Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Furniture

As the year changes and welcomes new beginnings we also wanted new in our life. Most of the working class who received their bonuses wanted to invest or buy something so they can see where their money has been spent. Hubby and I purchased a new bed for us discarding the old one that we used for many years. It’s nice having new furniture and new things that we crave about like the Canon camera that I bought as a gift for myself last December.

People are like that, every year they want something new. My friend for instance wanted a new home theater seating to replace their old small one which is not suited for their growing family. He really made me search online so he can have varied choices.


Nursing My Kids

Due to unexpected cooler temperature here in Manila most of the children now either have a cold or cough and my kids caught the same virus too. Since the classes began again yesterday Gen and Josh wasn’t able to report to school because they both have fever, cough and colds. Poor little kids they didn’t escaped the ongoing sickness roaming all over the community. As this is my critical week in my office work I reported to office middle of the day and returned home before 5pm just to finish some urgent billing.

Today I took the day off to nurse my kids and also my mom who recently caught the virus too. I think it’s harder on her part as she’s slow in recovery. It’s really good that I decided not to come to my work as they really need my utmost care and attention. As I’m writing this post my kids’ fever has gone out, just recovering from cough and they told me they’re ready for tomorrow’s school. Thank God!


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