Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:WW - Spiderman Loves Ice Cream!

Sneaking in the corner with spiderweb behind him

Finally got tired of hiding in the corner & sat at the bench

Did you know that Spiderman loves to eat ice cream? Of course he's also human and so is his imitator here - my son Josh who loves ice cream to the max! He's lucky that he can now eat ice cream after his sickness last week.

He sports Spiderman costume here in St. Audry's Costume/Halloween Party. He's very excited since Monday and when a friend brought me this costume we had it repaired and fitted to him in about two hours. He has other costume in his cabinet but he wants to wear a different one this year, we just lend the costume to other kids because nowadays it's very expensive to buy a new costume which you will only use for one day. Anyway Josh also uses his super heroes costume when he's playing.

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So Much Energy

I have to believe now that kids have so much energy to spend in a whole day activity. We were at Josh’ school activities for Halloween and I was so protective of him during the program always checking his back if he perspire because he couldn’t afford the perspiration to dry out on his back. The doctor seriously advised us that he should be monitored for one week to ensure full recovery from coughs and colds. I let him join the contest that he wants because he really prepared for that day. He’s not lucky though because he didn’t win but you can see in his eyes that he’s so happy even if he’s tired.

When we get back to the house he still plays with costume on. When I was about to go for our bible study he asked me if he can come with me and when I asked him if he’s strong enough he told me that he’ll sleep so he’ll get more energy. What can I say but yes to his pleadings, such a persuasive kid and he always gets the best of me. Before anything else I checked on Drew Estate to know what’s this thing is all about. I heard some people were talking about it and I’m just curious.


What Does My Birth Month Means

Your Birth Month Says You're Gregarious

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