Monday, November 30, 2009

:Today's Flowers #68 - Pink Flower Tree

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This is a shot of the pink flower tree at one of the swimming resorts in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. I just fancied the color of the blooms as I really love pink flowers which I don't usually see in trees. It has soft curly petals and variations of pink shades. These are shots from two different cameras from my sis and mine.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Eyeglasses for my Birthday!

Few weeks from now I’ll be having my birthday and I’m jotting down my wishlist for my birthday and for the holidays. Of course I’ve included new prescription eyeglasses for me on that day as I want to look fresh and young looking. With the New Arrivals I saw from Zenni Optical I can say that I’ll have no problem with choosing for my style and extending my budget as they have various selections of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses for all ages and style. As always Zenni Optical made it possible to combine quality and style in one with their wide selection of beautiful $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. I have selected my preferred style and posted it here.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

:Thursday Challenge - "Energy"

(Batteries, Power, Electrical Devices, Light Bulbs,
Energy Efficient Things, Wind Mills, Walking, Cycling,...)

I've picked the Light Bulbs under the fountain waters as my entry for this week's theme of energy. I'm very fond of watching fountains and have collected different pictures from visiting them. This is the fountain in one of the grand malls in our place and this shot was taken five days after the big flood submerged our town deeply up to shoulders, much deeper in some areas. Anyway we were there to buy some food because the small stores in the town had a food shortage and my kids wanted real foods other than canned ones. Luckily this fountain was not affected by the food. It's still beautiful and grand as ever.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Martha Stewart’s Floral Designs

My Mom loves flowers and she always wanted fresh flowers on her table. It makes her smile seeing flowers around her that’s why I bought some young flowering plants for her to take care of. It’s just sad that the big flood almost damaged some of them. Now we’re recovering most of her flowering plants and just few days ago some of them are showing buds already. I’m planning to buy her another set of flowers on pots so she can arrange them again in rows. She really likes to grow plants and flowers even though she’s old already because it makes her happy somehow. Of all her 3 children I think I’m the one who took after her flair for flowers. Actually I even joined a weekly photo meme for flowers where I post all my collection of flower snapshots.

Almost all people like flowers and it can be used on many occasions such as wedding, graduation, baptism, house blessing and some other occasions. It can be a gift for birthday, anniversary and when a man courts a woman. It can brighten your day when you’re sick and can make you happy when you’re sad. It can express your gratitude over good things and a way of expressing your love to special people in your life.

There are many ways that you can use flowers like using it as decors on Christmas and thanksgiving. Now you also order it online and have it sent to someone you love. With Martha Stewart beautiful and unique floral designs you can be assured that you’re giving the best flowers ever. Ordering is easy as you’ll only have to select by holidays or occasions, product type, flower type, color, plant type, delivery date and by price. You don’t have to go out of your house to choose and order flowers for delivery as you can have it all done in your own home.


Monday, November 23, 2009

:Today's Flowers #67 - Fire Tree

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People called this one the fire tree because of the color of its blooms which is orange. When the tree is filled with orange blooms and you look from afar it's very beautiful and so bright just like fire. I had this shot when I'm having my Mom checked by his eye doctor near Municipal Hall of our town. It's located at the back and I think its beauty is wasted there, it should have been at the front with its majestic color to lighten up the area. Just click the image to see the full beauty as I was not able to take a macro shot of the flowers because it's too high for me :-)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

:PH#187 Bird(s)

Click images for a larger view

This is a shot taken from Josh' educational tour in Bioresearch, ParaƱaque. Philippines. It's hard to take a good shot of them as they were in a cage, I had to put the lens inside the wire to have a decent shot. Anyway I really love seeing parrots and their vivid colors which are usually green. To familiarize yourself with some info on this bird please read below details I got from

Parrots, also known as psittacines are found in most warm and tropical regions. Characteristic features of parrots include a strong curved bill, an upright stance, strong legs, and clawed zygodactyl feet. Most parrots are predominantly green, with other bright colors, and some species are multi-colored. The most important components of most parrots' diets are seeds, nuts, fruit, buds and other plant material. Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds, and the ability of some parrot species to imitate human voices enhances their popularity as pets.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Casual Wear for Me

