Saturday, October 31, 2009

:PH#185: Bags (Camera Bag)

This is my favorite bag which is actually a camera bag which I bought a year ago together with my point and shoot Canon digicam. Now that I'm not working in office I find it very convenient to just carry this bag when I go to my kids' school and when I run errands such as going to bank, grocery and window shopping.

It's very light and I can carry my digicam anywhere without overburdening myself with heavy bag. It has locks so it's safer also. It has many compartment which I can put in my powder, small cologne, small comb,small notebook and pen, mobile phone, extra batteries, flashdrives, extra memory cards, hankie,cards, purse and my kids' candies. It's like having a wonder bag don't you think!

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Wedding Flowers

Getting married is not a joke. It’s a serious thing and very important especially for the two people who chose to live each day of their lives together. As they say for rich or for poor, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health and everything that will happen in the course of their lives.

Preparing for marriage is not as easy also as it takes a lot of time, effort, planning and money. It also entails the help of family, friends and relatives to prepare important things needed in the ceremony and reception. You’ll have to plan everything from gowns, wedding invitations, entourage, sponsors, reception, food, cheap bridal flowers and many other things. Actually if you really think about this you’ll need a much longer period to ensure readiness in all aspects. I’ve been through it all and I’m lucky that I got help of my family, relatives, church mates and friends. They helped us through almost all aspects of preparations and we happily got through the celebration with ease because of them.

Well for those who are also planning to get married make sure that you have all the resources not only the money but of the people who will help you along the way. Make sure that you’ll be able to get some good deals in your gowns, menu and flowers. Now it’s easier with ordering some of these online like the flowers from Russ Wholesale Flowers which offers a wide variety of flowers for your wedding and some occasion at a very affordable price. Your flowers will arrive fresh from the fields where they’re grown. Always remember that getting beautiful and elegant flowers can be inexpensive also.


Saturday 9: She's a Beauty

1. Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Beautiful mind and heart....

2. Do you think you have a great sense of humor?


3. What is the funniest thing you ever said?

I always say funny things but I can't judge what's the funniest, it depends on the one who hears them..

4. What's the funniest thing you ever did?

Imitating baby's cry and Josh' having tantrums, my kids laughs at me

5. In a partner, how important are looks?
After several years of marriage looks are not that important but we should be at our best for our husbands

6. In a partner, how important is sense of humor?
Very important as it makes life easy to handle

7. What's the funniest thing a partner ever said?
He always say funny things to our kids and I don't keep tract of the funniest :-)

8. What's the funniest thing a partner ever did?
Making funny faces

9. In a partner, how important is intelligence?
Intelligence is quite important but it's not the gauge of happiness for married people


Friday, October 30, 2009

:Friday FillIns#148 we go!

1. It was a dark and stormy night, and I feel like chilling again.

2. No one is interested with it so I offered to take the books myself.

3. Rushing out, I heard some music from the parade.

4. Creepy...I think I heard a howl!

5. Shhhh... Let's listen to the weather news.

6. I haven't eaten anything since lunch! give me something good to eat!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to giving my new blog a nice header, tomorrow my plans include paying the workers who've worked on our house and Sunday, I want to relax, take a leave off my blogging and be enlightened with our Sunday fellowship!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

:Thursday Challenge - "Cloths"

"CLOTHS" (Colorful, Unusually, Fashionable, Komonos, Sari, Suits,...)

This is my entry for this week's theme 'Cloth'. These are Josh' schoolmates in St. Audry Learning Center wearing Philippine Kimona and Saya (skirt) on their dance carrying different tropical fruits. This dance is one of the many featured participation of each class in celebration for the yearly 'Linggo ng Wika' (Week of Filipino Language) where Philippine traditions, costume or cloths, dances and literature were presented. Don't they look pretty!

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Greatest Gift on Christmas

With the ending of this month it’s now less than two months before the holiday season and as early as now people are starting to prepare their gift list and for those who have enough money they also started on buying gifts. It’s easier to shop early than to rush on December where shopping really gets annoying sometimes as people seems to come from everywhere. I must remind myself not to do it on the last days before the season as it will surely give me headache.

Despite of the storm that hit the country you can see people starting to crowd malls, there’s no stopping even if the country has suffered a lot in its economy. Life must go on so after the storm there goes sunshine. Now you can smell the air of Christmas in our environment, weather starts to cool down, lights suddenly surrounded trees, shops and houses, children are thinking of what they will ask for a gift and people are planning what to do during holiday seasons.

