Monday, September 7, 2009

:Today's Flowers #56 - Violets!

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My theme of flower for this week is violet and this flpwer shot was taken during the Linggo ng Wika celebration of St. Audry Learning Center. This violet blooms are actually one of the many flowers planted in the school. The color attracted my attention as it has a very intense color of violet. As usual I don't know the name of this flower and I just named it 'violets' in reference to its vivid color.

Happy Monday though I'm a bit late for this one! Visit more beautiful flowers at Today's Flower => here.


Enjoying the Chat

I was both happy and tired last weekend including this day which was declared as a non-working holiday to give way for a high position official in one of the religious organization in the country. We spent the whole weekend celebrating Josh’ birthday in our house, had some night outing in one of the malls where my hubby works and ended yesterday with a little eating celebration in the church. We were so happy that despite hubby’s busy work we have managed to give the kids the birthday celebration they want. I’m just too tired to post for my online tasks but anyway I’m entertained very well by my instant messaging online office friend where I was told that she had engaged herself in a live chat and she enjoyed it well.

Previously I looked at the chat technology as a means of enjoyment and pleasure only but I was amazed that it could also be used in businesses to increase their sales. It helps to market and boost your products and at the end be competitive.


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