Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fence Installation

Widening of our road now is showing signs that it can be finished in a month after a very long period of constructing sidewalk, drainage and road. I talked to my brother and discussed the fence installation in our house because it seems like the road is very near now to our house. Because of the area that was cut from the widening our garden was cut into half making our house nearer to road now. We’re still not so keen on the new limited garden space but I know we’re going to get used to it.



This very treasured award was given to me by my thoughful friend Cecil, a very dear friend whom I met online. Even if we haven't met each other I treasured my friendship with her! Thanks Cecil!

I am now sharing this award to equally important friends online who makes this blogging world a nice place to dwell in: JennyL, JennyR, Emzkie, Gem, Tita Beng, Geng, Nita and Lainy


Finding Competitive Insurance

Next month would be the yearly registration of our car and still we’re looking for the best and affordable insurance to cover it. It’s very important to have insurance so you’ll feel secured if anything happens on the road. I’m glad that there’s insurance quote available online now because it’s easy to compare prices. No need to call insurance providers and wait for them to send it to you by mail or facsimile. Now getting insurance quotes is more easy and fast not to mention that it’s more competitive also.


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