Wednesday, August 5, 2009

:WW - Josh & Gerry

We went shopping for my girls and Josh' shoes and when Josh saw the billboards featuring two of his favorite cartoon characters he asked me if he can stand there. He asked because there are salesladies nearby and he's wondering if it's ok to get near there. I told him it's ok and I asked him to pose near Gerry, he stretched his hands like Gerry and covered Tom lol! Now it's Josh and Gerry!

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Loves to Eat on Rainy Days

On seasons like these and when you’re in the comfort of your homes it’s always nice to watch television and eat. I just don’t know why rainy days make us cuddle up and eat plenty of foods. As today is declared as National Holiday because of Ms. Cory Aquino’s death children tend to ask for more yummy foods. I’ve cooked their favorite viand for lunch which is a boiled pork hind soup with tamarind and now they’re asking for cakes. They really have a giant appetite but if you look at my kids they’re not fat. I just wonder where they put all the foods that they’re eating lol!

Sometimes I envy my children that even if they eat a lot they don’t get excess pounds unlike adults who turned almost everything they ate into fats. Actually it’s the law of metabolism, I remember my childhood days that even if I eat plenty of sweets and delicious foods my weight remains the same. My cousin who grew up with me was a complete opposite of me when it comes to body built as she’s fat since she’s a child and now that she’s married and already have two kids she grew very big that she really needs some diet pills like Fastin to help her shed unwanted pounds. I just told her that anything she planned to take she must first consult her doctor for safe advices. I told her she can also try what I’m doing now and that’s my fruits and vegetable diet but she wanted a fast diet!


I Love Walking Through Drizzle

It’s raining again and from the looks of it rain showers will be for the whole month. Anyway I like rain as long as it’s not storm or typhoon. I like it best when it’s just light rains, the one that you can walk without cover on your head. My Mom would be angry if she saw me doing that but I just love it. When I’m still working in my Libis office I always bring my jacket with me whenever the weather is a little bit cold or there’s a promise of rain in the morning.

I’m not so keen on bringing umbrella as that wouldn’t keep me warm from cold, I’m a chilly person lol! When it’s time to go home and there’s rain the guard would assist me with umbrella until I got vehicle and as long as I have my jacket rain wouldn’t keep me from moving. I also have this funny and light-hearted feeling when walking on drizzle. I love the feeling of soft light rain touching my face, make me feel young again and make me remember my childhood days playing in the rain. Yap I have plenty of memorable rainy days when I was young and those are very happy memories! How about you? Don’t you like rainy days?

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Advantage of Satellite Radios

After I’ve finally left the office permanently I have so many things in mind to do the first day that I’m going to be home. I’ve planned everything and listed all that needs priority in arranging our house. The first day was a very busy day as I’ve done some general inventory of my things that I’ve brought from office, the documents that need to be sorted out and personal belongings that need to be stored carefully. Then there’s the car which I’ve already bought and paid to my boss. Actually it’s already deducted in my separation pay so there’s no worry about that.

Now that I legally own the car I want to check and see what’s to be done on it like deciding if I want to repaint it or replace the whole body of the car to save money. It’s a lot cheaper if I buy a whole body than repair the old one. I would be happy to see it done and I’m also thinking of buying satellite radios together with complete car kit to install in our car. It’s nice having it in our vehicle as it has advanced features to give us real enjoyment in listening our favorite news, talk shows, exciting sports and of course beautiful music while traveling. It’s so easy to install and has everything you need in a radio plus the convenience of having it when and where you want it.


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