Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Chances of Getting Injury Claims

Our place which is currently undergoing road widening and drainage improvement is in bad order as ordinary situation in most road projects in urban areas. It took them 5 months just to build drainage, sidewalk and now on its 6 month of construction they’ve only finished the other half of widened roads. The subject area is a national road and thus the traffic in the area is very high. Since we’re living just along this road I always see accidents happen almost every other day. The most common accidents come from motorcycle and bicycle but when it happens the people involved is always in big dilemma because they don’t know how to get Bicycle accident claims that will help them in their accident expenses. Most of them don’t have clear ideas and information where to ask for help in situation like this. That doubles their problem.

In our life we encounter good and bad experiences and we should always remember that you’ll never really what will happen to you when you go out of your house, the only certain in this world is the assurance that God can guide us wherever we go. Sometimes things happen for a purpose and that’s when you need someone to help you especially if you’re in a situation that needs emotional and financial support like vehicle accidents. Now I happen to know that there are people who can assist you with your personal injury claims and I’m referring to First Personal Injury who supports and provides assistance for those people who don’t have enough money to pay lawyer or legal officers.

First Personal Injury offer a no win no fee legal services to people who were victims of accidents and can’t afford to hire legal officers to help them win their case. They specialize in helping people with their bicycle claims, personal and whiplash injury claims. This includes assistance to children who were victims of medical malpractice in hospitals or clinics. Good thing about this is you’ll only pay them when you’ve finally won the case and claimed the money. And the chances of winning is very high as their record says so.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

:WW - Cute Funny Shirt!

This is one of my favorite shirts of Josh because it states that his mommy is cute lol! What a coincidence that Josh looks like me, very appropriate shirt. Actually hubby is now searching for a shirt that tells that ‘If you think I’m cute you should see my daddy’.

It’s funny that parents almost always fighting for who resembles their kids more! Our friends say that my two younger kids Gen and Josh looks like me and the eldest my Indian-looking Ruth took after his daddy’s features. What do you think? Just having some fun here, happy wordless! Not all wordless!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Protection for Your Business

Starting up your own business takes a lot of courage, self will, effort and finances. You also have to know fully your products or services. If you employ people you should be equipped with knowledge on people management and labor laws. It takes almost all your attention in running your own business. It takes a lot but it also pays a lot, that’s business.

It’s good to have one as you’re your own boss and you can do anything you want for the business to prosper and succeed. But you also have to be sure that your business is protected and covered with business insurance just in case economic or financial crisis hits the country and our precious business. At least if these catastrophe arrives you’ll have something that will ensure protection for your business. It's best to think ahead of time.


:Today's Flowers #24

I love the soft color of this pink orchid commonly seen in southern tagalog provinces, this photo was taken in Cavite but my cousin in Laguna grow this kind of flowers in her garden. Actually every time I visit her house in Laguna she let me choose from her collection of beautiful flowers and plants. She has a 'green thumb' like my Mom and she spoils me with giving me what I want from her garden. After all she's like a real big sister to me because she grew up in my mother's house when Mom was still single.

Anyway, the last one she gave me was the red roses but unfortunately they stopped blooming when the road widening in our place started. The neverending pollution of dust and too much heat took its toil on the flower. Lately it took me several months to drop by our province so I hadn't the chance to bring home beautiful flowering plants but I promised myself I'll get some pink orchids, it's very expensive here in our place.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Help In Essay Writing

When I have more time for myself I ordinarily visit blogs and read various posts that truly engage my curiosity. I read valuable and inspirational posts and those that blog about kids and family. In short I love reading even if it’s over the internet only. During high school I always like writing composition and English Essay, some even asked me help them think of fresh ideas for their essays. I know it’s hard for others to write essay especially if they don’t like the subject but for me writing is a form of expressing your thoughts and feelings, well at least not specifically emotional when it’s a school project. School projects are usually devoid of sentimental and emotional subjects that’s why it’s not that exciting for others to write or maybe they just can’t find unique ideas for writing.
I remember my classmate having some difficulty in her essay writing when our teacher taught her to do the work. She sampled some Essay Format that’s easy to follow and will let you achieve good grades. She followed what our teacher told us even though she’s really not so keen on writing essays and composition. There are people who really don’t like doing lengthy write up. I noticed this to other bloggers that I came to visit. A friend told me it sometimes bores her when she encounters and reads very long stories. I noted that comment and every time my posts are too long I tried to summarize them not sacrificing the value of what I wrote.

