Friday, September 25, 2009



Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!

1. One week ago I was busy with setting up my new blog.

2. I wanted to be a writer and chemical engineer when I was young.

3. Mama told me this rule in spending " Do not buy what you do not need and do not need what you cannot buy"

4. Hey Sis, we need to go and unwind somewhere, just you and me.

5. Take your time, and plan because it's the best way to start things out.

6. Another semester will pass! It will soon be semestral break for students.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting my tired body from Josh' field trip, tomorrow my plans include downloading Josh field trip pictures and Sunday, I want to be early going to church!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chills at Night

Been feeling different these days as since weekends I always feel chilling at night but I don’t have fever, flu, colds or coughs. After a half hour of chills it will stop and I’ll be able to sleep tight. Then in the morning I’m the usual me, active, strong and vibrant. Hubby was asking me what I’m doing that’s giving me chills in the night. You know he’s been helping with household tasks even if he’s working so it shouldn’t be a reason. I’m not the type to think about worries and problems as I’m a super positive person. Since childhood every time I got so tired and worn out I got chills in the night and I keep thinking that maybe that’s my body’s natural outlet because once the chilling stops I feel better. Weird? I think not just a little maybe lol!

image by by anna4012


Monday, September 21, 2009

Fleet Program for Mobile Employees

How do companies make their employees stay for a long employment period? I should have good answers for that as I’ve stayed with my former job for 16 years. Of course reasons should always come from the company’s management and how they treated their employees. I was employed in my last work in my early twenties and I guess I was happy enough that I stayed quite long. Well I almost spent the longest period of my career with my very kind employer who treated me with a good heart and trained me in different fields of work that I never learned in college. I almost rounded up all departments of his company and have been employed in his two companies when I finally decided to resign and prioritize my family over my work.

My boss has been good to me and during my years in his telecommunications company I’ve experienced how they give sales incentives, communication allowances and Fleet program for our employees who are always on the go. Our marketing staff and account managers who always travel and visit clients were given vehicle reimbursement allowance every payday. They use their personal vehicle in meeting their clients, in products demo, testing and all activities regarding our clients.
As I was incharge of Accounting Department I was the one who check and audit their reimbursement and sometimes it’s hard to do it if the employees are too many. Well creating a database for reimbursement purposes seems to be the answer to that and that’s where companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc (CRS) comes in because they do consultancy job for companies who need customized programs for mobile employees. They make things easy for companies and it also saves them costs on issuing cars to employees. They will make calculations for reimbursement rates as per mileage run, current gasoline price and other contributing factors. It will make things beneficial for both employer and employees.


:Today's Flowers #58

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This week I'm having orange blooms for my entry. I just found this orange flowers in our church and they combined it with baby's breath and white chrysanthemums. The blooms look good on white flower background because the vivid color of orange was highlighted. I don't know the name of this flower. I'm just a little surprised at the frailty of this flower as their stems are so weak and the flowers wilt so fast. Very fragile!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relaxing Garden Ponds!

I sometimes want to be outside the confines of my working room especially when I’m pondering or something. The environment always helps me on thinking creative ideas for my sites. I remember the garden near my former office where at the center of the whole area lays a nice pond with water lilies and some other water-inhabitant flowers all around it.

Just a glance and look at the pond makes me feel somehow relaxed and stressed-free just like the one I saw in Tagaytay during our camp meeting fellowship. It’s located inside a semi-mansion house we’re renting and it’s a nice welcome view for visitors even though it’s just a small pond. Being just a petite garden pond it’s very well maintained and I know they’re using just the normal small pond pumps which is very quick to install and operation is very easy. It’s not extra beautiful or special but I just want it for my own house because it has a cooling and relaxing effect on me.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Mommy Moments - Treasured Pictures

mommy moments

This week's theme is Treasured Pictures so I'm posting here treasured pictures of my daughters together. I just love them seeing together, Ruth grew up very fast but when they're toddlers they were mistaken as twins (not identical though).

Gen was 4 and Ruth was 5
Ruth was 6 and Gen was 5 hereRuth was 10 and Gen was 9
Time flies so fast. Now Ruth has just turned 12 and Gen is going to be 11 soon. In few years time they will be teens and I just want to enjoy them while they're young and holding on to me for everything. Still they want me as their companion in malling, dining out and strolling but when they're older I know they will have their friends to go out with. Just some thoughts from a Mom!


Maintaining Your Skin

It’s always raining hard these days and I thanked God that I don’t have to report to office and bear the heavy traffic along the main road. Personally I love rainy days as long as I don’t have to go out of the house on a corporate suit, that’s what corporate girls are suffering – wearing your best office suit or uniform and face the rains and traffic afterwards. You’ll reach the office looking like the storm swept your whole body.

