Monday, February 23, 2009

We Can Never Really Tell!

Accidents happen at unexpected times and we should be always ready with car insurance just in case we encountered these things. I remember a friend of mine forgot to update their car insurance and lately had some major accidents on the road. It’s good that there are no casualties because the car hits 3 cars parked near the streets with no passenger inside. It was nerve-shattering news but when we learned that there’s no passenger inside the wrecked vehicles we got our breath again.

We know that insurance will not prevent accidents but it can help us recover from financial burden after the accident. There are many car insurance coverage recommendations online which will help us get the best quotes ever. Just always remember to update your insurance on time to prevent financial loss, after all we can never really tell what would happen tomorrow.


:Today's Flowers #28

My entry for this week is again our church' flowers yesterday, it’s a Malaysian mumps (or so I think?) I like color of this flower but my Mom doesn't want this color in our house because for her violet is a sad color for flower. But for me it's still flowers and I really love flowers; I love their different species, color, scent and form. Here we combined it with baby's breath and white chrysanthemums.

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