Friday, December 12, 2008

Walking In The Traffic

It’s been a week now that everyday traffic is very notable in the roads leading to my work. No matter how I tried I’m always caught up in the traffic jam. Well it’s not new to us living in Cainta where you have to endure non-moving minutes where vehicles sometimes stop the engine because of too much traffic. But the thing is the traffic now extends to the roads near our office in Libis so it’s like ages before you reach your destination.

I’m good in walking and I walk a lot but I was afraid sometimes that I might be tired enough to work or I might have Plantar Fasciitis due to too much standing and walking. I’m very much aware that my strength lessened when I reached 40 and besides I don’t have much exercise these past few months. Maybe I’ll just try to start earlier than usual so I can reach my office earlier too.


Christmas Spirit Award

For us Christmas is everyday, it doesn't necessarily mean that the spirit of Christmas which is love and giving should be practiced only during the holidays. We should have the spirit of Christ's love to us every hour that we're alive and healthy. Cecil gave me this wonderful award and I'd like to thank her for always remembering me, such a thoughtful friend. Thanks dear for being such a warm blogger friend!

And because it's loving and giving that we're talking of I want to pass this award to all my online blogger friends. I never thought that friendship can be developed online. Happy Holidays!


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