Anyway my former work is just one floor below the famous skin care clinic for the rich and most showbiz personalities. I came to see personalities who look their best even on stormy days, of course they’re artists and not just ordinary employees. I supposed even they grow old it will not show on their faces as they’re using the best wrinkle creams available in the market. Actually they don’t just put the creams on their daily night and morning regimen; they also undergo special skin treatment before using it because the wrinkle creams are used for their celebrity look maintenance.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Blog For Me

Finally I’ve found the time to think and buy another domain name last month, it’s my fourth actually and my domain baby since I left my full time corporate job. I had intended to buy a domain and make another blog as soon as I’ve left my office but I was never prepared for a very busy schedule of a work-at-home Mom.

Needless to say that it caught me by surprise – the work I mean – I’ve worked since I graduated and it’s only now that I really stayed at home full time with breaks for the weekly shopping, midweek bible study and frequent visit to my chidren’s school. I’m beginning to feel that ideas are being put to waste hanging inside my thoughts only but when I talked to my friend JennyL I was encouraged and persuaded to make a go for it. It will be my site for techy things and shopping too. Just wait for this one friends, it’ll be somewhat different from my usual blog.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Staying Home

Staying at home gives you time to dwell on more important things in life. Even though I’m not really just staying home because I’m working as well I now have time to take care of my kids and my Mom. There are things that I dreamed to do before but time restricted me. Now with my new adopted life I can do those things. To sum it all up I’m having the best times of my life now earning bucks while staying at home and enjoying more time with my family. There’s one disadvantage though on the other side of it as when an office friend saw me after almost 2 months she was surprised at how I gained weight. Yes staying at home without too much exercise can make you overweight.

Actually I didn’t expected it as I didn’t noticed that I gained that much. Oh well trust them who didn’t see you for a long time because they’re more likely to say the truth. They can see the difference much better than the people who see you everyday. I’m asking myself now if I really need to get serious in my diet plan and search for the best weight loss supplements that would give me guaranteed results. I will also have to consult it with my doctor for safety precautions. I don’t want to lose weight and be unhealthy. I always want a healthy diet plan and if ever I’m going to take supplements I’ll heed my doctor’s advice.


Monday, September 14, 2009

:Today's Flowers #57!

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My theme of flower for this week is red and this is my Mom's flowers located in front of our terrace lining up its sides. Mom always water these flowers everyday by herself. Even if she has rheumatism she never fails to visit her flowers and check their conditions. You'll heard her beaming with gladness whenever her collection blooms. I got my flair for flowers from her.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Looking Into Employees’ Benefits

In my previous job I’ve supervised a lot of things. I was assigned as Accounting and Billing Supervisor and due to multi-tasking needs of the company I did the responsibilities of Administrative and Human Resource Officer. I handled big responsibilities that even I can’t believe I can but also learned in the process. It was a small telecommunications company and when our HR Consultant went to Cebu to teach I was tasked to handle the human resource department.

Since I was with the same employer for more than a decade then I simply accepted the job without complaining. I’m the type of person who likes challenges and it’s indeed a challenge to handle accounting and personnel when my college degree is computer engineering. When I looked back at those years I think the most precious are the knowledge I gathered from handling field of work that I didn’t learned in college.

Looking back I can say that since I’m one of the pioneers in my boss’ small telco company I almost started everything there. I was trained by an Accounting Associate and when she resigned I took over and hired two Accounting staff to unload the payroll and payables from me. I can only supervise them as I handle carrier settlements. Though we have accounting staff I’m mainly responsible with the computation of employees’ incentives and checks the monthly reimbursement of transportation and Car Allowance which is really fine with me as we’ve started with few marketing staff only. They’re the one who were given corporate reimbursement privilege as they deal mainly with clients and they don’t stay in the office they‘re always on the go for meeting up prospect clients and demo testing.

But I know if there are plenty of mobile employees who will avail of vehicle reimbursement the company should need the services of Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. who will customize reimbursement program for vehicle. They provide easy calculations of reimbursement rates according to current gas price, mileage record and many other factors. It’s a great help to the company as giving car allowances to employees saves them a lot compared to issuing each mobile employees a car to use for their meeting and dealing with clients. It also helps the employees to use their car at no cost to them regarding gasoline expenses. It’s still convenient to use your own car rather than the company’s car.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Mommy Moments : Hat Day

mommy moments

It's my first time to join Mommy Moments and here's my entry for this week's theme which is "Hat Day." Happy Mommy Moments everyone...and have a great weekend as well!

Josh was 7 months here wearing a baby capOne year and 6 months wearing a Lee cap

Wearing a beige cap before going to Mitch bday
With cousin Mitch when he's 2 years & 5 months wearing a party hat
Kinder graduation rites wearing graduation capRecent pic for Linggo ng Wika aka Freddie Aguilar's cap


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Car Safety Reminders

When you have a car it’s like having a baby to take care of. You have to maintain it properly in order to have the best car performance. It’s an expensive necessity that you always have to allot some money for it because you’ll never know when the lights will go off or the tires will go flat.