As I’m now working in the comfort of my home I’ve changed half of my wardrobe, bags and shoes. At first I find it difficult to look for clothes to wear when I go out of the house. Majority of my things were bought for my office work so I find it awkward to use some of it when I go to the bank, school and wherever I go. Some of my blouses are too formal and comfortable only on air-conditioned rooms while my shoes are more or less closed shoes, I don’t wear open toes in office. Since I started working at home I bought some pieces of comfortable casual tops, casual bags and shoes to match these casual things. Now I need to add some slippers and sandals just like Naot sandals which I saw when I was shopping online. I need to look casual because I always feel overdressed on school occasions and meetings


How Do I Tell the Truth

This question intrigues me as to what this test might open up on my personality. I grew up being honest and open but I sometimes regret it because it makes me so fragile. I can't do something about it because it's the real me. Now when I tried answering the quiz it matched perfectly with what I'm expecting. You can try this one out also and see for yourself who's the real you :-) Well it's just a quiz nothing serious! Look at my results:

You Are Honest and Open

You are a very honest person, yet you somehow avoid being brutally honest with people.
You know that the truth often does hurt, so you try to cushion the blow as much as possible. And because of your approach, people do appreciate your honesty.

You're the type of person who complements before you criticize. You try to put the truth in perspective and make it seem not so dire.
And whenever you're stating your opinion, you make it clear that it's just that ... your point of view. You can only speak your own personal truth.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scheduling My Tasks Ahead

I started my chores early in the morning today as I need to do plenty of online tasks. I don’t have due tasks for this day but I promised myself to do my work ahead of time to avoid rushing. I had a 10 year experience of working in a team of bidding proposals and we always have to work overnight just to finish our proposal and submit it on time. My senior boss used to work on his best with nerve shattering deadlines that I became immune with overworked and working without sleeping for three straight days.

Now that I’m working at home I can plan my work even on busy household days. I see to it that I have time for everything – for my family, my house responsibilities, my hobbies which are cooking and blogging and for my online works. Right now I’m cooking our dinner and looking over those Hudson jeans my cousin is talking about. It’s hard to do multi-tasking jobs especially when you’re cooking, it makes me forgot some spices.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Working on Something New

I’m working on my new blog and I’m so amazed how time flies so fast, imagine it took me hours just to decide on the template, choose and fix header to match the template and decide on the blog description. After more than an hour of choosing and fixing template and header I then worked on the settings and layout including cbox, feedjit, mybloglog and many others. It’s really hard to start another blog again but what can I do? I feel like I’m bursting with ideas again and this time for a shopping, techie stuff and tips’ blog. I’m in the mood now for starting a new blog, well a different kind from my usual blogs. It’s taking my time from my online tasks and I always have to work overtime in the evening to cope with my work. I just hope it’ll be ready next week for visitors and traffic.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fruits of Hard Work

I had quite a tight schedule for two weeks that I often do my online works late at night or until dawn. Sometimes I’ll rest for about two hours before waking up again for my kids’ breakfast and packed lunch. I’m just lucky that my face didn’t suffer from acne through consistent overnight blogging or I’ll need some acne treatment to treat them. I’m also glad that I’m not working anymore in my regular work because for sure I will not be able to cope up with online and offline tasks. At least here in my work-at-home job I will earn big if I work hard unlike the regular office works which limits your earning abilities. I’ve worked hard and did multi-tasking jobs but never earned what I think is appropriate for me. Although it’s a major decision to quit a very stable job I was glad that I’ve made my decision sooner because opportunities are flooding now.


Monday, November 16, 2009

:Today's Flowers #66

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This is a shot from Bioresearch as you can see the butterfly deliciously floating on top of the yellow blooms. These are two different yellow blooms almost the same but different in its petals. Just thought sharing this pic with a butterfly as I patiently waited for it to land to the flower even if the tourist guide in my son's educational tour was calling us already for the next tour lol!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

:PH#186 : Music

This is Josh and his classmates imitating the looks of Freddie Aguilar and singing Freddie's 'Ako'y Isang Pinoy' in their school celebration of Linggo ng Wika last August. The program presented different Filipino costumes and traditions, songs and dances. Btw they didn't want to wear long hair wig just like Freddie's hair, they say it irritates their head skin lol! Aren't they cute?

