Monday, February 9, 2009

Debate With Myself

I’m still debating with myself when I will start my diet because I do have busy schedule. You see if I start with my diet plan I will cook different meals for me or buy different food to bring to my work it’s as if I will be exerting extra effort but extra time and money as well. I’m trying so hard to get back to my after six schedule but tiredness from work don’t leave me much choice but to eat dinner. I’m still contemplating If I should try those weight loss pills I’ve seen on the net because I’m more comfortable with food diet plan. I’ll just consult my doctor to see if it’s safe or me.


:Today's Flowers #26

These are flowers yesterday in our church, it's actually a combination of flowers but I took the white mums off the vase and took a shot at these Malaysian mumps. I just had a fancy on the small blooms with white and lavender combination. This is a refreshing site at the front of the aisle while we were having sunday service. We always have fresh flowers every Sunday brought by some sisters in the church including me.

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