There are many things to remember when handling a car and when you travel to a far place you’ll have to think of the term blowbag, an acronym for the car’s safety reminders. Blowbag when defined in each letter of the word means break, lights, oil, water, battery, air and gasoline. Well I just got it from our dear pastor in our church and he always reminds us when we travel for our camp meeting fellowship. Before any of our camp meeting travel we make sure that our car accessories are in good condition and to my experience the most common parts of the car that needs constant checking are the tires.

As tires used to be our common problem part in traveling we often buy a new one for our backup when the tires showed signs of wearing out. Before buying a new one we often canvassed the price in two or more dealers to gather the best deal offers just like the wheels and tires packages I’ve seen while I’m shopping online for a new USB. Wheelfire offers quality wheel rims and tires in wide range selection to fit every buyer’s needs. One good thing about these offers is the discount packages available for others to avail. By the way shipping is free so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Monday, September 7, 2009

:Today's Flowers #56 - Violets!

Click the image to enlarge

My theme of flower for this week is violet and this flpwer shot was taken during the Linggo ng Wika celebration of St. Audry Learning Center. This violet blooms are actually one of the many flowers planted in the school. The color attracted my attention as it has a very intense color of violet. As usual I don't know the name of this flower and I just named it 'violets' in reference to its vivid color.

Happy Monday though I'm a bit late for this one! Visit more beautiful flowers at Today's Flower => here.


Enjoying the Chat

I was both happy and tired last weekend including this day which was declared as a non-working holiday to give way for a high position official in one of the religious organization in the country. We spent the whole weekend celebrating Josh’ birthday in our house, had some night outing in one of the malls where my hubby works and ended yesterday with a little eating celebration in the church. We were so happy that despite hubby’s busy work we have managed to give the kids the birthday celebration they want. I’m just too tired to post for my online tasks but anyway I’m entertained very well by my instant messaging online office friend where I was told that she had engaged herself in a live chat and she enjoyed it well.

Previously I looked at the chat technology as a means of enjoyment and pleasure only but I was amazed that it could also be used in businesses to increase their sales. It helps to market and boost your products and at the end be competitive.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Josh is Now 6!

Josh turned 6 today leaving me just one more year to his toddler years when he will leave those baby days next year when he reach 7 years. As he's my youngest a part of me still wants him to be always just like now bubbly, always excited about new things, always asking 101 questions a day :-), sweet, thoughtful and the funny kid in our house. He's such a charming and lovable kid even our neighbors told me so. If there's an award for the Little Mr. Friendship I'm so sure he'll win the title.

For now I'll just grab whatever childish charms he now has and cherish it so when he finally grew up I'll just recall all his pictures and funny videos so I'll not miss his baby days.

Activities for his birthday were posted on my other blogs!


:PH 177 : Orange (Bench)

It's Josh birthday today and we had fun celebrating it in hubby's place of work in SM north edsa. Here I got my entry from one of the bench located near motor ride. We sat across this orange plastic bench while waiting for Josh who was having a fun time riding on motorcycle. He was so happy that we went to his dad's work because he can't leave early.

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NYC Sightseeing

I love to go places and I always bring my camera with me so I can have some memorable photos to document all the places that I’ve been to. I’ve been stucked for several years in my job in a very tight schedule where I consumed my vacation leave mainly for attending to my kids’ school activities. My work demands that I’ll be at the office always so absences are far from my mind leaving me no time for myself. I’m just glad that I had chances of traveling in line with our church camp meeting fellowship. We held our semi annual camp meeting on far away places so my liking for going to different places coincides with our church travels.

My likings for traveling to various places lead me to browse online for vacationing resorts and great places to visit. Sometimes it helps some of my friends who have the time and money to spend free time going out of the country and vacationing. They asked me to search about places and if they feel that the place is good they plan their vacation on my vacation finds. Recently I’ve browsed through New York Sightseeing sites and found that they have packages for group sightseeing tours which offers visiting to different places in NYC like downtown tour, empire state building observatory, Washington D.C., top of the rock observatory deck where you’ll get to see spectacular views of New York and many other attractions of the city. My former officemate was so happy and excited upon seeing what I have found for her and she planned her trip three months from now.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins # 140


And here we go…

1. I feel happy because Gen and her group won the competition.

2. Having Josh by my side is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: Yahoo, we've won - from Gen, she can't get over her excitement from winning Sabayang Pagbigkas over 10 competing schools.

4. Tomorrow is Josh' birthday and I'm glad he's growing up a funny, bright and nice kid.

5. The last time I travel far was last summer in Tagaytay City.

6. Will rest this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to repairing the intermittent connection of my internet, tomorrow my plans include getting Josh' cake from bakeshop, cooking pasta and chicken for Josh birthday and Sunday, I want to bring some food to our churchmates for Josh birthday!