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacation Plans on Holiday Seasons

I’ve been reading and visiting sites and I learned that many of them are planning to go on a vacation or returning to home country. Here there are many promotional sales on ticket for a travel to Cebu, Davao, Bohol, Boracay, etc. You need to be very fast in reserving online to be able to book and secured slots for the promo. Speaking of vacation I have a former primary and secondary classmate who offered his house in Palawan if in case we happened to go there. If I have the time needed for that maybe I’ll plan to be there not just for one day but for a week or so. It’s nice for him to offer lodging as some all inclusive vacation packages are expensive during holiday seasons. That way we can save our money and use it for other necessities .


Thursday, November 12, 2009

:Thursday Challenge - Youth (Children)

"YOUTH" (Young, Energetic, Optimistic, Children, Baby, Education,...)

These are the young energetic CHILDREN in our Church Sunday school and this picture was taken in our camp meeting last December. They were having some games here as they were being taught by our youth teachers. The children like the place there in Villa Dominga because they can run and have games with so much space and fresh air while we were just nearby at the conference hall having fellowship service. We'll go there again on December and my kids are all excited, they're counting the days now!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Comparing Health Insurance

I’m not really into getting much insurance to cover my family’s immediate needs for hospitalization and other emergency requirements. I’m contented with what we have for now which is the government health insurance which is mandatory for all government and private companies. This health insurance is easy to maintain as it’s very affordable and amount is automatically deducted to our salary. I and hubby are both members but when I quit regular employment I stopped paying for my premiums because hubby’s membership covers the whole family. Well this is good enough for us but it’s also limited unlike other insurances which cover a lot more. I’m thinking of getting another one and I’m glad that I can get health insurance lead to search and compare affordability and coverage of other health insurance companies.


Monday, November 9, 2009

:Today's Flowers #65

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This is quite extra ordinary as it's a creeping flower plant that grows creeping around wood or any wall that it's been set up to. It's my first time to see this kind of flower which is one of the flowers grown by Josh' school. I thought that this is an upside down flower of some sorts. I don't the name of this pretty dropped down red flower so if anyone knows the name please help me!

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Checking Out Prices!

Time is running so fast and another 6 weeks more it will be Christmas and of course days before that will be my birthday also. I need to know the price of some gadgets I want for myself and since I’m not in the mood to shop around the mall I contented myself with surfing for those things. Anyway all of them are always on the net, shopping is no problem these days as long as you have the money. Online stuff are available on many sites and I tried to find my to-buy lists on Cyber Monday Specials. Of course I want discounts and sale items, who wouldn’t? Now I have an estimated amount of all those things, next question is when to buy them.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taking a Nap to Relax

I had a relaxing afternoon yesterday when I let myself take a nap for about two hours before returning to my online tasks. I don’t usually give myself such pampering but I was on a bad blogging schedule for the past two weeks doing my online works until dawn. It started when I pushed with my bathroom renovation project where I supervised the workers almost full time and let all my works be done in the evening up to midnight and until dawn.

It was a bad schedule for me because my blood pressure went down due to lack of sleep. I wish I could have a vacation package just like the Outer Banks vacation rentals I’ve heard from my friend. But because it’s still school season I don’t have a choice but to post phone any plans I have regarding vacation. I can’t imagine leaving my three kids to my Mom while I’m relaxing on a cottage by the beach.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

:PH#185: Veterans/Military

For this week's theme I'm posting one of my shots from Josh educational tour. Picture was taken at Philippine Airforce Museum where many of military pins, badges, patches and memorabilias were preserved. It was nice seeing all those military pins, uniform, equipment and everything about Philippine Airforce.

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Always Have Clear Copies

As we passed by a store that sells DVD movies Josh urged me to buy one for him. I didn’t say no to him but told him ‘later’ as I’ve had an experience with buying DVD’s with that store. The movie has no sound and the copy is not clear. I can understand sometimes those people who prefer the original ones as the copies are really clear and you have a peace of mind that you’re buying the original and not just copies. And speaking of very precise and clear copies my hubby told me to buy bluray disc player and disc to get my desired clarity. He’s right and I’ll take his advice.


Saturday 9: Be True to Your School!

1. What was your favorite subject in high school?
~~ Chemistry
2. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones?
~~ Yes, PDA, PBB (not everyday)
3. What's your favorite all time reality show?
~~ PDA
4. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked?
~~ Sometimes I sense they're not real except for PDA
5. What did you look like when you were a teenager?
~~ Thin and sporty
6. Whose advice do you listen to?
~~ My Mom, Pastor, Hubby, Siblings and trusted friends.
7. How often do you sick?
~~ I rarely get sick.
8. Do you like or dislike change?
~~ Yes, I like changes, without it you will never learn anything
9. How many times in your life have you had a broken heart?
~~ Once.

