Friday, October 24, 2008

Enjoying The Costume Party!

We’ve had a busy day as Josh had his costume party at their school. It’s a regular time schedule in the afternoon, actually one of the hottest afternoon this week. The school management was happy with the weather because their activity was a sure funny one but I was hoping earlier that the weather would be a little colder but without rains of course. The heat was killing us softly lol!

Anyway the kids were just as happy especially my little one who was very excited with the party. He was even chosen to join the first team of players in the game of bottle and straw. I was laughing while taking my shots because the kids seemed so confused with what they’re doing. Josh was slow in doing the game but was perfectly following the rules so no time was wasted. If you didn’t follow the rules you’ll go back so it’s better to do it slowly but surely.

As the boys were faster than girls and their costumes were much easier to handle than girls they won and Josh was beaming with pride lol! Start of the game and he has won already, he gave me his prize and returned to other games and party. Every now and then he asks me for drinks and food and when the game was over, he let me buy him his favorite – ice cream! Here's Josh and his friend Carl's picture while playing the game, more pics at my other blog!


Open Media Site

Keeping up with the news is very important in our life that’s why we buy daily newspapers, subscribed to magazines, watch news on television and update ourselves over internet for current news around the world. It’s part of our life and without it it’s like living on far away uncivilized areas. We need to keep track of what’s happening in our community, our own country and around the globe.

As a very busy person with a full time job in the office and part-time job at night I find it hard sometimes to read the latest updates on newspapers or watch television so I just turned to news on the net for the things that I want to know. It’s nice to know that now there’s allvoices, a site that allows anyone to report news from anywhere around the world. It’s a media that’s open to all and because of this you can update yourself with the current news on people, web2.0 politics coverage, stories all over the world and many other news updates, you can even report your own if you want to. You can contribute news and report them via mobile phones and your personal computers to share videos and news. You can connect and participate in the discussion adding comments to stories or you can add your voice for those who really want to have their piece of the news casting.

It’s really a great help for people who want to report news and to know what’s happening around them. It’s like having your news at your fingertips just like me browsing all news that interests me and I find it worthwhile.


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