Preparations are different for each families but one thing is the same they want their loved ones to feel special and very much loved so they also started to make or buy Christmas cards and send them out early to avoid delay on holidays. Even if we have emails and we can send text messages to our loved ones it’s still sentimental and sweet to receive christmas cards because it feels very personal. Now for the busy people you can order these cards online at which provides classic types and personalized cards which you can add some personal touches. They even have recycled Christmas cards which is a very good idea for me as purchasing this card will also help preserve our environment.

In view of all this festive preparation for Christmas just always remember that the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones is your love. Material things just follow our thoughts of showing our love but the sweetest things are caring and loving. Thus the true spirit of Christmas is love.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:WW - Spiderman Loves Ice Cream!

Sneaking in the corner with spiderweb behind him

Finally got tired of hiding in the corner & sat at the bench

Did you know that Spiderman loves to eat ice cream? Of course he's also human and so is his imitator here - my son Josh who loves ice cream to the max! He's lucky that he can now eat ice cream after his sickness last week.

He sports Spiderman costume here in St. Audry's Costume/Halloween Party. He's very excited since Monday and when a friend brought me this costume we had it repaired and fitted to him in about two hours. He has other costume in his cabinet but he wants to wear a different one this year, we just lend the costume to other kids because nowadays it's very expensive to buy a new costume which you will only use for one day. Anyway Josh also uses his super heroes costume when he's playing.

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So Much Energy

I have to believe now that kids have so much energy to spend in a whole day activity. We were at Josh’ school activities for Halloween and I was so protective of him during the program always checking his back if he perspire because he couldn’t afford the perspiration to dry out on his back. The doctor seriously advised us that he should be monitored for one week to ensure full recovery from coughs and colds. I let him join the contest that he wants because he really prepared for that day. He’s not lucky though because he didn’t win but you can see in his eyes that he’s so happy even if he’s tired.

When we get back to the house he still plays with costume on. When I was about to go for our bible study he asked me if he can come with me and when I asked him if he’s strong enough he told me that he’ll sleep so he’ll get more energy. What can I say but yes to his pleadings, such a persuasive kid and he always gets the best of me. Before anything else I checked on Drew Estate to know what’s this thing is all about. I heard some people were talking about it and I’m just curious.


What Does My Birth Month Means

Your Birth Month Says You're Gregarious

You love life and exude an outgoing, cheerful vibe.
Blessed with a great sense of humor, you can laugh at adversity.

Your soul reflects: Celebration, success, and wealth

Your gemstone: Blue Topaz

Your flower: Narcissus

Your colors: Indigo, green, and blue-green


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For Health Reasons

Do we really need to be slim and lightweight in order to keep up with the trends? Almost everyone is on the lookout for ways on how to be slimmer and lighter but I’m worried if they know the pros and cons of dieting. I’ve gained since I gave birth to my second child but really got so heavy when I delivered my third child 6 years ago. Since then no matter how I get into some diet plan I always get back to my weight after some months.

Now that I’m reading this alli review my findings seemed very objective as it really takes diet and exercise to get back into your old maiden form way back when you’re still single. If you’re going to ask me why I want to have a diet plan and shed excess pounds? I will honestly answer that it’s for health reasons, being beautiful is just a secondary thing.


Monday, October 26, 2009

:Today's Flowers #63

Click the image to enlarge
I missed this meme last week because of a very busy schedule and my son was sick that he wanted me to be by his side all the time. I picked this simple white blooms that we've toured around on Josh' educational tour in Bio-Research. This is only one of the many trees and plants in the big area of Bio-research which also includes mini zoo, butterfly farm, aquatic fishes, honey bee cultivation and many others.

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Tired Eyes!

Last week was very busy for me as I’ve had a schedule up to my head. My youngest has fever, cough and colds so it’s difficult for him to breathe on the first night of his sickness, I have to stay awake just in case he needs me. When I looked at the mirror yesterday before going to church I noticed that my eyes looked very tired and has eye bags and anything but nice. I’m still asking my Mom if she know what I should do to freshen up my eyes. I know that for lines around the eyes it’s good to apply the best eye cream for wrinkles but in my case I heard putting cucumber on top of the closed eyes will do wonders. I’ll just wait and see.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fulfilling Sunday

My hands still feels slightly numb since Saturday night and I find it a little hard typing on my PC so I just finished what’s due and did some blog hopping before I rest. I had a nice and fulfilling day at the church with my church mates and every Sunday is a bonding time for my family as it’s the day that we’re all together going to church, having our lunch in our favorite fast food and just letting the day pass with no worries at all. We spend our Sundays in the church from morning up to evening with lunch breaks in between and we’re happy with the setup devoting the whole Sunday in fellowship service. We still have no car so we just hire cabs in going to church.


