Thursday, October 28, 2010

Investment Plans

I’ve been searching for some nice sites for post ideas on my new blog when I was asked by my cousin for a suggestion on where to put his hard-earned money from his 20-year old office employment. He’s been very loyal with the company but suddenly he feels like he’s old enough to rest, relax and enjoy his life. He learned last year that I resigned and retire early in corporate office and was thinking of doing it himself since he’s older than me. He actually asked me what I will do after my resignation and was amazed that I can work online in the comfort of my home. Well we talked about his investment plans and told him about what United States Gold Bureau offers as a form of investment to their clients. He studied it and planned on talking it with his wife.

I actually don’t know anything about the company except that it offers one of the most stable kinds as investment. They provide bullion, gold coin and other similar products for their clients to buy, invest and store in safe deposit to banks. Gold has a high percentage of bringing high returns of capital and proven to appreciate value in years. It’s a good investment according to old folks but I told my cousin to think of his investment carefully before plunging into it.


Reminiscing Good Old Times

My friends and I are chatting over our experiences in our college days and we find it so hard not to laugh and chuckle over our mistakes and errors on our laboratory and electronics classes. Some can’t forget one drafting professor that’s very hard to please but been very good to me because he said he liked my penmanship. He used to give them low grades that made my friends applying for scholarship fear for qualifications. Anyway he gave me one of his highest grades but I don’t really like him. I’ve had my share of dealing with my hard subjects and thesis too but that’s the past and we just talked about it in reminiscing our times together. 

Now that we’re grown ups we can laugh at our bad moments in college and actually thanked those experiences which made us successful in our career in line with our profession or not. Some of us didn’t make it to practice what we learned in college and have been successful in different field of work. All of these we learned to accept because life sometimes give us something that we didn’t expect of having and often we’re directed to a career different from what we studied. In all of these things in mind we should give our heartfelt thanks to God for giving us guidance in all endeavours we took in our lives.


Excited Again!

I’m excited again as I bought another domain and now starting to write on my new blog. My new blog will talk about value of giving gifts, gift ideas, shopping, window shopping online, great finds, discounts, good deals and many others pertaining to gift giving and shopping. I’m just finishing tons of tasks and hoping that I can post more next week. I’m excited because I love giving gifts and ideas on how you can make your loved ones feel special.


Granny's Story About Gold Bars

My memory took me back to my childhood in our province where we used to play in the vast field, small narrow river and luscious fruit-bearing trees. It was only stories that I can share to my kids because we seldom go there and not on long period also so they didn’t experience living in the fresh and cool temperature of their Granny’s hometown. I have gold memories of my happy childhood with our dear Granny who was always there for us to give our childish whims and wishes.

I remember how she used to tell us stories of the war times when Japanese soldiers buried precious jewels and gold bars in our town. I really thought that half of those stories were fiction but after several years after she died I heard stories of land owners there who found the treasure. Still unbelievable but it’s true. Even these days they think there are more gold in those lands. Gold is really a good investment. Imagine after several decades the buried gold is still beautiful and more valuable to make anyone rich.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saving for My Windows Phone

I hope one of my clients will pay me their dues this week because I need to save money for my dream windows phone I saw online. The phone is not yet in market this month but they will launch it this coming November in U.S. at a price I can very well afford. There are many kinds of mobile phones nowadays like smart phones, windows cell phones and many others. There are also hundreds of cell phone accessories, cell phone cases, headsets, chargers and more but I’m not the kind to buy them all. I’m a little frugal when it comes to buying my personal needs and that includes my dream windows phone. I’m saving money for that from my extra clients and not from my regular works because my regular earnings are for my family’s needs. Well anyway I’ve got plenty of extras these past two months and I think I’ll have funds for it this coming November.


Liability Claims for Defective Surgery

It must be so painful to experience damage in hip pockets and even worst if you have undergone a defective replacement surgery. Depuy Orthopedics offered joint replacement system to cure damaged hip pockets five years ago but after two years their patients started to experience swelling and severe pain that they finally filed complaints against the surgery. This prompted the hospital owned by Johnson & Johnson to recall thousands of hip replacement systems.

