Monday, October 26, 2009

:Today's Flowers #63

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I missed this meme last week because of a very busy schedule and my son was sick that he wanted me to be by his side all the time. I picked this simple white blooms that we've toured around on Josh' educational tour in Bio-Research. This is only one of the many trees and plants in the big area of Bio-research which also includes mini zoo, butterfly farm, aquatic fishes, honey bee cultivation and many others.

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Tired Eyes!

Last week was very busy for me as I’ve had a schedule up to my head. My youngest has fever, cough and colds so it’s difficult for him to breathe on the first night of his sickness, I have to stay awake just in case he needs me. When I looked at the mirror yesterday before going to church I noticed that my eyes looked very tired and has eye bags and anything but nice. I’m still asking my Mom if she know what I should do to freshen up my eyes. I know that for lines around the eyes it’s good to apply the best eye cream for wrinkles but in my case I heard putting cucumber on top of the closed eyes will do wonders. I’ll just wait and see.


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