Excited Over HK Trip

My friend Jen will visit and tour around Hongkong with siblings Joy and Beng who will be coming from Australia and Middle East. They will meet there and together they will visit Hongkong Disneyland and some beautiful places there especially the shopping stores there. Well she really loves shopping and I know she’ll be happy to roam around Hongkong with her sisters.

The day will actually fall exactly on my birthday so I’ll be missing her morning greetings and our dinner together. It’s either we have it earlier or wait until she arrives but I think by the time she’ll be here I’ll be in our camp meeting fellowship in Indang Cavite. We have a really tight schedule on the coming holidays and I forgot to ask her if she has an annual travel insurance ready for her travel. She was so excited by her visit which she booked very early last March that she forgot about the insurance. Excitement really makes someone forget about important documents sometimes...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

:PH#184: Tied (Air Balloon Ride)

I've chosen this pic for this week's theme Tied. This balloon ride caught my attention as I stopped by for sometime to see how they TIED the air balloons to its mechanical equipment to make it a fun ride. I was actually assessing the safety of the tying and the equipment and asking myself if I'm brave enough to ride in one of those tempting air balloons. The result? Of course I didn't! I'm afraid of height :-) and if there is one thing that I'm afraid is riding on those things that are too high and risky. Well for me it is even if EC has the strictest standards!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Make Them Feel Special!

Almost everyone is preparing themselves for this special occasion. In the Philippines it’s the longest holiday because as early as September people are busy with decorating their houses, business establishments, schools and everywhere you go there’s always one or two significant thing that will remind you of the coming occasion. They say it’s the most celebrated occasion all over the globe and the most festive I think because of the period people seem to allot to Christmas season.

I still remember the old school days when we were all excited about giving and receiving christmas cards and the feeling of happiness whenever we receive many cards. It would always mean that many people care and love you. It’s an expression of how much someone cares about you be it from special crush, special friend, mother, father, siblings and relatives. It’s all about giving your love. The true spirit of Christmas is showing your love and giving out something of yourself be it small gift, special card or your love just as long as it comes from the heart.

Even in these times of modern technology it’s still sweet to receive the traditional cards where we bought from bookstore but now you can order it online at Cool isn’t it? Well for busy people it’s heaven as they can send cards to their precious friends and relatives in a much more convenient way. It can still look your own card as you can personalize it with your own words and designs. Now if you’re into saving our earth they have recycled Christmas cards which are made out of recycled papers, well that will help our environment too! So make your list now and send them early! I’m sure your family and friends will feel very special.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Challenge: Simple (Pleasures)

(Minimalist, Simple Things, Simple Composition, Pure,...)

This week's theme for Thursday Challenge is Simple and I've posted this one as my entry to feature Simple Things and Simple Pleasures in life that makes us happy. Just look at my son Josh while he slides here along with other children, isn't he happy? With this simple slide in Enchanted Kingdom kids were happy enough to spent their time playing here!

Picture taken during their educational tour.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Choosing the Best Blog Web Host

With the current times that we have now some people can’t keep up with the new trends in technology. It seems that if you don’t continue studying you’ll be left behind. Modern technology demands further education and with little ways of being smart in reading, surfing and researching. You’ll be amazed at how the kids learn easily, you teach them just now and they know it already. It also has some disadvantage as people became lazy in anything that’s manual so if the power was interrupted we feel helpless most of the time as our life revolves in high technology.

I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering several years back and even if I’m in line with the current technology I also have to study further in computer software just to keep with the newest technology or else I’ll be left behind. Anyway being a graduate of such related course made me understand it more clearly and so I was able to use it on my blogging. Blogging has been my outlet for sharing my experiences, inspirational thoughts and my online journal for my kids’ activities. It is where I open my heart and write my thoughts which were unopened in the past. Through this I was able to meet new friends and came to know some really beautiful sites that are good for reading.

If you’re a blogger you tend to improve your blog appearances and writing style so your visitors won’t get bored. You will also seek for a better host other than your usual free hosts to take care of your site. Like me after just more than one year of blogging I’ve already chosen one of the best blog web hosting company to use. I found it through friend’s recommendations and until now I was happy with my web host. It has proven its capabilities to me and I’m glad it doesn’t fail me.

