Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Observe Safety and Obedience in Driving

We must observe safety when driving because you’ll not be only caring for your life but for others as well. Oftentimes road accidents happen when there are reckless drivers who always want the road by themselves only. They can’t wait for their turn to go and never miss an opportunity to overtake. Such carelessness and recklessness should be avoided as they’ll be endangering safety of their passengers. One other reason for accidents is driving while intoxicated which is an offense that’s very irritating for me because I find these drivers very irresponsible.

It’s a common reminder to everyone not to drink alcohol if they’re driving but others just can’t find it in their system to follow this simple rule. Driving while intoxicated poses a lot of danger that’s why legal officers penalize this kind of crime. In Texas they are very strict about it as they put violators in jail for up to 180 days in jail; suspend the driver for up to 1 year, collect fine up to $2,000 and other penalties. Well if you’re not guilty but accused falsely you can get help from Houston DWI lawyers who provide legal services for those who didn’t violate such laws but were accused. Don’t let false accusation ruin your life and your work. Get help from them and be assured that you’ll get acquitted.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Writing on my Shopping Blog

I’m starting two new blogs and my friend advised that I should use directory submission software so I’ll have my sites indexed by search engines. Well I really want to have good website traffic and I think I’ll do it after I have written some good posts on my sites. I want my readers to enjoy visiting my site and I would want them to have a good read on my posts. I feel great about writing on my shopping blog and this coming week I think I’ll be able to launch it. For the other one I think I’ll have time for it next month.


Friday, November 26, 2010

They Love Tanned Complexion

When my SIL had a vacation here last June we were talking about how the English women love her brown complexion. Her English friends would tell her that they would like her skin on their body so they would not need any tanning lotions to help them get the tanned complexion they want. Of course we laughed about it because majority of women here would exchange their brown complexion for very fair skin; in fact most of them use bleaching and whitening creams just to reach the effect of flawless white skin.

It’s always been a common expression thought in the minds of the people here that to be beautiful you must have white complexion. As for me it’s not in the color of your skin but of how healthy the skin is besides black or brown is also beautiful. There are some international beauty queens here that doesn’t have fair complexion and they’ve proven that it’s not a hindrance in attaining success in life.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Proper Skin Care is Needed

My girls sometimes ask me if they’re going to have the usual face problems their classmates are going through especially my eldest daughter because she’s a teenager now. I told her that having acne results from dirt, too much oil and sometimes genes. My cousin suffered severe acne when she was young and no amount of visits to doctor can stop the acne from bursting into her face. It was the worst dilemma she had encountered in her adolescence days that she really search for acne scar creams so it will not leave a permanent mark on her face when she gets older.

I’m relieved that my Dad and Mom are free from acne since their teenage years which made me believe that it’s not in our genes and if ever we had one or two acne in our adolescence period it was just a result of stress, eating oily foods and late nights. I’ve told my daughters that proper hygiene and skin care are two of main factors to help prevent skin problems in the future.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Innovations on Medical Devices

Lately modern innovations have reached not only businesses and commercial establishments but also in the hospital. I’m quite an observer and whenever I visit hospitals it’s often that I noticed quite a big change in their equipment. I know that the most of the modern devices that you will see are those that’s being used in electrosurgery like electrodes, cauteries and others. Well they should really used the best devices as their clients will pay big amount of money on surgical operations.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Legal Help on Mesothelioma Cases

Asbestos was known as a wonder element with its resistance to heat, electrical and chemical damage. In the past people find it very useful on electric oven, hotplate wiring and in buildings because of its insulating properties. But it was banned later because it was found out that exposure or inhalation of asbestos can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma cancer and asbestosis. It was too late for those workers who were exposed in their job on industries that uses asbestos because they incurred malignant cancer from constant inhalation of the element. 

If you have friends or relatives who were victims of such circumstances you can ask legal help from Houston asbestos lawyer to assist them in their pursuit for justice for what happened to them. These lawyers from Heard Robins Cloud & Black will help them throughout the case until the victims successfully get their claims.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gifts for Her

Now that holiday season is getting near most of us have a gift list for family, friends and relatives. Since my Dad has passed away already when season like this comes it’s always my Mom that I think first. I’m always reflecting on what would be the Top Xmas Gifts for Her for this year. This time I’m thinking of buying some different gifts in addition to her favorite blouses and pouch bags. She loves drinking milk and coffee and a beautiful customized mug would be perfect. I know she will love to sip her favorite drink on it.  I’d have to think of other gifts too for my dear MIL, sister, SIL and close friends.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Managed Hosting

I’m so glad that after years of blogging I was able to open a blog in WP and now just hired new web hosting company for my new blog which is very affordable. But before I even signup for their service I search through various hosting and study about the reviews, capabilities and features. I learned also that many are signing up for managed hosting because it offers dedicated environment and you can have it custom-fit according to your specific. Still I know that this one is for the big clients and I can stay with my own hosting.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lazy Mode Week

I’m always sleeping late at night until dawn this week. I had difficulty in getting my blogging mojo that it’s always taking me until evening before I’m inspired to write. I really had lazy mode on blogging and I was glad that it did return yesterday because of shower of opportunities that came my way. I feel so blessed that even if my work is not that stable as my office work way back then I still manage to earn more than what I’ve been earning in my previous work. 