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Enjoy the weekend!


Nice Treatment for Your Nails

I happened to see my former office friend whom I’ve never seen in two years. As always few hours are not enough for us to talk about everything that we’re doing right now. We talked about our families, our other friends and what’s keeping our time now. She resigned from office ahead of me and she ventured into her own business. Busy schedule and lots of responsibilities kept us away for months without communication and we were so happy to see each other now and took advantage of the day to update each other. I told her that I’ve started working at home and doing some online works. I was surprised that she has ventured into a different business now. She’s into nail care products business and as such I asked about how she came into this kind of business. We both have sensitivity in our nails even before we were together and the desire to solve her problem lead to some research that helped her. She wanted to help others so she built a clinic and store for it.

One of the first things that you will notice in people especially women when you come to meet them is their nails. Having clean and well maintained nails is very becoming and a plus factor to a woman’s total look. I have sensitive nails and I’ve thought of every possible solution to make it healthy and strong. This includes applying moisturizers and lotion during cold season to beat the dryness. We should treat our hands and nails with special treatment once in a while to make it look and feel wonderful just like our face and hair. Anyway treatment can be done in your own home if you don’t have time to go to salon like my cousin who has someone who goes to her house to clean and put nail polish on her. It feels wonderful having your hands and feet get special attention.

Now back to my office friend she’s still looking for other nail care products that she needs for her business. She wanted variety so we browsed online for such things and we came upon which offers wide range of high quality nail polishes and nail care products with different variants. Their products are chip resistant and easy to dry. They also have plenty of nail treatments and accessories, just about everything you need to pamper your nails.

What attracted me are the complete nail treatment pack for weak and peeling nails. It’s all I need for my problem nails and hands. It will be a good treatment for bendy nails. The kit includes express remover wipe, cuticle oilpen, 4 way buffer, hyde park base coat and albert bridge super glossy top coat. Check them out for your own particular needs, my friend already did.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins#149 we go!

1. Plans and schedules for next week includes setting up my new blog, going to SSS and enroll for self-employed status, pay Philhealth premiums .

2. I'm happy when things are happening as I planned it, well sometimes if it didn't happened as I want it I'm still ok.

3. The last thing I drank was herbal tea .

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is my faith.

5. I like plenty of toppings on my pizza.

6. Dear November please make my friend JennyL's birthday happy on the 16th.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing my tasks early, tomorrow my plans include going to market and grocery with my kids and Sunday, I want to leave everything behind and concentrate on our Sunday service!


Medical Legal Illustration

I’ve been using the PC for almost 20 hours a day and most of the times I feel pain in my wrist due to constant typing and manipulation of mouse. It’s not new to me as I’ve been a constant user of computer ever since I graduated from college. I’ve graduated with a course in computer engineering so it follows that every job I take me always have a PC as my working tool. I even had a job which requires me to work sometimes on a straight 72 hours with just meals and one hour sleep as break from using PC. It was hard on your back and on your wrist plus a lot of deprivation in sleep. I was just lucky that I didn’t develop a wrist problem which is so much like arthritis.

I was even warned by my sister years ago that research has found a certain ailment which is made worse by severe misuse of our wrist like using it in a wrong position of keyboards in computer. Her officemate has been diagnosed having a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and she was advised to rest her wrist as her sickness might worsen if she’ll not heed the advice. Their office alarmingly changed the position in each computer they have because their doctor confirmed that wrong positioning of wrist while typing will worsen the newly found ailment. It’s best to rule out all possibilities of having it.

Nowadays medical professionals find it easy to discuss to their patients the theories and facts about sickness and diseases by way of using medical visual aids Medical Legal Illustration. MediVisuals made it possible for medical experts to inform and guide their patients through medical legal illustrations for various medical reasons. It greatly helps in determining the extent of injuries for workers’ cases, injury lawsuits and other cases where medical illustrations are needed. It facilitates a better understanding of a more detailed inside view of the human’s body and an accurate medical conditions that can be use to settle arguments.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

:Thursday Challenge - "Food"

"FOOD" (Fruit, Vegetables, Cookies, Candy, Meals, Food for Animals, Feast, Hungry,...)

