Wednesday, April 15, 2009

:WW : It's Playtime!

Happy at the camp's playground, just having some fun during lunch break! Photo taken at our summer camp site in Villa Dominga, Indang, Cavite!

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She Loves Flowers!

My Mom loves plants and flowers and I inherit her love for these kinds. I even bought some lovely kinds from the nursery besides our office. Actually the owner of the land will do some building construction so they were forced to move out so I bought some from them because I don’t want their blooms to be such a waste.

I brought home some beautiful blooms such as million flowers, yellow and orange espaƱola, Malaysian mumps and some other tropical plants. My Mom and I really love flowers and she was happy when she saw what I’ve got for her. If only I could have some hydrangea she will be delighted with its bicolored flowers. I found this flower on sale on online nursery site and they have beautiful varieties of these. Such a lovely site!


God Is The Great Healer

We were all very thankful to God and to our brethren and friends who helped us pray for my mother's eye surgery. Her right eye undergone a cataract operation and it was a successful one. On the other hand, the same eye specialist who operated my Mom told us that her left eye's nerve in retina suffered a major breakdown which caused a permanent blindness and no operation or medicine can make her left eye see again. Our brethren in the church kept on praying for her speedy recovery and for her left eye, we know that everything is possible with God, we just have to believe and have faith that He can do miracle.

Praises be to God, when my Mom woke up this morning she told us that her eye can see everything. Just as she lost her sight suddenly last March 23 God has returned it just like a flick of a finger. This moment has brought us to tears of happiness, God really never failed to show His mercy and blessings, He showed us that He's the great healer of all times. It's the best birthday gift that my Mom can ever have, she's turning 77 on May 30 with two new renewed eyes from God to see His glory and love for us. God is good all the time.....


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