For others who can’t cope up with submitting essays on school or on any other projects there are ways on how you can beat your deadline. You can ask your family to help you do it or study with a friend who can give you tips on writing essays. They will surely contribute a lot on your endeavors to learn the technique and skill on essay writing. If this idea won’t help you could try consulting companies that offers custom writing, some of the students who find it hard to do reports on time Buy Essays so they can stop their worries and cope up with due dates. offers essay writing services that meets specified requirements. They employ professional writers with masters degree on specialized areas of studies. Works done by them were carefully checked and passed quality control to ensure the best custom written essay that meet all the requirements.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Niece' Birthday

It's my niece May's birthday yesterday, she's my big brother's second child, my goddaughter and my niece who bears the same name as mine she's Rachel May De Leon and I'm Racel De Leon (my maiden name), sounding like she's my own kid lol! She's a sweet niece and I think the most behave among the kids of De Leon, that includes my kids of course! She's a darling!

My two girls planned going there after their classes; they asked their school service to bring them directly to May's birthday. Since they're excited I let them go a little early before me reminding me them to bring extra clothes as I don't like seeing them in school uniforms on social functions or occasions. Josh would have to wait for me since he's too young.

I arrived at the house and saw Josh asleep already, my Mom told me he's waiting patiently for me so I changed his clothes and woke him up when we're both ready. Gen & Ruth were so busy and happy to be with their first cousins and asked me to let them sleep there. Hubby didn't let them as we wake up early on Sundays.

Birthday was attended by May's classmate friends, cousins and family members only. We had pasta, chicken, buko pandan and once again for the 3rd time this month - a birthday cake!


God Is My Guide

I’ve heard some bad news lately about recessions here and abroad. I watched the news about Intel closing up leaving thousands of employees jobless. Everywhere I go I always hear news about how it’s hard to be employed nowadays and here I am filing up my resignation for the second time, first time last May 2008.

My decision is firm and I thanked God that He gave me enough courage and wisdom on my decision to leave the company whom I stayed for 16 years. He gave me the strength to give up my job and not be afraid of the financial crisis that’s hounding this country. Well I’ve worked since I graduated from college and I had various tech jobs as I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering but my current employer taught me a lot in other fields of work. He assigned me in Technical Proposal and later had a stint as Assistant of Personnel Manager for mobilization of engineering staff. Then he transferred me to another company of him and involved me in telecommunications work such as billing, collection, carrier settlement, accounting and human relations.

I almost rounded up various departments in our company and I can only say that through all this work that I didn’t learned from my college course God guided and given me enough knowledge to learn the craft and use them in my work. God is so good….all the time.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Hubby's Birthday!

It's hubby's birthday yesterday and he can't take a leave off his work so I was the one who dropped by his working place to surprise him. Well not really surprise because halfway to where he works he called and texted me and I told him I'm on my way there lol! That's me can't hold for so long!

I was a little surprised at the changes in North Edsa especially now that there's the Trinoma. By the way my comparison is way back years when I was working in DOA-BAI in Diliman and our usual hang-out and lunch place is SM City. It was different there as the surrounding areas then looks beautiful with spacious lots full of trees unlike now that it's all buildings, malls and bridges. Modern and stylish but I don't like it, I prefer the old sceneries!

As soon as I arrived the place I sneaked in to their store feeling confident that no one knows me there and I just roam around checking on their products. When Ed saw me and I went outside he hurriedly took a breaktime and we had our dinner, what a birthday dinner! Anyway even if he's only on a breaktime off we enjoyed our snack at Sbarro, an Italian cooking restaurant where they served pizza, lasagna and many other fresh italian recipes. Here's some of the food that we ordered!

Hubby knows I love pasta that's why we chose this one but he told me he really enjoyed the food there. As he returned to his work I bought cake for the kids because that will surely make them happy!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meeting An Old Friend

I was talking to a former officemate friend whom I saw recently in the mall while I was looking for a nice pair of shoes for hubby. We were both surprised at our own looks now; we’ve last seen each other when we were still singles, the time when we’re both thin. Now we’ve both gained pounds, she gained 30 and I gained 35 lbs. weighing only 96 lbs. when I started employment in a consultancy firm. Anyway we’re both laughing as we recalled our good times together and reminisced on some unforgettable and happy moments. She has only one child and smiled at me when I told her I have three that at least compensate me for gaining pounds lol!