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Save Money with Used Quality Saddle

I’ve visited my hometown in Laguna and was amazed at how the town progressed. I’ve noticed some small computer and technology schools in the town where many students who can’t afford to study in Manila can study and finish a decent course there with a degree similar in the city. It’s very tiring and expensive to study far from your home that’s why most friends I know live in dormitories and went home weekly or monthly. Anyway it’s still good living in the province even if it’s far because you can feel your body relaxing to the weather and there’s some inner peace you can have by looking at the mountains and sky. Everything is so green and peaceful there unlike here in the urban where there’s a lot of pollution everywhere, noise and air pollution I should say.

Well I’ve rounded up my hometown and I suddenly stared at the horses in the field. It’s not everyday that I see horses in my vicinity that’s why I stared and another reason is I like the saddle that the rider is using. It made me remember the one I’ve seen on the net the other day where the site offer Western Saddle Sale where they sell the branded saddle at a very low price. The saddle I’m talking is the used branded saddle that the site is offering for a very competitive price. Actually I’ve been weighing things up when I read those offers and I can say that it’s really good to buy quality and branded saddle than buy a new low quality ones.

If you’re interested with what they’re offering you can visit their site and see for yourself how Buying a Used Saddle can save you a lot of money which you can use for some other household expenses. Sometimes we really must think twice before buying anything. If you’re planning to buy online try some research or read some reviews first before making a purchase. I for one never thought that there’s a site offering Used Saddle Sale which for me is a great opportunity for those who want the quality of a good saddle but can’t afford the price of brand new items.


Intermittent Connection

Lately I've been having problems with my internet connection and most of the time it happened on evenings so at least I have the whole day to work on my online tasks. Now I got worried because I'm having frequent connection problems even on daytime which is affecting work, sometimes I'll have to wait for an hour or two before the connection returns or stabilize.

I thought this is only due to weather condition or something but when I learned that my friend's connection with the same provider is stable enough I immediately called the customer service of Smartbro and I'm happy that she has diagnosed that my connectivity problem lies on my antenna. Yes I'm having bad signals lately and Ms. Cameron of Smart (what a nice name huh! from Charlie's Angels?) assured me that their technician will be coming tomorrow morning to fix the problem. I'm happy enough!

So to those sites whom I failed to dropped by and visited kindly bear with me as I go through internet connectivity problems. I'm just chancing out on intermittent connection.


Ensure Safety with the Experts

The most prevailing deadly sickness among women today is breast cancer, I know this by heart as I have close friends and relatives who died from this killer disease. Two of my cousins had breast cancer but refused to tell us earlier of their disease. They died at young age making me feel it as a big loss because one of them was just starting her teaching profession then. There are many factors causing this disease but there are no fixed theories on how you can prevent this thing to happen to you. Of course the normal balanced diet plan and daily exercise will help to make us healthy and strong to combat some sickness.

With so many risks of having this kind of disease women tried to follow doctor’s advice of semi-annual checkup, mammogram and other preventive measures. In addition those women who want to take the risk of enhancing their breast should think first before getting surgeons to do it. It’s a great danger if they chose a non-specialist and will cause them future problem in health. They should get experts like Miami Breast Surgeons to ensure safety in operation. They know the best techniques and have the experience of doing surgical operations and some other non-surgical procedures like acne treatment.

Though I still believe in maintaining our natural beauty I understand some cases where they really need breast surgeons like the case of my friend who was diagnosed with dangerous cyst that caused the removal of her breast. After few years of surviving the deadly cancer she wanted her body to look normal and consulted the help of surgeon.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Droppers for August 2009

Another month has passed again and I want to thank all of you who patiently visited and dropped their ec to my site. This time around I'm listing here the top fifteen. Thanks vm!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten Things I Hate About Traveling

I love to travel even if I only travel around my country I just love the feel of hopping from one place to another meeting new friends, learning different cultures and seeing beautiful places. But traveling is not always fun and easy, sometimes it tires your body too much you can't go on traveling for more. Anyway here are the Ten Things I Hate About Traveling (this is for land travel only):


1. Heavy rains, on long land travels it's dangerous because the road is wet and it's easy for the car to slip.
2. When the kids are restless and ask for impossible things or things located in the compartment. You have to stop to get what they want.
3. Heavy traffic
4. Long lines in the stop over station comfort room
5. Reckless drivers
6. Delayed departure
7. Can't bring all my necessities (I'm a heavy baggage traveler)
8. When the car breaks down on a deserted road
9. Forgot/Left some important things
10. Can't sleep when hubby is the driver on a midnight long distance travel trip (He might sleep too if everyone is sleeping)


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