Wednesday, February 25, 2009

:WW - Relaxing Water Falls

Just seeing this picture somehow relaxes me quite differently. As always moving water affects my mood, makes me pensive sometimes and peacefully happy most of the times. The effect is greater when I'm on a beach seeing the ocean and its waves. But then this pool can relax me also with its man-made falls which makes it nicer. This is the pool of Marabella Resort in Antipolo where my niece celebrated her wedding reception.

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Having Some Discipline

I feel great having disciplined myself not to eat too much on dinner time, it was hard because I’m the one who cooks dinner and the temptation is very high. I really must start on my diet plan or my clothes wouldn’t fit me in two months time. Just today I had to change my clothes because my size got bigger. I heard about acai berry and I still have to decide if the story about losing 14 pounds in 25 days is really true and can happen also to me. I think for now I’ll stick to my ‘after-six no meal’ plan. By the way I eat at 5:30pm.


Road Improvement Headache

I had only an hour or two sleep last night because Meralco has started changing our street’s electric post for the new widened roads. The widening and drainage improvement of A Bonifacio Avenue is nearing to an end, hopefully with all prayers! This project has caused too much disturbance in our place and the sad thing about it is it took them more than 2 months to do widening of a street which is less than 1 kilometer in length. I’ve been in a consulting company for construction of bridges and roads and I have a basic knowledge of at least knowing how long it will take to do the job.

The progress was so slow it will give you headache if you’re living in our place. Not to mention that we were only given a meager amount for the affected properties that was demolished. The amount was not enough to construct a new wall fence, gate and the private concrete post we have in our house. Though we have accepted all of this because we have no choice I think it’s the government’s duty to at least finish the work as fast as they could because it’s giving us a headache. Really road improvements are most of the times a pain!


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