Thursday, November 27, 2008

After 6!

I’m gaining weight each month and because holidays are coming I should start some discipline on myself now so the holidays’ eat out will not turn me into an overweight lady. My officemate told me to review my eating habit these past few months to check what caused me this weight gains. I was pretty sure that this started when hubby was given a branch assignment which required him to stay until 9-10pm and because it was very far from our house he usually arrived past 10pm.

Most often than not I wait for him so we can have dinner together but this late dinner later gained me some pounds. Actually I wasn’t so conscious about it but when my clothes start to feel tighter or smaller I started to think of ways how to be slimmer for health reasons. I thought of taking some diet pills like alli but I was advised to try eating dinner or heavy snack before 6pm. After 6 in the evening I was instructed not to eat anything or if I couldn’t help it I will eat only raw foods like fruits or some steamed veggies. Of course there’s no limit on water as this will greatly help us avoid feeling hungry.


:Yen's QOTW #41

1.Does your age make you feel left out? No because there's always someone in my group who's older than me....... make sure there are older people around you always ... honestly I manage to blend with any age
2. How do people of the same gender as you but taller than yourself make you feel?
I enjoy looking at tall ladies, my friend here in the office is one inch taller than me but I don't envy her because my height is just about right for my hubby (I'm 5'3" and he's 5'5")
3. When did you last scream? Why? Recently maybe few weeks the school because a car almost hit another car
4. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize it as a weakness in yourself? When they talked about someone's lives, i recognize it as a weakness in myself if I can't do anything to stop them.
5. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel? Yeah but I didn't fall because I got a hold on someone and that someone almost fall lol!.
6. Have you ever walked around someone else’s home barefoot? Yes, in the province when the house has no ground floor and the living room is made of wooden floors, it's embarrassing to have your shoes on because the residents were also barefoot.
7. What do you do when you are left home alone? I do lots of things - clean the house, organize my things, cook food, watch television and call some friends
8. When someone is vague or confusing, how do you process it?
I help her/him reconcile with herself/himself because sometimes the reason why the person is vague and confusing is that they're not confident with themselves
9. Typically, when someone says to you: “I’ll be five minutes”, how long do they actually take? Around ten minutes! the words are commonly used by many and some are not serious with what they're saying.
10. For you, what is the best word in the English language? LOVE....


Holiday Overtime

It will be December next week and though I’m looking forward to our December camp meeting I’m not that excited about hubby’s work schedule. He’s assigned in their store’s branch in SM North Edsa and they will start a very busy schedule next week and that’s working from 10am up to 10pm on weekdays and up to 12midnight on weekends. Can you believe that? I’m so sad that businessmen think this way forcing employees to work for 12-14 hours without day off.

Some like it though because they can have bigger overtime pay but for me it’s abusing your body. They might end up sick before December ends. I’m glad that my office is not that peak during Christmas season which gives me time to prepare for our camp meeting one day ahead of our departure schedule. Anyway I should be checking the wine of the month club because I’m looking for lower alcohol content wine for our Communion, I need red wine with 5% alcohol content only.


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