It turned out that there are imperfections and from the complaints made by their patients it was concluded that it’s all due to defective Depuy Hip Implant. This prompted people who feel like their implant were loosening and dislocating to file for Depuy lawsuitcase with the help of Austin, Texas Personal Injury Lawyers who provides legal help services to victims of this defective Depuy implant. They help the victims to get products liability claims from the hospital that they undergone surgery. It must be so painful to realize that you’ve been a victim of such medical defects. Well for other victims of defective surgery you can visit their law office and have a free consultation on the matter.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feels Great to Have a Car Again

Now that we have a new pre-owned car to use in all our activities the kids are very happy and always thinking of places to go to. Sadly their school break started today when husband’s vacation has just ended. Hubby’s second semester classes started today so all our plans will have to wait for weekends or some unexpected vacation. Well we should allot funds for the car’s maintenance, repairs,car insurance, registration and many others. I know that having a car is like having another kid in the house because you have to maintain it to good working condition so you won’t have trouble when traveling. Despite of the expenses in store for us because of the car it’s still good and feels great to have a car again after one year.


Monday, October 25, 2010

:Today's Flowers #116/Ruby Tuesday: Little Red Blooms

Click the image to enlarge
We had a tree which bring forth this petite red blooms since childhood but lost it  when the national road widened and our garden was minimized into half of its original size.  This shot was taken beside  the little boy's school.  When I saw the tree I remembered our own old tree which becomes red when these little blooms appear. Hmmm I noticed I'm becoming sentimental these days! Just missing the old days when dear old daddy was still alive and gardening with my Mom.

Happy Monday! To see more lovely flower entries for today's flowers and red  themed photos at Ruby Tuesday click the badges!


Be Fit and Healthy

Since DH started his vacation from school I never had the time to do my workout on a daily schedule. I’m trying hard to do it every other day as I know skipping will be bad for my workout plan and my body will suffer too. I don’t want to experience my first days when all my limbs and joints were aching due to sudden changes of movement. Now I can move with ease and without pain at all. I can walk without catching up my breath and I can have workout for more than an hour without fainting. I’ve been reading about some weight loss tips and learned that exercise is one of the things needed to be fit, healthy and slim. 

I had diet plans before and some of them were successful enough but I’ve never felt so great before I had this exercise regimen. It’s doing well not just for making you look trim but for making you feel stronger than before. With the current influx of discouraging diseases we really need to live healthy to avoid and prevent them from infecting us


Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Real Beauty

When SIL was still here for a vacation she told us that her friends in G.B. love her skin more than theirs because the English people love their skin tanned. They don’t want the pale white skin which is very common to them. My SIL is a beautiful morena and her skin fits her looks with deep-set eyes which are always mistaken for an Arab descendant just like my husband. She maintained her Filipina skin because her English friends uses the best tanning lotion just to have a skin like her because they want to be as pretty as she is. We laughed at her story because here in the Phils. almost everybody wants to have fair complexion and they will do everything or buy expensive creams just to be as whiter as possible. 

I think it depends on how you see yourself because a person doesn’t have to change anything in her if they’re confident of what they have. We should not concentrate on being fairer or prettier because looks isn’t all in life. There are far more important things in life that we should look into besides being beautiful.


Sweet Cravings

Ruth was asking me this morning my favorite RR cake and I told her that my first love is chocolate mousse. I know she’s planning something for my birthday because I caught her doing something in their desktop computer. She’s also taking notes of some menu she’s planning to cook. The little boy is counting the number of days before Christmas but she’s counting the days before my birthday which is easy because she only deducted 4 days from it. I really don’t know what she’s up to but we continued to talk about cakes and I end  up drooling for RR’s Cookies and Cream we had for Mom’s birthday.

I know I’m on diet but today is a weekend and weekends are free days for me so I’m allowed to eat anything I want including this cake I posted here. I’ll just look for the right diet pills for women if my natural diet plan failed to control my weight after eating the cake. Sometimes we have to let go of our diet regimen and give in to our cravings. It’s not that bad I think because it’s still early and I can burn whatever I’ve eaten. It’s fine as long as I don’t give in to my sweet cravings at night because for sure I’ll gain weight again.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Discovering Pests in Your Homes

It’s fun decorating the house and rearranging it to give a twist or a new look but sometimes it will open your eyes to few imperfections of your house. That’s how we discovered a flaw in one of our walls few years ago. We found the inside of the wood walls empty because termites infested it. It was not obvious to anyone but if you knock on it you’ll discover the damage done by the pests. Because of this we checked every wall in the house and were relieved to find that others were not affected except for the two adjoining walls of the first floor room. We had the whole room treated and the walls replaced to avoid further infestation.

