Wednesday, April 1, 2009

:WW - Colors of Balloons

Balloons make any occasion livelier and happier. Their colors are so lovely and their effects are so special with the kids. My daughter Gen love it so much that when she was still a baby up to 2 years of age she always want to have these lovely balloons when she happen to see them in mall displays. Because she was a very lovely and cute baby then the store owners and salesladies would always give her one when they see her eyes lingering on their displayed balloons.

Now it's her younger brother Josh who's into balloon liking now :-)

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CSR Training

Back to my work in my office after being on leave for a week, actually my leave is one month but I told my boss that I will report to work at least once a week to do all the billing, collection and some administrative works. I asked the status of one of the new staff in marketing who have undergone a two-week sales training under the two experienced Customer Service Representatives because I have to forward their evaluation to their head.

The trainee must pass the evaluation so she can start her probationary period. As per my observation our trainee has the ability and skills needed to convince clients, promote our services and products and to finally close a deal. I think she’ll pass.


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