Monday, May 18, 2009

Help for Mesothelioma Victims

I’ve posted recently here the effects of asbestos to those people who have been very much exposed to this miracle mineral. I’ve been following the stories of the people who had lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma because of this mineral, the mineral that has a lot of usability but hazardous to human. I learned that people have sought the help of Mesothelioma lawyers to help them investigate and sue the companies who were involved and responsible in their acquired diseases. After all they deserve some justice.


:Today's Flowers #40

A simple petite rose pink flower shot on partial and full bloom stage. Actually the color of this flower is somewhat red in the distance but when you go closer it's dark pink. Anyway whatever is the true color of this one I find this simply pretty. This shot was taken in the province of Aklan amidst various blooming flowers in the backyard garden. I'll be posting more of it in the coming weeks.

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Controlling Your Food Cravings

I’ve seen some friends who claimed to have undergone some diet plan and other ways to burn excess pounds. They look the same to me as if nothing has changed and I wonder if they’re following their diet plan or it’s not specifically right for them. Although I know that some of them really have good appetite they told me that they just burned what they eat through exercise. Exercise is not enough for people who are heavy eaters. They need to have appetite suppressants to control their food cravings. This together with exercise regimen can help them achieve their desired weight.


Busy With School Preparations

School opening is just around the corner, another two weeks and we’re back again to sending our kids to their school. That will include two hours earlier of waking up to prepare their things and food, filing under time in my work to attend PTA meetings and scheduling all my activities to cope up with my children’s maternal assistance. But I do it guys with happiness and excitement. I love doing all these for my kids that’s why sometimes they would tease me that I’m a stage mom :-)

Anyway we’re done with shopping for their school things, all three of them and we’re happy last weekend to do this shopping. View some of our pics in my weekend snapshots!


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