I’m just thinking if those late night sleep will necessitate me to need natural acne products if ever I incur acne. I was told by my friends that late nights can cause acne or pimples to break out but as of this moment I still haven’t anything to worry. Anyway my skin is really not the type to develop such acne in the past so now I don’t have problems with it.


Vacation Plans Next Year

Many of my friends are busily booking now for their vacation at the first quarter of the coming year. They’re taking advantage of great travel promos online which will give them some relaxing vacation from busy online works. How I would like to book for a vacation also but it’s difficult when you have three schooling kids as their school vacations are the only available dates if we want them to go with us. I was looking at Outer Banks vacation rental and dreaming that one day I’ll have the luxury of time and finances to go to a real vacation like that. 

For now I have to content myself to a domestic vacation only. Anyway our country has beautiful beach resorts and some highlands vacation resorts. For a workaholic Mom like me that would be such a great vacation for me and for my family also. I want them to be with me on my vacation because I will surely miss them.


Looking for our Car’s Auto Parts

I was disappointed yesterday when the car electrician didn’t showed up for his appointment with hubby regarding the general electrical check-up of our pickup car. I’ve cancelled my two appointments and errands because we were expecting him. We should have called the mechanic first so hubby’s free day time was not wasted on waiting. 

We still have to wait for the mechanic decision if we’re going to replace the alternator or not. Lately I’ve been searching the net for some auto parts and found out a site that caters to various parts for different cars like Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Ferrari parts and many others. We don’t own a Ferrari but I’m just fond of looking up beautiful cars and their accessories. Who knows we might own one in the future!


Back to Daily Routine

My two-week lapse from diet and exercise gave me a heavy body again and I just returned to my healthy habit this week. I was afraid that I’m going to need Lipofuze if I will not return to my daily workout and no-rice dinner. I admit I’ve been taking rice for two weeks but I managed to take a half full cup only so my conscience is only half guilty lol! 

Anyway vacation really makes us break rules and now that school classes are regular again I’m back with my daily routine which is a 1-hour workout exercise concentrated on cardio and aerobics. I’m going to add more focus on the limbs next week and will gradually add more on some parts of my body. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have discipline and time so I can keep up with my plan. Wishing too!


Relaxing Day for My Auntie

I’ve been searching through entertainment tickets for my Auntie because she wanted to relax and had a break from her work. She’s managing a Care Home for the Elderly and lately she’s not taking even a single day off. She asked me to search for a sports ticket or even lady gaga tickets for her and friends who might get some time off also from their work. I was glad that she’ll be relaxing now and want to have some fun after months of continuous working without day off. Anyway she’s the manager and she deserves it.


Friday, November 12, 2010

One-Stop Shop

We’ll drop by our new venue for our camp meeting tomorrow to accompany our brethren who will see the site for the first time. We were the ones who recommended it because we’ve seen when my daughter attended their school retreat there. I found out that it’s also near the one-stop shop store I’ve been buying my things for the house. It’s where I bought my bathroom tiles, shower head, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, kitchen faucet and everything I need when our plumber fixed our bathroom and kitchen. I know I’ll return to the store once more when I have budget for the total kitchen renovation. For now I’m just fixing what’s needed because the renovation will require a large amount of money.


Working to Beat Homesick Feeling

My friend has worked part-time in a grocery store doing merchandising because she finds it boring doing nothing in the house. Her husband can pay for all her expenses and very well-off but she’s not used to staying in the house and doing nothing. She’s an HR Manager before and used to working overtime so when she got married and transferred to foreign country she looked for a part time job that would not keep her occupied but beat her homesickness as well. 

Now after sometime getting used to barcode scanner, cash register, barcode label and all equipment in the grocery she quit the job and started a small financing business when her husband retired from work. She’s very busy and a lot more occupied now that she doesn’t feel homesick again.