My entry for this week is our food feast last year when my friend Jen and I attended a get together dinner with our old friends. We're all busy so we decided to have potluck meaning each of us will bring some food for the occasion, no pressure, no price, just anything that we want to bring. When we finally unwrap our foods we laughed because some have the same kind. We have two bilaos of pancit, two packs of lechon manok and two pork liempo. It's good that we also have fruit salad, some mushroom steak, plenty of pika pika foods (chips) and various kinds of drinks mostly softdrinks and iced tea. And we love the hershey's kisses on our table courtesy of the host, they have plenty!

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Tour Around New York City

Traveling is one thing that many people loves especially if it’s a vacation travel where you’ll get to see different places, meet new friends and have the experience of knowing the cultures of other countries. It’s even better if you travel with your family as you’ll experience a different kind of bonding with your loved ones. I always say that if I travel abroad for a nice and good vacation I would love to have my hubby and kids with me.

Well there are things you need to remember in your travel especially when you’re in vacation or tours. You need to get a good transport accommodation that will ensure your safety but will not affect much of your budget. If you’re traveling in New York you might as well booked for New York Bus Charter to bring you to various sights of New York with the best coaches and safest driver.

It’s nice to tour around New York City seeing Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Empire State Building and many other beautiful sights if you feel you’re safe and comfortable with your transportation. NYC bus charters offers service package to families, group or an individual like you. The bus can get you from the airport to wherever your destination is or you can booked for hop-on, hop-off bus tours which will take you to known best places in the Big Apple. They provide these services for reasonable prices. Now you know where to get services for your day trips, conventions and tours. Just visit them online at for schedule and fees.


Sleep Deprived

Still feeling sleepless even after a four-hour sleep. I've been working hard every night that I only get around 1-2 hours of sleep for four days because when I work until dawn I also have to wake up before 5am to prepare food and things for my two daughters and then my youngest and hubby. After they were all off to school and office that's the time that I'll do all my offline and online tasks. Pretty much like an ordinary mommy :-) but I'm not accustomed to having afternoon siesta as I've worked for less than 20 years in various jobs and sleeping is not allowed of course except on lunch breaks. I'm not one of those who rests or sleeps on breaks that's why I'm not so keen on afternoon breaks. But I would want to in the future so I can recover from dawntime OT , just a little adjustment I think!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trying Out New Recipes and Restaurants

If there’s one thing that satisfies me that’s cooking and I think it’s already in my blood and veins. No matter how busy I am or how hectic my schedule is I always make it my pleasure to cook for my family. I’m an experimental cook which means that I don’t cook according to book because I always put something of my original spices and style in what I’m cooking. I’m also a very economical cook that I always find a way when the needed ingredients are no longer available or too expensive to buy. Cooking is a wide field of people trying to put their heart into what they’re doing. I always believe that it’s already in my heart ever since I was young.

I was born into a family of musicians and cooks. My grandparents on both sides were the community cook whenever there’s a wedding or feast. They even made some money out of cooking. Even though I wasn’t trained by them as they died when I was a child I grew up in a home where cooking binds the family. My Mom used to bake our birthday cakes and cooks very well too. Now that she’s not that strong to cook her always gives me some tips on cooking.

I’m trying out chicken and pork dishes in a baked-style cooking as per request of hubby and my kids. Though it took me more time than cooking it the traditional way it brings me happiness that I can make them happier by preparing extra ordinary meals. I’m now into experimenting various style in cooking spare ribs and trying out some nice sauces. But for those who really have no time to cook you can treat your family once in a while in nice restaurant that serve impeccable dishes and I’m sure they’ll be happy dining out somewhere for a change.

I happened to have a chat with one of my former officemate now living in Manhattan and we’ve been talking about good old days when we hop around restaurant in Libis for some good fine dinner. I told her to check out Rosie O'Grady's, one of the leading Restaurants In Midtown Manhattan where they serve the finest steak and seafoods. Tourists frequent the place as they’re just about the area near Times Square, Rockefeller Center and a walking distance to major museums. It was a nice location and superb foods so there’s no stopping my friend now. She’s a real fanatic of fine dining restaurant especially upon looking at their menu like this one : The Prix Fixe Lunch Menu.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learned My Lessons Well!