As we were talking about our families, work and many things about us we were sharing our plans on how we can possibly go back to our desired weight. We were discussing about my diet plan and hers when she asked me if I want to use the best diet pill that she saw on the net. She wants to try it but having some second thoughts on it. I’ve told her to ask her doctor about it so she’ll know the effects of that diet pill. As we both have a busy schedule we promised to call each other and plan another meeting on our convenient times.


Crisna and Lawrence Wedding

Lawrence and Crisna

This is a late post of my niece’ wedding last Dec. 30, 2008. Guess was too busy with the holiday season that it was only now that I found the time to blog this.

Crisna was the eldest daughter of my first cousin Kuya Audy. His mother, sister of my father died after she gave birth to Kuya Audy and my dad and auntie who were both single then took care of my cousin and grew up with us. He’s like a big brother to us especially when my dad suffered stroke when I was in my secondary school. When he got married he built his house inside the clan’s compound making his wife and kids got closer to us.

Kuya Audy and wife Ate Lolet
It’s his first time to see a child of his own get married so I know he’s a bit nervous and even if no one would drive us to the overlooking reception site we made it a point to attend the reception prepared for Crisna and Lawrence. We just hired a taxi going there and though it took us three cabs one driver finally agreed to drive us to Marabella Palace Resort.

It was a cozy and nice resort with wonderful overlooking view of the towns beside Antipolo and metropolis. My kids enjoyed the site and made me took photos of them. I had fun also having some shots of the sky especially when the sun sets down. The wedding turned to a reunion also as we came to see our cousin Adette who also grew up with us and Kuya Audy as she’s the daughter of my Auntie who took care of Kuya Audy. We lost communication for some years now and she’s amazed at how fast my kids grow up. Of course she found Josh very nice and bibo kid also!


Diet Preferences

After all the sumptuous dinner at holiday parties and plenty of get together reunion I gained pounds very fast. It was hard going back to my after six diet which I did last November and early December. I’m trying again now on an every other day schedule and I think that’s good for a start. Maybe next month I can do it everyday or six days a week with Sunday as a holiday for me lol!

It’s one of the best recommended diet for me because at nighttime work and household chores are minimal so I don’t need too much food. I suggested this to my cousin whose a lot bigger than me but she told she’ll be trying diet pills for a quick and easy losing up of unwanted pounds. I think she’s right and for me people really have different preferences.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

:WW - All Smiles

Just sharing our family picture in Indang last December. We're all wearing our pretty smiles here as you'll probably notice. We're on our way to conference hall here when my sister took this shot, it was our second day at the camp and we're really happy with the place and our fellowship, not to mention our first night spent at the bonfire before we sleep. Not at all wordless!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fruit Trees Online

Gen asked me to help her do some sort of pot or animals out of clay. It’s their assignment to bring out some images out of clay but she told me to get materials from our garden. Kids are sometimes like that they just repeat what their teachers told them exactly, no explanation or procedures. Anyway since I can’t do this kind of thing without explanation I just accompanied my daughter in school to talk and ask directly how we’ll possibly comply with the required projects. I was actually right in thinking that I should get clay specifically suited for making pots and I can buy them at nursery plant.

The teacher also told me that there are two choices, we can do the clay or just submit at least three vegetable seeds. I was wondering why they want the children to do this kind of project and before I left the school I learned that there will be some display show of agricultural things. Anyway I chose to submit seeds of bitter gourd, squash and beans. I’m lucky that they have stock of these seeds because I don’t have the time to look for these kinds.

I remember a friend who buys her planting materials and fruit trees online. It’s now available in the net, you can order mature fruit trees and plants like Mulberry trees, grapevines, shrubs and flowering bulbs. Imagine having your trees and plants delivered to your home.


Monday, January 19, 2009

:Today's Flowers #23

Don't you love it's lavender beauty! Well I do! This is simple but very attractive! It's one of the many flowers that you'll get to see when you go to Indang, Cavite in Villa Dominga Forest Resort. It's really nice remembering those three days of stay there at the Villa during the holiday season. We'll also be there on Holy Week for a two-day fellowship camp meeting and we're all excited. Also my kids!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Marketing Strategy

As part of our company’s plan to increase sales in our telecommunications services we’re thinking of advertising and marketing strategy to boost sales using the latest technology available. Since we’re only a small pioneering telco company offering VOIP, prepaid cards, unlimited calling platforms and service contracts we need a lot of marketing plans to introduce our company and to let consumers know how good our services are. We’re thinking of using digital signage to help advertise our company’s portfolio and services. I think it will help a lot to improve and boost profits.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

:WW - Josh In Reverie

Wondering what he's thinking about while we're waiting for the newly-wed couple at Marabella Palace Resort in Antipolo.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

She's 10 now!

