Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Josh' Graduation Practice

I’ve attended Josh graduation practice yesterday after I’ve dropped by Ruth’s school to watch her stage play. All parents or guardians are required to attend to achieve an orderly graduation ceremony on Friday. The practice lasted only for about an hour because the preschoolers already know what they will do.

This year Josh was again assigned the speech for the awarding of honors and even though he’s not very keen on memorizing his speech he delivered it quite well. Just need to practice on the pauses after the sentences because kids are really like that they seem to put periods and pauses the way they want it lol! Josh has a clear and strong voice if he’s in the mood but sometimes he makes fun of himself when he talks. After the practice we ended our time in the school eating dirty ice cream, not dirty of course just the name lol!


Health Supplement

I easily get tired these days, it must be the heat brought about by the summer season. I’m always like this when I reached my peak weight gain, I gained so much these past two months that I’m starting to control on carbo foods. I can’t go on a strict diet plan when I have so many things to think about my work because when I’m pressured I tend to eat and crave for chocolates and some sweets. It relaxes me somehow!

Now that I need to cut down on carbohydrates and sweets I tried to think of some nutritional health supplements that will make me strong but not fat. I need some of these supplements to lower my cholesterol and at the same time support my body with all the vitamins that I need to help me gain some strength for everyday living.


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