For you out there who are still thinking of getting web host for your blog you can browse through top web hosting company recommended by which identifies each web host’ features, affordability, uptime, technical support and reliability and you’ll never get wrong.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Fireworks Test

My fireworks test say I'm obsessed and I'm quite surprised by the word obsessed then I found out that the meaning of that is different from what I'm thinking. Here's the result and even if it's just an informal personality test it somehow matches the real me :-)

Your Fireworks Say You're Obsessed

You are focused, single minded, and intense.
You don't let others see your intensity often, and when they do, they are quite surprised.

You burn brightly, but you also burn steadily.
You have the endurance to get the one thing you desire most.

The Fireworks Test


Saturday, October 17, 2009

:PH# 183: Anything Goes :-)

This is my entry for this week's Photohunt where anything can be posted, a free week for photo hunters. These are some of my despedida pictures in my former work, I forgot to post these pictures with my officemates and they might need this also (grab these girls) . This was my last day where my boss treated me and all of my officemates in BT&T Telecoms and Design Science, Inc. in a lunch despedida,how sweet! Btw I've been in their companies (been employed in their 2 companies) for 16 years! Grand!

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Getting Through Financial Crisis

What’s the best way to fight financial crisis? Work hard, live simply and don’t buy unnecessary things. I remember what Mom was always saying to us when we were younger that the best solution for a debt-free life is this simple phrase - do not buy what you don’t need and do not need what you can’t buy. Simple but true. We should not need what we can’t afford because if we do that’s the start of our money trouble. If we want to buy the things we want we should strive to earn extra income aside from our regular pay.

Having an HR background from my previous employment gave me an insight of the regular pay most employees were receiving and I know that it’s enough for the basic necessities. Earning extra income could mean part-time jobs, business or some kind of investment. And if we want investment that’s sure to give us profit in the long run we should consider silver and gold coin investing. Monex companies, a well known coin dealer offers silver coin investing and has the best deals on silver coin prices. It has proven its worth in coin industry and provides the first program for financing buying of silver coins. With them you’ll have the best return on your investment.


Friday, October 16, 2009

He Wants to be a Doctor!

Josh had a fun time with the legal clinic when we had hubby's affidavit of loss for SSS digitized ID notarized. As usual Josh was with me and when he entered the law office he immediately read the name of the law firm and when the two legal partners heard him reading it he asked him to read it for them again.

Josh is a well behaved boy when dealing and talking to people and he read again this time full and clear which the legal attorney followed with many questions about Josh' age, school, honors and etc. Josh answered all of the questions with smile on his face and when he's asked if would like to be an attorney he politely answered that he wants to be a doctor. Why? He told me that he would heal his granny's rheumatism and eyes. My Mom's eyes have been healed by doctor and by God's grace so Josh would only deal with Mom's rheumatism. He loves his Lola very much.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vehicle Reimbursement

When I was still working in a telecommunications company I’ve been involved with giving reimbursement expenses to employees especially the managers who were given the benefits of reimbursing money spent on representation expenses. This representation allowances is basically dedicated to expenses incurred on a business meeting or out-of town meals and some other costs incurred through meeting with prospective clients. The monthly expenses vary differently as meetings with clients are not regular and fixed.

With regards to gasoline expenses each manager were given Car Allowance to use on their personal car which is used for their official business trip. It is given in a way of transportation or vehicle reimbursement. Actually it’s not as organized as they don’t have specific rules how much or how far they will reimburse allowances to our managers.

Companies should really consult a finance specialist or companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) which can help customize reimbursement programs for employees. They based the calculations on the number of actual business miles run, gasoline prices, tax and some other conditions. Since it’s harder for the client to create database for their own companies it’s easier and quick with CRS as with the use of their system companies can save a lot on their costs especially on the cost of purchasing cars for the managers.


:WW - Bio Research Educational Tour

This is Part 2 of Josh Educational Tour. I'm posting here his tour at BioResearch where there are mini zoo, butterfly farm, honey bee culture and many fishes. I have plenty of shots here as the place is really big and almost have everything. Just don't hope that much on mini zoo as there are only few animals mostly birds only. It's mostly fishes and plants.

