who have been imprisoned without sin. When my friend’s husband was in drug rehab treatment centers in the previous year,and she joined in their center’s Christmas program. She has a beautiful voice and the patients who gathered up for the occasion loved her performance. Now they’re all together this holiday season and happy too because they’re complete now. Well I’m glad at the turn of events of my friend.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Too Young to Protect

My friend’s husband gave an Ipad as Christmas gift to their one and only daughter and my friends was beginning to worry on how her daughter can use it properly and keep it safe from normal tear and wear. It’s good that she’s working online and get to see and learn of ipad warranty that ensures protection of Ipad from usual causes of damage and lost. It was an expensive gift to give but my friend knows how much her husband love her daughter and because the husband is working abroad he gives everything that he know will make her daughter happy. Anyway since the girl is so young to take care of her new Ipad maybe my friend will take care of it.


Best Job Application Month

It’s only few days left before the year ends and another year will begin. I like it when the year begins because it’s the sign of another hope for me when it comes to job opportunities. When I was still in corporate office the first month of the year seems to be the best month to apply for better job and salary. It’s also the month that there are many job opportunities like IT jobs, administrative, accounting and finance jobs, human resource, sales and whatever field you may want to enter into. It’s the busiest month for application and job openings and it makes sense because people are most likely to finish the year before they leave their current employer to seek for better job opportunities. It’s really quite just a cycle to me.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saving and Investing Money

I just talked to my cousin who has a son working abroad and I told her to teach his kid in saving some of her earnings. It’s hard to earn money these days but it’s especially difficult when you’re far from your family. I’m sure people working abroad will agree to my statement that it’s indeed hard when you’re not with your family. Anyway I told her it’s best to invest some of his son’s saved money on something tangible to ensure return of investment. He can invest in gold bullion and have it deposited safely in a bank so when the time comes for major expenses he can count on it to help him with finances.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Few days from now we’re going to leave the past year behind and welcome the year ahead of us. Going back the year that’s going to end in a matter of days I have all the reasons to be happy for God’s wonderful blessings on me and my family. Online works has been so plenty for me and my online friends and tasks are still outpouring for us. I’m happy to look back and be thankful that we survived all trials and problems and still standing on our feet.

Now with all the work blessings of God I’ve saved some money and we’re thinking on investing on something that we could get some profit from like small food franchise, bakeshop and any other business. And if we don’t have time to manage business we might as well consider buying gold coins from United States Gold Bureau because it presents an easier way of investing money without exerting too much effort and physical labor. You just have to secure its safety in a bank depository and then wait for the return of your capital.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best Remedy to Cure Drug Addiction

I learned early in life that drug addiction can change and ruin lives. I’ve seen it happened to my cousin when I was still a student. It robbed him of good health and good life. It affects the life of the drug dependent and of his family and friends as well. He has been rehabilitated twice but he returned to his vices, I guess not all rehab centers can cure drug addiction on all patients. Some patients can’t prevent themselves from going back to their old vices. If you really want your drug-dependent family to be healed from addiction you should find a dedicated rapid detox centers who can give the longest and safest treatment to opiate addiction. 

Treatment for person who lived their lives dependent on drugs should be treated physically and psychological as well. The 8-hour detox treatment should be followed by monitoring the patient, one-on-one post procedure care for 36-48 hours and psychological assessment. Treatment should not end at the treatment but long-term follow-up should be given to patients to ensure that he will not go back to his addiction.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Health Insurance Membership

I was doing some reading on the policies of our health insurance when I came upon this life insurance online from Wholesale Insurance. I think it’s easier to search, compare and get insurance online but we already have one since we’re working for almost two decades. I’m doing the cancellation of my health insurance membership because we’re going to file it on Friday. Now that we’ve resigned from office employment DH and I decided to maintain one health insurance membership because one member is enough to cover the whole family.

There’s one conflict though, the management of the insurance told us that my youngest and I will not be a legal beneficiary of DH if I’m not going to cancel my membership. It’s either I continue or I cancel so DH can include me and my Josh in his insurance. It’s not normal and I think there must be some mistake in my husband’s former office application of beneficiaries. We should be automatic beneficiaries of DH because he has already submitted necessary documents to his office when our youngest was born. I just don’t know how this thing happened but I’ll submit all needed requirements just to benefit from DH insurance.


Expected Expenses for the Car Repair

I’m making some list here of our expected expenses for the car because our mechanic will have his general check-up tomorrow. I’ve listed battery, reserved tires, wiper motor and many others. I’m thinking if we’re going to buy a new car audio since the existing one is good enough for us. Hope the mechanic would see lesser trouble because repair expenses will definitely affect our budget for the holidays. Anyway we listed the car now as one of our priorities because we’re going to use it for our camp meeting and before the actual camp when we’ll be bringing the instruments to the site. I have plenty of things to list but I just prioritized the major ones because the minor accessories can be bought at a later date.


Status in Life

Since the old generation gold had always been the status quo of the rich and famous. During those times when bank is only common to few people they invest their money on precious jewels and gold. They know that their money can be safe when they buy gold and store it in safe place for future use. I lived in the province for almost 7 years and in my Mom’s hometown some people were just lucky to be able to dig precious gold.

I remember my Mom’s stories of dying people leaving their gold jewelries to their children. It’s so precious to them that they think it would make their children well off in their lives if they started out life with gold. Now you can invest in gold even without the gold in the past centuries. You can buy gold bullion or gold coins and store it in a safe place for future high profitable means of earning.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad Effects of Vices

I’ve passed again our neighbouring internet cafe which is always frequented by teenagers who are addicted to network gaming and more. I didn’t want to look at some of them who at the young age of 14 smokes intensely like older men. If the old men are taking top rated cigars they are just taking the ones sold by variety store but the effects are the same. Smoking is dangerous to health and there’s no exception about it. Frequent smoking can lead to deadly diseases like lung cancer, emphysema, heart defects and many others. It can also cause birth defects if a pregnant mother smokes. Young men don’t really pay much attention on the bad effects of their vices and most smokers realized their bad habits when they have already incurred diseases.


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