If you experienced having pests in your house like fire ant, termites, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes and other insects you should hire professional staff to do it like Bulls Eye Pest Control, a Houston pest control company dedicated to help you treat and eradicate pests in your house. They provide quality pest control services to avoid termites, flea, fire ant, bee and other insects from raiding your homes. With their expertise and high technology means they give the highest quality of service at affordable rates. You can now say goodbye to damaging pests and insects that harm our house as well as our bodies.


Lax in Observing Rules and Warnings

I always notice something when we’re filling up our gas tank every Sunday. I’ve observed that the gasoline station personnel is not so strict about the use of cellular phones and those people who have their cigarette sticks while on the premises of the station. I think it’s only here that people are lax about following hazard signs such as the ones I’ve mentioned. For me it’s best if we will implement the rules strictly to avoid accidents or have attractive osha signs which can catch the attention of the public. It should create awareness of the dangers of evading the simple rules and hazard warning. I just can’t help feeling bad that people doesn’t learn their lessons until they’ve experienced being victimized by accidents.


A Short Vacation in Our Hometown Province

It’s DH semestral break and he’s using up his vacation in general maintenance of the house and checking up Mazy, our car. He’s used to fast paced work in his former 19-year old job and he doesn’t waste any of his free time. We have plans of having vacation because he wants me to have some break from my busy schedule and online tasks but the kids are still in school. They will start having their school semestral break next week when DH would start schooling again. How I wish they have the same dates of school break so we’ll have a longer vacation. 

We’re not going for an Outer Banks vacation rentals although I’m dreaming for that one several months back. We’re just planning a mini vacation in our hometown in Laguna so we and the kids will be able to rest and relax in the peaceful and fresh environment of our province. It’s also less than an hour away from Pacific Ocean so we can go to the beach easily if we want to. Hope we’ll still be able to make our plan a reality.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Stories from the Past

There are many beautiful moments in our lives but sometimes we fail to recognize them as they come simply. Sometimes I want to relax myself so I would have time for the simple things in life which I failed to notice most of the time because of the regular duties and chores that took up most of my time. I envy those old folks in the province because they have all the time in the world to appreciate everything coming their way and to talk of how much they value their investment of gold coin and other precious jewelries. 

That’s what I heard when I was a child, the folks near me has been talking about how many wealth were hidden in our town. As a child I believed it of course because children tend to believe what they hear from the seniors. Now some of the stories came true but some still remained in the minds of old folks. Well the memories were precious to me and I don’t mind if the stories are true or not. Sometimes we need stories to get our life going.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gen's First in Basic Encoding Skills

I'm always posting this in my education blog Beyond Horizons but I'm sharing it here now. Gen was always competing in several of her academic subjects in Filipino essay, Press Conference, Math, even the sport of Chess and now in EPP skills. She has experienced getting the runner up medals and certificates but she didn't made it to No. 1 position and she longed to experience to compete for the inter-town level which they call it Division Level. Well that day she was very determined to really make it to the first place and I was there to witness her efforts. I was praying the whole time she's doing the exam and I thought it was hard for her. I was surprised when she finally declared that she's finished ahead of time. That's the time that she smiled to me and gave me our famous thumbs up sign. My kids were used to giving me that sign whenever they want to tell me everything is ok.

Their school coaches/teachers who were with them were happy when the awarding took place as they all got the first positions. They were three from their class who competed, one was for flower arrangement, the other one was for fabric painting and Gen for basic encoding skills. They all went home happy that they bagged the first place and will all compete with the contestants from all towns in Rizal Province. Of course I was a happy Mom and I thanked God for giving Gen the wisdom.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missing Iya's Celebration

We’re sad to miss the birthday of one of our favorite baby. She celebrated her first birthday today though her real birthday is on Monday. She lives in a different town that’s why we never attempted to travel when we’re finally free from Gen’s school activities. Redge and the kids were all ready and they’ve waited for us for almost 3 hours before we finally decided we will never make it because the rains are also heavy since early afternoon. 

