Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chills at Night

Been feeling different these days as since weekends I always feel chilling at night but I don’t have fever, flu, colds or coughs. After a half hour of chills it will stop and I’ll be able to sleep tight. Then in the morning I’m the usual me, active, strong and vibrant. Hubby was asking me what I’m doing that’s giving me chills in the night. You know he’s been helping with household tasks even if he’s working so it shouldn’t be a reason. I’m not the type to think about worries and problems as I’m a super positive person. Since childhood every time I got so tired and worn out I got chills in the night and I keep thinking that maybe that’s my body’s natural outlet because once the chilling stops I feel better. Weird? I think not just a little maybe lol!

image by by anna4012


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