My baby girl has turned 10 now and I’m so happy that before her birthday she has fully recovered from her sickness. She’s been sick for four days last week and I was glad that now her appetite has returned, now she’s excited with her favorite pasta and cake. I planned to cook macaroons and leche flan but due to lack of time I think I’ll just cook it tomorrow. Why? Because it’s Gen’s favorite also- she’s a leche flan lover.

Celebration was just a simple one with family around including my big bro’s family of course. Gen was very happy with everything, the food, her cousin guests, her cake and just simply having a birthday I think is a happy thing for her. More of her birthday here!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

:Today's Flowers #22

Photo taken in Villa Dominga Forest Resort
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top EC Droppers for December

This is rather late but I'd like to thank these people/blogger friends who have patiently dropped their EC's on me even if these past few days I've been too busy to dropped them a visit. Thanks vm!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warm Protection

On our last camp meeting in Villa Dominga we're welcomed by a very low temperature which was not a shock to us as our Pastor already warned us that we should bring bonnets, sweaters, jackets, socks and anything that will keep us warm and protected from too much cold. Of course we wouldn’t go there without those things and my beanie to ensure protection from head to toe. We always go to our campsites well prepared because staying there for 3 or more days will not be that fulfilling if we will be sick from too much cold.

Our 3-day December camp meeting was such a success and we felt that three days were not enough, if only we have more days to spare. The place was fantastic and very nice, fellowship service refreshed our spiritual being and we were very happy with our camp meeting which served also as a kind of vacation for us even though our time was spent on fellowship. We’ve already made our reservation for Holy Week.


:WW - Lechon Manok At The Camp

Wow it's an improvised lechon manok griller we had at the camp. Our brothers just used some ingenuity in the woods available there and the rotisserie was helped by human hands. We were very happy watching how they cooked the chicken for our lunch warming our early morning with the fire. The kids were excited also especially my son Josh who wanted one whole chicken for himself lol!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Furniture

As the year changes and welcomes new beginnings we also wanted new in our life. Most of the working class who received their bonuses wanted to invest or buy something so they can see where their money has been spent. Hubby and I purchased a new bed for us discarding the old one that we used for many years. It’s nice having new furniture and new things that we crave about like the Canon camera that I bought as a gift for myself last December.

People are like that, every year they want something new. My friend for instance wanted a new home theater seating to replace their old small one which is not suited for their growing family. He really made me search online so he can have varied choices.


Nursing My Kids

Due to unexpected cooler temperature here in Manila most of the children now either have a cold or cough and my kids caught the same virus too. Since the classes began again yesterday Gen and Josh wasn’t able to report to school because they both have fever, cough and colds. Poor little kids they didn’t escaped the ongoing sickness roaming all over the community. As this is my critical week in my office work I reported to office middle of the day and returned home before 5pm just to finish some urgent billing.

Today I took the day off to nurse my kids and also my mom who recently caught the virus too. I think it’s harder on her part as she’s slow in recovery. It’s really good that I decided not to come to my work as they really need my utmost care and attention. As I’m writing this post my kids’ fever has gone out, just recovering from cough and they told me they’re ready for tomorrow’s school. Thank God!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's Flowers #21

Photo taken in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Planning Ahead

Another year has passed and almost all people are busy with their plans for this new year, some are serious on their resolutions but others just want to welcome this year with a carefree disposition in life. As for me I prayed for spiritual blessings in life because those were the most important things that you cannot buy – peace, love, happiness, health and faith. I thanked God for the wonderful things He has blessed me and my family for the year that has passed and I know He’ll always be there for us come what may this year.

I’ve resigned from my job months ago and was only waiting for my replacement and the approval of my employer. I’m on my 15th year employment with the same owner, ten years on his consulting company and 5 years on my present telecommunications company. I was flattered that my boss wanted me to stay but due to my family’s immediate needs I need to resign from my job and look for small business opportunity at home where I can work and be with my family at the same time. Of course writing advertisement in my blog will help me also. I pray to God that in His given time all my plans will materialize.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

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