Gen was thinking of Iya while she’s waiting for the competition to finish but we really can’t do something about the situation so I told her to just concentrate on her contest. I know they will understand us because my niece Heidi who is Iya’s Mom is also a primary school teacher and she knows the rules. I saw how sad Josh was when we arrived past 5 in the afternoon and he was informed that we can’t make it. I was happy that although he’s very young he can understand situations like this one like an older kid.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

:Ruby Tuesday/Wordless Wednesday: Lovely Contrast

Click the image to enlarge

This has caught my attention because I love flowers and these red santan are beautifully trimmed to form a circular shape surrounding the pale-leaves tree. I love the stark contrast between the trees pale mint (almost white) leaves and the vivid color of red. Just perfect! Btw this landscape can be seen at the parking lot of Ever shopping mall in Ortigas. Will love having it in our garden :-)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Boy’s Query

I was helping my kid on his assignment about his Science subject when he asked me about what will they do with the barbecue stick, carrot and the wide-mouthed bottle. He was always excited with their art activities that he can’t help asking or guessing what they will make for the coming day’s activity. Yesterday he asked me about attorneys and what’s their role in the society. I told him that they were to solve issues with legal things, defend or accuse people depending on the needed services of their clients. I’m glad that he didn’t asked about particular legal things like Texas Maritime lawyers because I wouldn’t have an answer for that. All I know is their scope of services because maritime refers to the sea so I supposed its legal services for sea-related cases or those working in maritime.


Forex and Economy

I’m confused with the way things are when it comes to forex exchange and the effect it has on the country. I was made to believe in the past years that it’s good for a country like us to have an exchange rate equivalent to lesser peso because it means that our currency is getting stronger but I just can’t relate these changes to what’s happening in the prices of basic commodities. When dollars goes down the prices in peso should lower down but as I see it it’s not affecting the usual and normal groceries that we buy on supermarket. I only see the difference when I buy gadgets online. I was thinking if an advanced Forex training would help me understand the effect of forex on our economy. I know it should be a balance of things when it comes to economy, basic commodity price setups and some other things. I should learn some basic data about forex.


Longing for a Cabin House

We’ve dropped by a furniture store and looked for some nice sofa beds for the kids’ rooms. I was always in awe at the latest innovation and style of the modern furniture. DH knows a lot about furniture and appliances because he was employed in one of the biggest appliance store. He knows all about material used, finishes, grade and quality. He almost knows all of the brands and supplier. I was fond of looking at beautiful modern and stylish furniture but sometimes I also long for log furniture we have in the province because they looked so simple, fresh and homey just like living in the rural areas. Anyway we can still have them here in the urban areas. I guess we just need some interior designing to be in harmony with some of our existing furniture. Talk about creating a cabin-inspired room!


Geared Up for Halloween

When we dropped toy kingdom last weekend we saw that the store is fully geared up for the coming Halloween as it looks like a haunted house and not a toy store lol! The store is full of frightening masks, kids halloween costumes and accessories to make the coming season complete. I’m glad that Josh wasn’t scared of all those things as he keep on smiling on each frightening costumes and masks he passed by. We’re not there to look for costumes though but to look for his fave robots. We ended buying Almanac books for their collection and also a gift to my brother. Books are for all ages and Almanac is not an exemption.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

My cousin is looking and searching through different styles of wedding rings. He’s not decided yet where to buy their wedding rings though her sister recommended a good place to buy in Manila. Since they’re in the province now he’s looking at the possibility of having it online for convenient searching and buying. Anyway it’s still early so they have ample time to do that. I don’t know how much are they going to spend on their wedding rings but one of his relative is looking at the possibility of buying wholesale loose diamonds because they seem so much cheaper than the retail ones. Wedding preparations are really stressful especially when you think of all the things needed like flowers, cake, invitations, reception, gowns, entourage outfit, list of sponsors, pictures, videos, cars and place of honeymoon. Well the last one may be the medicine for all the stress of the occasion as that would be their relaxing and bonding moments.