I think I’m staying up late this evening as I’ve got a long list of tasks to do. I’ve learned my lesson now I will not do my tasks on due dates. That habit has affected me a lot and I’ve scolded myself for doing so. I’ll finish all my tasks due for tomorrow even if my sleep will just be a dream. It’s always better to be early than running for deadlines. I hate that habit of mine and promised myself I’ll change. From this day on I’ll leave a one day allowance for the tasks so if there’s a correction of problem I’ll be able to manage it.


Accessories for the Whole Family

I’ve always liked looking at gadgets and techie items and its accessories. Now that my kids are growing up they’re more attracted to nice things like HTC Pure Accessories for their own mobile phones. I remember buying my second kid mobile charms with her favorite character for her cellular phone. Now she’s asking if she can have one of those HTC Pure Cases we saw just the other week. Anyway I still have to see it to be able to decide if I’ll buy it and I also have to look for other HTC Accessories like memory cards and cases. I really need them now.


My Home is Not Haunted

Just took this test for fun and I'm glad that the result is ok, I don't actually want a result that will say that my home is haunted :-)

Your Home Is Not Haunted

There's nothing particularly creepy about your home. Anything you notice is probably quite normal.
You probably already knew that your home isn't haunted. In fact, you may not even believe in homes being haunted.

Your home is welcoming, warm, and comfortable. Even on the coldest and deadest of nights, you feel safe.
Your home is the perfect place to watch a terrifying horror movie. No matter how scared you get, you'll sleep soundly afterwards.


Easy Search for Repair Parts

All over the world we heard news of disasters happening to some Asian countries, America, Europe and other parts of the world. Through modern telecast of news we have seen how natural disasters like storm, earthquakes and other catastrophe have brought deaths, casualties and lost of properties. Those are things that no one ever imagined happening. But now that it’s happened we learned so many things from the experience of struggling through survival. In our own country the government now tries to enforce strict rules in the supervision of water reservoir. Now setting aside bad things we must move on forward and continue our lives with God as our guide.

To go on with our lives we must face the fact that we’ve lost properties and investments that we’ve put up for several years like our houses, appliances and furniture that were heavily damaged by the said occurrences. We’re now left with malfunctioning appliances that need immediate attention. Anyway we don’t have any choice but to save what’s left and have it looked up by technician. Worst scenario is they don’t have needed spare parts and will have to wait for the stock to replenish.

Maybe this is where internet searching and online shopping helps as you don’t have to look elsewhere for parts that you need especially when you need Humidifier Parts for your house humidifier. You can easily search online for parts that you need in sites like in where you’ll find spare parts for air conditioners, compressors, humidifiers, transformers, filters, heat parts and others. They’re also the no. 1 internet source of Lennox repair parts. So if you need anything you can search for parts in their site search box and choose categories. I’m sure you’ll be glad to see the results.


Monday, November 2, 2009

:Today's Flowers #64 - Curly Pink

Click the image to enlarge

Just happened to see this flower as I passed through a street few blocks from where we live. A very ordinary flower which caught my fancy because of its curling properties. Yes it curls into different shapes sometimes rectangular, often circular but always into indefinite shape. The petal is so soft it can crush and break when you pick it. It's better to let it stay in its branch and leave it there!

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Top Droppers for October 2009

Thanks Comments at
Once again I'd like to thank my regular droppers here in my site especially the top ten droppers below. Hope you'll never stop visiting me and will try to be your regular visitor also. Your visits helped me a lot. Warmest regards!

Dropper # of drops
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The Modern Mom 31 30
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Laane Loves 29

As always my friend Liz made it to the top with her six blogs, thanks sis!


Spending Holidays and Vacation

We had a final meeting yesterday for our church holiday camp meeting on December. We’ve already reserved for our camp site which will be in Villa Dominga Resort in Indang, Cavite just beside Tagaytay City. It’s a 4 hectare villa resort cum plantation with conference halls for fellowship. We didn’t reserve for rooms because we’re sleeping on tents and the conference hall is so big that we can also use the back area for our belongings. We will be at the camp site for four days so we listed all things that must be brought in order not to forget necessities. The place is far from market and grocery so all we must bring everything we need.

I can still remember our last stay there where we had fellowship services, communion, footwashing ceremony and bonfire. It was a very fulfilling camp meeting and a little bit vacation for us all. So when some people are out there in Colorado having their ski vacations to enjoy good times with their families we’re out there in the villa to enjoy the holiday in fellowship with our brethren. Different ways of spending holidays and vacation but both are enjoyable.


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