Looking for New Eyeglasses

I think I’m going to need a new pair of eyeglasses as my current has giving some blurred images on certain distances. I think my eyeglasses grade has changed and I need to consult my optometrist about it. I’ve visited two optical shops to look for the style I need but I was disappointed at the stocks they have. If only I could order it online now because I was hesitant of my exact size and lens’ grade. It’s easier to order Zeal Goggles online as you can immediately browse all style. With my kind of glasses I’m not sure if I can have the right one for me so I’ll just stick to my previous optical shop for now to replace my eyeglasses then look later for a second eyeglasses at my convenient time.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Excited for My Meal Recipes

I noticed that my kids are always getting excited about what I’m going to cook for their meals especially their packed lunch that’s why I’m taking notes of their favourites and learning some more nice recipes. I’m glad that in spite of cooking delicious recipes for my kids I’m not tempted to eat large portions of what I’m cooking for them. Well if I develop a big appetite for my delicious meals I would certainly need some diet pills that’s why I’m glad that never happens to me these days. I know my healthy meal plan and regular workout help me to control sweet cravings and overeating. I’m looking forward for the results of my discipline and meal planning. Hope I’ll succeed!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Status Quo in the Past

Among the precious metals I’ve known gold has proven its good value over the years. It’s been a status quo for those who want to be included in the circle of rich and famous because gold is a premium investment that’s guaranteed to stay strong in the market. Its beauty is sought by many as they can do precious accessories and jewelries with gold. Its value is appreciating every year and whoever owns this precious metal will never cease to love its splendour. So if you want to own one for your personal needs or if you want to invest your money on a bankable investment you can buy gold and experience what it’s like to own precious thing. As an investment I know it can satisfy anyone’s craving for financial security because it will yield higher return of investment in few years’ time.


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Dowry

Since my cousin is getting married I was just wondering if they will still do the dowry thing which was practised in the old days in our province. My Mom told me that dowry can be a house and lot or precious jewelry like gold and silver. They’ve practised it in their wedding and many couples are still following the tradition. It’s not bad at all because that would also be the bride’s future properties. Maybe the old generation folks wanted to ensure the future of their daughters that they ask for dowry, some give the dowry to parents or whatever is the agreement. I’m too young then to understand things like that because I was only there up to 7 years of age and then we moved to our present home now. 

I keep thinking if it’s possible that dowry can be investments like bank statement, a business or other forms of gold like coins and bullion. Well that would be a much higher value because nowadays a good investment can be your door to your success so it’s important to think carefully before plunging too quickly on investment. Hard-earned money should be meticulously planned before spending.


Getting Ready for the Special Day

My cousin will get married on Saturday in our hometown in Laguna and it’s going to be a big one because I learned that they’re getting ready with their hogs from their farm. Last few weeks were kinda busy for them as they’ve prepared the bridal gowns and dresses for other entourage. They were scheduled to dropped by here last month when they went to Ongpin for their wedding rings and Bridal Jewelry because I gave them the names of my Auntie’s favorite store there. It’s an authentic jewelry store there where hubby and I also bought and have our own wedding rings engraved. Well they were happy with the referred store and quite happy with their finds. It’s only few days left before their big day and they’re very excited about it. We’re now making plans on travelling for that day.


My Typical Day

Almost everyone has classes now except for my eldest DD and I'm back to waking up so early in the morning.  lately I've had some difficulty in waking up because I've been sleep for an hour or two  only.  Talk about dizziness lol! Anyway when I wake up after an hour of sleep I just move like a programmed robot, boil water for their milk, cook breakfast and packed their lunch meals.  In between cooking I'll prepare the table and nap for 2-4 minutes just in time for the rice and water to boil.  I can sleep like that when needed.

I was just thankful that hubby takes over sometimes.  He'll take care of assisting the kids as they eat, take a bath, dress for school and check everything before hopping up to their service vehicle.  That's how our morning happens, full of activities but after the last kid went off to school hubby and I will have our breakfast together before he went to school also.  Then that's when my day with only my Mom starts.  I'll have my exercise before eating breakfast  so by the time I'm left with my chores and online work it's just me roaming around the house until they all arrived from school.  This is my usual time as work-at-home Mom.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growing Kids

For the kids’ future DH and I have been planning about the right business that will give us some earnings for our needed savings and backup financial for the kids. We’re not contented to just sit in one corner and watch how our finance is greatly affected by their growing needs. I’ve been reading and browsing online and found out US Gold Bureau is offering investment through sale of precious metals like gold and silver in coins or in gold bar. It has become one good challenge for us if we can save for this kind of investment because we know gold is one of the most bankable investments in the industry and it’s sure to give higher values in the coming years.


October 2010 Droppers

Once again I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to all my regular visitors and droppers here. I'm thankful that I still have some of you even though I can't find time to visit you back. It's just one of those busy months I think. Appreciate all your efforts!I'm going to miss my friend June of Fledging Blogger next month. he's no longer with ec due to EC management/technical fault.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

:TF/RT/MYM : School Blooms

Click the image to enlarge

I accompanied dear daughter when she represented her school in basic encoding skills in the inter-town division and we were so early there.  I really wanted to be on time and we're surprised that only few were early for the competition.  Anyway to pass the time we rounded the school's compound and found this flower scattered through the canteen compound. I found the flower shape striking as it looks like little red leaves but it's really flowers.

Happy Monday! To see more lovely flower entries for today's flowers and red  themed photos at Ruby Tuesday click the badges!


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