Inquisitive Little Boy

My little boy is getting very inquisitive these days with every little thing that enters his mind. He always has those questions that will knock you off your chair and he’s so persistent on getting the answers. He just saw the ncstar binoculars I have browsed online and asking me if he could have it because he wants to see the flying birds clearly even when they are at a distance. He wants to try everything he sees and when he wants to know something or see what it is he’ll log in to Google and type the keyword to search. Well I saw him typing the planets, universe and his landscape assignments just now. He told me that he can do surfing and assignment research on his own.


Dream Come True

My friend wants to put up her internet business but her capital is not enough to support her dream internet cafe. She’s planning to make it really big because she’s based on a place near school and business area. It’s been her plan for several years now and this year she really wants her plans to push through. She’s now preparing some of her legal documents because she found a way to have additional finances. She needs the documents because she’s applying to an asset based lenders and she would like her needed loan approved. I wish she’ll have her loan as soon as possible for her to start the business next month. I know it would make her very happy to see her internet cafe operating in few weeks’ time.


Cousin's Wedding Preparations

My cousin in the province is getting married and his elder sister visited us to tell the good news of his youngest sibling getting married at last. We talked about how easy it is now to buy the ready-made wedding gowns, groom’s outfit,bridesmaid dresses and all things needed for the whole entourage. The couple originally wanted custom-made gowns to be fit and tailored in the town miles away from them. The elder sister suggested that they can choose among wide variety of wedding gown style and finishes in Manila the same day. 

Not so far from the place they could also round up Ongpin, a well-known place for all kinds  of  jewelry especially wedding rings. I remember getting our wedding rings in the same place and it’s a very nice place for me as you can get them at the wholesale price compared when you buy them on other shops. We were accompanied by my Auntie who was a certified jewelry lady several years back. I suggested some shops there where you could also have your names engraved. My cousin want his brother and soon to be sister-in-law not to be too tired with gowns and rings because there are many choices now compared in the early times when gowns should be custom fitted and everything in slow preparation. We’re now in the modern times and we should take advantage of the good advantages of making your wedding less stressful.


Health Card Helps a Lot

It seems that sickness is in the air as many kids now suffers from various sickness like cough, colds, dengue, skin allergy and many others. When you happen to visit the hospital whether it’s a private or public one you’ll see that there are many patients and you’ll have difficulty in electing the room you want. Anywhere it’s more bearable if you have fund for the sick loved one. It’s cheaper to be sick when you have a health card or something like the Medicare plan which will shoulder hospital expenses and make your burden easier. I’m glad that on my three caesarean operations I was able to get all the benefits of having my own health card. It relieved us the tension of paying high hospital bills especially that my birth deliveries are always caesarean births.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Importance of Having Health Insurance

My friend’s Mom was rushed to hospital due to her high blood pressure but she’s fine now and following orders from her doctor and family not to do anything that would trigger her blood pressure to reach high level beyond the average limit. She’s like my Mom who doesn’t want to just sit and relax; they want to get moving even if they’re already old. My friend is asking me about getting membership form from government insurance company where my family is a member. She wants to avail benefits from such health insurance companies like NC health insurance so when there’s emergency needs she can count on their insurances to give them support on health problems and medications. I should get the forms next week so she can be a member too.


Safe and Secured from Unwanted Guests

We want our family to be safe and secured always but we’re not at their side at all times especially when they’re at home and you’re out to do some errands. I’ve always admired my neighbor who painstakingly studied the pros and cons of having home security cameras in their house and come up with a gadget which no one can suspect that it can record all incoming and outgoing guests. He can also view people outside their house specifically at the post of their gate. I would also like to have a gadget like that to protect my home from unwanted guests. Actually I saw a wireless wall clock surveillance system and got interested in it because no one can possibly guess that it’s a recorder and surveillance gadget thus it will serve its purpose.


Take Advantage of the Peak Season

There are plenty of outpouring tasks these past few weeks and I’m planning to invest some of my hard-earned money on profitable investment. I should take advantage of the peak season in my job because our job is not as grand as this always. Now I’m looking into possible investment that can give me high returns like buying gold coins and other precious metals. Gold has been a solid investment from the old generation as told by my Grand Mom when she’s still living. This is the reason why they tend to collect high valued gold in different forms in the old days. Now I know it will increase its high value more as the years go by.


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