I'm sharing some photos of their fishes. More of Bioresearch next week.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Drink Only Safe Water

We’re so glad that everything went back to normal again after two weeks of different problems in power, internet connectivity, some problems in other food supplies and sometimes not so clear water coming from the faucet. These problems were all due to the storm that hit the country. Suddenly people are aware of having emergency lights, extra batteries for flashlight, some food stored for the rainy days and water filters to assure them that they drink clean waters. As for us we only order purified drinking water to our trusted source because it’s cheaper than maintaining our own and our source has one of the best water filters in town.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

:PH# 182: Sports (Race Driving)

Click the images for large viewing

This is the Junior Kart-Trak sports located in Enchanted Kingdom. I had the chance to take a shot while there's a couple who was currently taking the drive. The girl was screaming at the spped they're having. Now we didn't ride as Josh is still very young for that. We just watched as teenagers enjoyed the ride in race driving. It looked fun and thrilling to me. I would have loved riding it if hubby is with me. But for sure I'll scream lol!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lovely Thoughts

After a week of restoring the house in its normal conditions, cleaning and saving what’s left after the storm I’m really tired and no matter how I rested it seems not enough to restore my energy. Glad to say that our appliances were 95% restored and we’re almost finished except for the major repair of our car which was submerged completely in the recent flood that hit lower part of Luzon. The kids were happy also that their schools were not so affected and they’re back to normal schooling unlike some schools that really needs major cleanup and repair.

Now while having some time for me it’s a pleasure to think of a one week vacation somewhere quiet and has breathtaking views just like orlando vacation packages is offering. It must be so good just sipping coffee in a veranda looking out the beach and smelling the sweet scent of trees around. It’s a lovely thought.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

:WW - Airforce Museum Tour

Josh was trying to move the target here when he climbed the fighting equipment here in the grounds of Airforce Museum. They said that the planes and machines here are the real ones used in the old days. Josh was so amazed to see the old planes at their recent educational tour. This is just one of the itinerary of their group. Will post again next time.

Visit the miniature planes on display in Airforce Museum in Beyond Horizons!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Advantage of Having Mobile Homes

Still many people in the evacuation area can’t go back to their homes as most of the homes are still submerged in flood waters or worst some houses were swept away. Actually I’ve heard news that the leader of the country instructed the head of the housing agency to look for relocation areas for the people who live beside the rivers.
Since it’s dangerous to live near the rivers the government will give them place to build new houses and livelihood projects to earn their living. It’s really hard to lose your home and in cases like that some people would love to have mobile homes so if anything happens they can easily transfer their homes to a much safer place. Anyway it’s not that costly either as suppliers of these mobile homes have variety of models according to your budget and personal preferences.


Monday, October 5, 2009

:Today's Flowers #60 - Yellow Hibiscus

Click the image to enlarge

I missed this meme last week because we were hit by storm and electricity took 6 days to resume. I can't go to another place or town to do my posting because we have tons of cleaning up to do, makes my blogs my second priority then. We have to look for extra purified water, gas and decent food to eat as every store near us has been flooded too. Communication and network signals were bad and I had to go to Smart booth for the free call to my hubby's office to inform them of what happened to us.

Anyway now we're returning to normal life and I'm posting my entry for this week. Luckily our plants and flower pots were not affected by the storm as our gumamela blooms suddenly after one week of storm. I've chosen this yellow hibiscus to represent the color of sunshine. God has sent the sun to give us message that there's hope after the storm.

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Continue Your Health Education Online

It feels good to help others especially during crisis or situations that call for immediate attention. When I go to hospitals I really observe how the staff works and I noticed that they’re so dedicated with their jobs. On the recent natural disaster that happened in our town there were many cases that were admitted in emergency room. Hubby and I were there because he had an infection in his feet due to prolonged stay in the flooded waters. I just admired how they treated the patients with urgency and diligence giving enough vaccines, cleaning and attended every patient’s wounds and sickness with patience.

Many of them didn’t go home on the critical days of the storm and they had eaten scarcely. I admired people who can cure sick persons and being able to do their job with much dedication. Some of the staff there who helped the hospital staff is under graduates and they only assisted the doctors in scheduling, instructing patients and on not so medical works, they just wanted to help in any way they can. I hope they can continue their education in the field of health even if on online education only just like in Allied health institute who helped in the pursuit of education in the field of allied health. They provide online education to those who cannot study in normal traditional school. That’s achieving your dreams in the most conventional way!


My Road Trip Test!

You Take the Road No One Travels

You see life as precious and special. Heritage and family are very important to you.

You often find yourself rushing through life. You don't take as much time as you'd like to enjoy the little things.

You are all about risk and randomness in your life. You travel off the beaten path... in fact, you're often the one carving the way!

You are able to find a fairly healthy balance between work and play. You work when you need to, but you never let yourself burn out.

In another life, you could have been a great novelist. You have a knack for describing things in an interesting way.


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